The Best Flavored Lube Guarantees Memorable Oral Sex Experiences

To find the best flavored lubes, you’ll want to pick ones that taste really great. Sadly, there are some bad-tasting lubes on the market. It’s tough to know which ones have the best taste, texture, and smell without doing a taste test of your own. That would be added money spent to learn about a lube. It’s not necessary to buy and sample a huge amount of products. We’ve done all the work for you!

The lubes we’ve chosen to feature on this top 10 list are ones that taste great and smell wonderful. They’re also compatible with sex toys and condoms. You don’t have to sacrifice safety to enjoy flavored lubricants. You can easily use a condom and lube at the same time.

Straight recommendation: Lubricant by Crazy Girl

Top 10 flavored lube comparison chart

Brand & NameScentedTypesOur RatingPrice
Lubricant by Crazy Girl
Cotton Candy
Water Based4.8
Swiss Navy Lubricant
Strawberry Kiwi
Water Based4.6
Turn On Lubricant
Silicone Based
Wet Desserts Lube
Water Based4.7
Wet Personal Lubricant
Water Based4.5
Xesso Lubricant
Food Cake
Water Based4.4
Aloe Cadabra Lubricantby
StrawberryWater Based4.4
Master Series Jizz
Water Based4.2$$
Doc Johnson Goodhead
Silicone Based
Astroglide Liquid Lubricant
Water Based4.1$

Top 10 flavored lubricant reviews

Aloe Cadabra Natural Flavored Lube

My Impression

Aloe Cadabra Natural Flavored Lube

The water-based lube from Aloe Cadabra has natural ingredients. This makes it edible and 100% vegan. When you lick or suck this lube, it won’t cause any problems. The FDA approved this for use as lubricant. The company has made this an organic, food grade lube. With it’s edible nature due to the aloe Vera, the Pina Colada flavored lube is a tasty treat during sex.

Aside from its edible nature, the lube also provides a stain-free wetness for a woman’s vagina. It makes a great lube for penetration as well as an edible lube for oral sex. That’s due to the pH balance in a woman’s vagina. There has to be a natural aspect to any lube that’s used on her sensitive parts. That’s not a problem with this lube at all. It’s a good choice for those who have sensitive skin. That includes men as well as women.

The flavored lube has natural ingredients, which means there are no harsh chemicals or additives in this lube. It doesn’t contain any of the bad ingredients that are present in other kinds of lubes. This one is 100% organic and natural. That’s one of the reasons it’s strongly recommended for vaginal dryness as well as a fun lube to be used during foreplay. It won’t stain, and it’s a great lube that tastes good. You want a tasty lube for oral and one that won’t hurt the delicate balance of natural goodness in the vagina.


  • It’s free of chemicals and additives
  • There are no hormones in the lube
  • It’s a fresh, organic lube that won’t hurt a woman’s vagina
  • The lube contains aloe for soothing moisturizing
  • Pina Colada is a fun flavor for oral


  • The squeeze bottle applies more lube than necessary with each squirt

Nasstoys Anal-ESE Flavored Desensitizing Gel

My Impression

Anal sex gel

For many flavored lubes, you’re buying them for the taste alone. You might like cherry or Pina Colada. In some cases, you’ll want the flavored lube because of the scent as well. That’s the case with this anal lube. It’s strawberry flavored, but it’s numbing, too. You really won’t want to put the lube in your mouth since it’ll make your lips and tongue numb.

It’s a water based lube that won’t destroy condoms or sex toys. This makes it an ideal lube for when you’re trying anal for the first time. It’s also the perfect lube if you have tried anal before and found that there was too much pain involved. The anal lube has a desensitizing agent in it that will make everything numb. Some people use it while training their anus to take larger-sized toys. The strawberry scent gives you an added sensory experience.

When you use the numbing lube for the first time, you will be experimenting with the amount of gel needed. It takes a few minutes to feel the numbing start to take hold. It’s important to give the gel time to work before adding more or using your toy. If you use too much, you won’t have any feeling at all in your anus. Numbing the area will numb you to pleasurable sensations, too. Your lover could lose sensation in his penis, too.

This is a recommended flavored lube for those who want the ripe scent of strawberries in the bedroom. It’ll kick back any unpleasant scents that can come from anal sex. The numbing agent will make any pain easily bearable.


