Sensitive skin can be bothersome no matter the area of the body. But when it comes to having a sensitive vagina, and vulva skin, the feeling can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Although genital itch and irritation are of minor concern, it could signal an infection. As a result, if you have sensitive skin, it is advisable to choose the best lubes that are specifically designed for you. The best lube for sensitive skin will indeed protect and sooth your vagina and vulva instead of burning and irritating it. You are solely responsible for choosing this sort of lube. And if you are already suffering from a disease, say BV(bacterial vaginosis) or yeast infection, seek medical help first.

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 Top 7 Sensitive Lubricant comparison chart

ImageBrand & NameTypesRating &
Isabel Fay lubricantIsabel Fay lubricantWater Based4.6 Rated by 243$$
Healthy Vibes LubricantHealthy Vibes LubricantGel 4.3 rated by 312$
Natural Lubricant Natural Lubricant Water Based4.6 rated by 75$$
YES Personal LubricantYES Personal LubricantWater Based4.6 rated by 652$
Do Me Premium LubricantDo Me Premium LubricantWater Based4.2 rated by 59$$
Carrageenan Gently NaturalCarrageenan Gently Natural LubricantWater Based4.6 rated by 525$$
Sliquid Satin LubricantSliquid Satin LubricantWater Based4.3 reviewed by 35$$

 Top 3 sensitive skin friendly personal lubricant reviews

1. Natural Intimate Personal Lubricant for Sensitive Skin, Isabel Fay – Water Based, Discreet Label – Best lube for sensitive skin

Our impression

Containing ingredients like Purified Water, Citric Acid, Hydroxyethylcellulose, and Sodium Benzoate, among others, Isabel Fay’s lube is absolutely water- based and lovable. As a result, the Natural Intimate Personal Lubricant is ideal for sensitive skin that does not tolerate harsh substances. It is compatible with sex toys and latex condoms, easy to wash off after use, and is absolutely natural. It has no traces of glycerine, parabens, hormones, spermicides or any other harmful ingredient. The product is made in USA and this means that it has already been tested thoroughly prior to being distributed to the public. Hence you can expect that this gel is sealed and packed carefully to prevent leakage or contamination of any sort.

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  • Water-soluble and natural
  • Silky soft to the touch
  • Colorless, odorless and great for sensitive skin.
  • Can be used with condoms and toys.


  • Natural Intimate is almost one hundred percent great. It is only a small number that think differently.

2.Carrageenan Gently Natural Personal Lubricant 4 Oz

Our impression

This is a natural lube created to make you have fully satisfying orgasms. Carrageenan intensifies your sensations using its natural non-stick formula. As it has organic aloe and vitamin E, the product is more organic than you can imagine. Hence it has no glycerin, parabens, spermicide or petroleum glycols. As it offers an airless, self-sealing dispenser, you can be sure of using just the right number of drops to avoid messing your sheets or skin. Carrageenan is soft to the touch and is just the right lubricant for those seeking endless sensual moments. Carrageenan is a natural ingredient extracted from an ocean plant. It is a very effective lube. It is ideal even for sensitive skin.

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  • It is totally natural and safe as it has no parabens, glycerin and other bad ingredients.
  • Carrageenan is not gluey and viscous; hence, it does not stick to skin.


  • An insignificant number of reviewers find that Corrageenan dries quickly.

3.YES Intimate Lubricant | Water based Organic Personal Lubricant 2.6 oz

Our impression

YES Intimate is a water-based personal lube that is absolutely organic. It richly hydrates the genital area to ensure that a woman with vaginal dryness can have extended pleasure. Certified as organic, YES lube is totally chemical free and so you cannot expect to find fragrances, dyes or hormones in it. Its pH balance is as stable as your body’s and there are no complains about it causing stubborn stains. Being water-based, this item is non-stick and there is no way it will mess your bed sheets or skin. After use, just use water to wash it off. If using latex condoms for family planning, as well as toys to pleasure your body, still get a bottle of YES Intimate.

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  • It is totally organic and safe to use during sex.
  • Usable with condoms and toys.
  • It is water-soluble
  • Useful by women with sensitivity issues.


  • May irritate skin for those who are allergic to phenoxyethanol, a preservative. This is very rare though.

Symptoms of sensitivity

Itching/ pruritus Vulvac

Have you ever suffered from pruritus vulvae or the itching of vulva after sex? If so, it could be that your skin is extremely sensitive. Pruritus Vulvae indicate severe itch that persistently causes distress. It can affect women of all ages.


If burning is not caused by vaginal dryness, it could be a disease that should be treated first. Alternatively, you probably have used a latex condom with an oil-based lubricant, instead of a water-based lube, and the two do not work together.


When irritation is localized to the vagina, it can be very painful as the vaginal skin may become inflamed and reddened. Irritation is often accompanied by itch, burning and severe discomfort before and after sex. Pain and tenderness may result too.


Vaginal dryness can get worse as a lady approaches menopause. It can be caused by psychological, emotional and hormonal issues. And when a woman has dryness, she can complain of pain during sexual intercourse. Irritants such as soaps, lubes and perfumes should thus be avoided.

Pain/ Vulvodynia

For some ladies, Vulvodynia is a constant nuisance. It is pain that is felt in   the skin surrounding the vagina. It can be pressure-provoked (like during penetration of vagina) or unprovoked sort of pain, which has no particular cause yet comes spontaneously.

How lube is a solution

Vaginal itch, burning, pain, dryness or irritation could result from the use of poor quality lubrication products or not using any. If you are making these two mistakes, it could be the cause of your problem. There are many lubes that could treat vaginal sensitivity. Some are water-based, others are oil-based and you can even find silicone-based.

Stay away from these when choosing the best lube for sensitive skin


Spermicide is made of nonoxynol-9, a substance that can irritate your sensitive vaginal skin. It can even affect those who do not have sensitive skin. As a result, many former producers have ended their production of spermicidal as it is not even effective at stopping the spread of HIV and AIDs.


This ingredient is added mainly to warming lubes. Although it can be pleasurable, some people find that their sensitive skin cannot tolerate the chili sensation. Though the sensation is not painful, it can be very uncomfortable particular to possessors of vaginas.


Although glycerin trigger warm when applied to skin, it is also food for yeast as it contains sugar. As a result, you can get a vaginal yeast infection from glycerin that is added to lubes. But women who are not prone to yeast infection can use it successfully.


Parabens are used as preservatives in lubricants so as to stop microbial growth. They also increase the lube’s shelf life. But should you fear paraben-based lubes? There are few studies that raise issues about use of parabens including being linked to breast tumors and endocrine system issues as they imitate estrogen hormone.

Wrap up

As a lady who has sensitive lady parts, I have found the water-based lubricants described above very useful to me. I tended to lose my interest for sex when I couldn’t get any pleasure from intercourse due to sensitivity. But this has become a thing of the past since if discovered these products.

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