  • Has a slight numbing agent for anal beginners
  • Lovely strawberry scent to mask odors
  • Water based lube to be used with condoms and sex toys
  • Long-time company with proven track record


  • Tube is very small with only a few ounces in it

Classic Erotica Crazy Girl Oral Sex Gel

My Impression

Oral Sex Gel

Most flavored lubes are in flavors of strawberry or cherry because they’re fruity flavors that everyone enjoys. This lube is cotton candy, which is a flavor that is fun and lighthearted. Lots of people enjoy the taste and scent of cotton candy.

This is a lube that is in a spritz bottle, too. The other lubes are in bottles that are squeezed to give you a fair amount of lube. You only need a few squirts from this bottle to make oral sex more appetizing. It only takes a few sprays of the gel to get a slick surface that tastes great and smells fantastic.

The flavored lube can be used for any type of sex you want. It’s a sweet tasting lube that is water based, so it’s condom and sex toy friendly. The lube is free of bad ingredients like parabens. It’ll last for a good amount of time before you have to spray some more.

On a side note, the lube is delivered in an incredibly discreet package. You can have this delivered to your home in a plain package and keep this in your purse for oral sex whenever you want with your partner. It’ll give you a fun, lighthearted spray that you can take with you anywhere.


  • Tastes like cotton candy
  • Doesn’t contain harmful chemicals
  • Discreetly packaged and delivered to your home
  • Has a great smell to go with the tasty gel


  • Men might not love that their genitals will smell like cotton candy after sex

Wet Kiwi Strawberry Flavored Lube

My Impression

Wet Kiwi Strawberry

The kiwi strawberry lube is a water based lube that won’t irritate the skin. It’s also good for latex condoms and sex toys. You’ll be able to enjoy foreplay including oral sex for both partners before having intercourse. Usually water based lubes will be absorbed by the skin. This lube will be absorbed, but it lasts longer than some other water based lubricants for sex. It will encourage a woman’s wetness, too. Once she’s a bit wet, it’ll re-energize the lube.

The flavored lube is clear, so it won’t stain your clothing or the sheets. It’s free of colors as well as sugars. You want to ensure that the lube you choose doesn’t have sugars in it. That can disturb the delicate balance in the vagina. Sugars in a moist, warm place can actually help yeast flourish. If you’re prone to yeast infections, you’ll want to stay away from any lubes with sugars. It’s also without calories if that’s a concern for you.

This kiwi strawberry lube doesn’t have any harsh ingredients like parabens. It doesn’t have a harsh aftertaste, either. Many users find that they have no problem with the taste, and it won’t leave a strange residue behind on your lips or tongue. It also won’t leave any long-lasting residue behind on your sexy bits. You’ll be able to wash the lube away with some warm water and a cloth.


  • The lube has an exotic kiwi strawberry flavor
  • It’s water-based for use with condoms and sex toys
  • There are no sugars or calories in this lube
  • The lube is color-free
  • It doesn’t contain parabens


  • It’s a small bottle with only 3.5 ounces of lube in it

Astroglide Strawberry Liquid

My Impression

Astroglide Strawberry

Astroglide is a popular name in the lubricant world. The company behind the product has been around for a while, so they know what makes a good lube. This lube is strawberry flavored and able to provide the right amount of moisturizing lube where it’s needed. When you’re thinking about flavored lube, it might not cross your mind that it’s also about the scent. That’s as important during sex as other sensations.

The lube is water based, so it’s compatible with latex condoms. That’s good for lovers who are trying to be safe. It’s also silicone-toy friendly. Whether you’re with a partner or solo, the lube will work with all your sex toys. It’ll never attack the latex or silicone of toys or condoms.

A clear, water based formula also means that you won’t have to worry about staining. Some strawberry or cherry flavors are red and will stain. That won’t happen with this lube. It will clean easily from any fabrics like sheets or clothing. All you have to do is toss it into the washer with the rest of your laundry.

While there’s a definite strawberry flavor and scent, it’s not overpowering. It won’t leave a lingering scent or residue behind once you’re done with your bedroom fun. It’s easily cleaned with warm water after sex, too.


  • The lube is easily cleaned from the body and fabrics
  • It’s water based for safe sex with condoms
  • The formula is compatible with sex toys
  • Subtle strawberry flavor and scent


  • Bottle of lube is only 2.5 ounces

Master Series Jizz Water Based Lube

My Impression

This water based lube looks, feels, and tastes like semen. You might be someone who loves the ability of your partner to ejaculate on your body. Whether it’s in the vagina, anus, or mouth, this lube will feel like the real deal. It’s slightly sticky and can be used to simulate semen being left on your body. It also tastes like semen as much as it possibly can. Semen’s taste is often altered by the person’s body and what he’s eaten. This is as close to the real thing as you can get, though.

The lube is white and creamy like real cum. It has a musky odor, too. The lube won’t leave stains behind. It’s easy to clean from fabrics like sheets. Those who love the taste and feel of cum on their bodies will likely get this Jizz everywhere. That’s not going to be a problem at all. Simply throw your sheets in the washing machine after you’re done.

The water based nature of the lube means that you can use this with condoms. Instead of worrying about pregnancy, you can simulate the cum without having to deal with the consequences of the real thing. It’s also great for your lover if he doesn’t leave behind a huge amount of semen after sex. When he wants to leave you covered in his cum, he can do that with this lube. It’s perfect for oral sex or leaving a pearl necklace behind on your lover.

It’s compatible with sex toys, so you can even inject this lube into a squirting dildo. You don’t have to have a partner to enjoy the feel of semen on or inside your body.


  • Semen scented and flavored for those who love the taste
  • Water based lube cleans easily from all surfaces
  • It’s slick and usable as a lubricant
  • The lube can be used with a condom and sex toys
  • It’s available in a medium-sized 8 ounce bottle


  • Some people might find the smell to be overpowering

Doc Johnson Goodhead, Variety Pack of 5 Flavors

Doc Johnson Goodhead, Variety Pack of 5 Flavors

My Impression

There’s so much to discover with this variety pack. First, the Doc Johnson name is on many sex products. They’re always finding ways to help couples enjoy sex more. There are 5 flavors available in this pack. There Sexy Cinnamon, Wild Cherry, Juicy Passion Fruit, Sweet Strawberry, and Mystical Mint. Each bottle is one ounce of pleasure.

Each flavor is meant to enjoy oral sex for both partners. The gel numbs the mouth for an incredible blow job experience. She’ll enjoy the numbing sensation as she tries to improve her technique. He’ll enjoy the way her mouth relaxes as she sucks on him. It’s great for same sex couples, too. It’s meant to be a “blow job enhancer” according to the company. Many couples have had improved oral experiences with these gels.

It’s takes a long time for the lube to wear off, so lovers will enjoy the benefits of each flavor. The strawberry is sweet. The mint has a bit of a tingle to it. The cherry tastes like candy. The passion fruit has no terrible aftertaste. The cinnamon is like cinnamon gum with a kick.

The lube is thick and comes in different colors based on their flavor. The numbing aspect is unique for flavored lubricants except in those cases where they’re used for anal. These lubes might be a good way to test out anal, too. The light numbing might be enough for those who are beginners.


  • Variety of flavors available
  • Made in the US
  • They have a hint of numbing to them
  • Can be used as a blow job enhancer
  • It’s possible to use for anal


  • Bottles are very small bottles to be used as samples before purchasing a larger size

System Jo Cherry Burst Flavored Lubricant

System Jo Burst

My Impression

We’ve chosen to talk about the Cherry Burst flavor, but the company has over 17 flavors available. You can also mix and match flavors and scents for your own personalized lubricant. It’ll excite your body as well as your taste buds. The flavored lubes are meant to enhance foreplay, and that can only be done when you’re feeling sexy and playful.

The Cherry Burst flavor is incredibly lickable, so you’ll enjoy oral sex and foreplay with this lube. It’s clear and has a subtle smell that won’t be overwhelming before or after sex. You want to be able to wash this from your body easily after you’re done. It won’t be a problem to remove this lube from your skin or intimate areas.

This is a water based flavored lube that is friendly towards sex toys and condoms. While it’s water based, that doesn’t mean it’s not as slick and slippery as other kinds of lubes. It won’t get sticky or tacky as you’re using it, either. The glycerin used in the lube is plant-based, so you’ll always be using natural lube on your intimate areas. The glycerin comes from palm oil and a natural infusion of flavors.

This lube ships discreetly, so you don’t have to worry about neighbors getting a peak into your bedroom activities. It’ll also be billed discreetly, too. Nobody has to know what you and your partners are doing, or even what you’re doing solo with your toys.


  • Tasty flavors available
  • Water based lube with plant-based glycerin
  • The cherry flavor is tasty and the smell is subtle
  • It comes in a 4-ounce bottle


  • The lid isn’t secure enough for the bottle to lay on its side. It could leak.

Masturbate Toy for Men Vulcan Ripe Vagina Stroker and Pussy Juice Vagina Scented Lube

My Impression

There’s so much to detail with this product. First, there’s the lube. It’s a “Pussy Juice” scented lube that’s meant to mimic the scent of a healthy pink vagina. It can be used on toys, a man’s hand, or in the toy that’s included with the lube. When opening the lube, you’ll find that the scent is incredibly subtle. That’s because it’s activated through heat. Once you begin stroking, the molecules in the lube will heat up and begin to emit the smell you’re craving.

That’s the next part we’ll discuss. The lube comes with a stroker. It’s a vagina sleeve with realistic textures for masturbation. The lube can be added to the sleeve for a realistic touch and scent. When you close your eyes, you’ll barely be able to tell that you’re playing solo. The sleeve can be removed from the tube for cleaning. It’s easy to care for the stroker as long as it’s rinsed after each use.

The stroker measures 5.75 inches long and 2.5 inches in diameter. It’ll fit most men of average size. It doesn’t need to engulf your entire penis to get the great sensations.

The lube and the sleeve ship together very discreetly. There’s nothing on the package that will indicate where you’ve purchased this lube and stroker. None of your neighbors or the delivery person will get a glimpse into what you do in your spare time in the comfort of your home.


  • Subtle scented lube that activates with heat
  • Includes the stroker
  • Has ridges to increase the sensations
  • Comes with a full 8.25 ounce bottle
  • Cleans easily with soap and water
  • Lube is safe for toys


  • The scent might not agree with everyone

Anjou Strawberry Kisses Personal Lube

My Impression

Anjou Strawberry

This water based flavored lube won’t leave a weird film on your body after sex. It won’t leave a strange taste on your lips that tastes like rubber. That will happen with flavored lubes that don’t have natural ingredients. Often, silicone lubes will have a rubber feel to them when left on the lips or across the tongue. That’s not ideal when you’re using flavored lube to enjoy oral sex.

The ingredients in this lube are safe for a woman’s body. It’s safe for condoms as well as sex toys, too. There’s no silicone or other harsh ingredients in this lube that will cause any problems with silicone toys or latex condoms. It’s easy to remove from the body after sex. Water based lubes will wash off with just a little bit of water.

As a lube that you’ll use in the vagina after foreplay, you want one that doesn’t have any sugars. Sugar can cause problems in the vagina because it will feed yeast. This sugar-free lube won’t be a problem for any vagina – even those who are prone to infections and irritations.

The flavored lube is made with food grade glycerin, which means that it’s edible. That’s the first thing that’s important for flavored lube that you’ll use for oral sex. There’s enough lube in this 8 ounce bottle to let you experiment with a few sessions of oral to figure out if this is a lube that you can use for a long time.


  • Sugar-free formula is great for the vagina
  • Available in a large, 8-ounce bottle
  • Smooth and non-sticky formula
  • This is a stain-free lube that won’t leave behind residue on the body
  • Sweet and great tasting formula without harsh chemicals


  • The scent of strawberries is very strong

What is flavored lube?

Flavored lube is a lubricant used for sex that has a taste lovers can enjoy. It’s mostly used for oral sex. Sucking flavored lube from a penis, or licking a vagina that tastes like cherries is meant to make oral more attractive and tasty. Many couples like to add a sense of fun to sex, so they’ll introduce flavors and sticky fun to their sexual encounters.

Some people even add real food like whipped cream or chocolate to sex. That can be fun, but it’s not meant to be a lubricant for the act of penetration. Flavored lube is fun, tasty, and meant for penetration.

Why flavored lube is best for oral sex?

strawberry tongue

There are a few reasons that flavored lube is good for oral sex. First, it can make the act more pleasant. There are some people who don’t enjoy oral sex on their partner. Masking the act of oral with the taste of cherries or vanilla is a good way to give both partners pleasure.

Second, flavored lube is sometimes silly and always delightful. Lovers who use flavored lube are ones who can laugh together and be playful during their time together. It’s a memory that will stick with them over the course of their relationship.

It’s fantastic for long-time partners who want to add some naughtiness to the bedroom. Flavored lube can help the two introduce a sense of fun and adventure where none might have existed previously. They enhance the sensory aspect of oral sex for both partners.

Lastly, flavored lube can be used for oral sex that is going to turn into penetrative sex. Whether it’s a penis being sucked or a vagina being licked, the couple will engage in intercourse. The lube will be used for that purpose. The oral sex with flavored lube is great foreplay.

Types of flavored lube

There is no standard way of categorizing flavored lubes. However, we will try to enumerate the items you can find based on flavor, composition and safety. See how we classy them:

  • Water Based Flavored LubeWater based lubes are fantastic for oral sex because they don’t normally consist of glycerin. That ingredient can be a problem when used on your lady parts. It can lead to yeast infections in those who are prone to them. It’s also better for times when you’ll use a condom or your favorite sex toy.
  • Sugarless Lube – Many flavored lubricants will use sugar to make them tasty. You don’t want lubes with sugar spending a lot of time near your vagina. Sugar can feed yeast, which is a problem in the moist, wet private areas. If you want to use them for anal sex after oral, that shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Fruit Scented with Fruit Flavors – Flavored lube comes in a variety of flavors. One of the most popular is the fruit scented with fruit flavors. There are flavors and scents like cherry and strawberry.
  • Lube without Parabens – Parabens are meant to be used as preservatives. Unfortunately, they can be detrimental to the natural chemicals of your vagina. There have been studies that show they can also mess with hormones and increases a woman’s chance for breast cancer. It should be avoided. When you choose a lube, pick one that doesn’t include parabens.

Things to consider when you choose the best flavored lubricant

Quality Ingredients

As mentioned above, you don’t want to use lubricants that will cause infections or irritation on your private parts. While that’s a glaring problem with a woman’s vagina, it can be a problem for both couples. Avoid parabens and other ingredients that might cause you personal irritation. If you find that certain ingredients cause you to break out, you’ll want to avoid those in your lube, too.

Tasty Profile

The flavor that you choose should be one that you normally love. If you don’t like the smell or taste of cherries, you’ll definitely want to avoid that flavor. There are so many flavors available from vanilla to cherry to strawberry that you’ll be able to find one you love. There are even exotic flavors like bacon for purchase. First time users of flavored lube should stick with traditional flavors before moving on to the exotic.

No Harsh Chemicals

There shouldn’t be chemicals in your lube. It’s hard to avoid because you need preservatives to ensure that the lube lasts for a long time. There are more natural ingredients that won’t irritate the skin like most chemicals. It’s important that the lube you choose is as natural and healthy as possible. You don’t want to regret using lube after having such a good time sexually.


Sticky lubes are not a lot of fun. With some types of lube, you’re getting a sticky, gooey substance that makes sex feel too messy. When you’re worried about stickiness, there’s no way that you’re enjoying yourself. In some cases, sticky lube can actually begin to hurt during sex. It becomes a source of friction. That is what you wanted to avoid by using a lube in the first place.


Flavored lubes in cherry or strawberry don’t have to be red to taste good. In fact, you don’t want a lube in anything but clear. It shouldn’t stain the sheets or fabrics it touches. It doesn’t need to be any certain color, so it won’t stain at all. Stay away from any lube that is available in a color. It’ll be hard to remove from fabrics.

Easy to Wash

You also don’t want it to stick to your skin. It should be easy to clean and not leave behind a residue. A water based flavored lube will be easy to wash away with warm water. Other types of lube will need soap and warm water. They shouldn’t leave behind a residue or a film

Frequently Asked Questions

Can flavored lube be swallowed?
You don’t want to consume a huge amount of lube. You will want one that can be ingested, though. It’s meant for oral sex, so you’ll be consuming a bit during the sex act. The lube that you choose should be non-toxic and clearly state that it can be ingested without issues.

Is it okay to use for vaginal sex?
Flavored lube can be used for vaginal sex if it doesn’t have sugars. It shouldn’t have harsh chemicals or preservatives like parabens, either. That will keep you from getting a yeast infection or other irritation in your vagina.

Should flavored lubricant be used for anal sex?
If you want to engage in oral sex before anal, you can definitely use flavored lube. It’s meant to be a lube for foreplay as well as sexual intercourse. That includes anal, too.

Will flavored lube ruin sex toys or condoms?
It can ruin sex toys or condoms if it’s not water based. If you plan on using a condom after oral sex, you’ll have to choose a lubricant that won’t destroy the material. Water based lubes will work safely with condoms and sex toys.

Can flavored lube be used for masturbation?
You can definitely use flavored lube for masturbation. You might decide to taste the lube, or you can use it for the scent alone. Some flavored lubes can be minty, which will give you a cooling sensation. Others might be hot when exposed to the air or your touch.


As you can see, this list of flavored lubes has more than just simple strawberry. There are exotic flavors that will excite your taste buds as well as your libido. We didn’t want to share boring flavors. These are exciting, flavored lubes that will enhance your bedroom experiences.

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