You can prevent unintended pregnancy. It won’t cost you a fortune to do that. In fact, anyone, no matter their income level can prevent unintended pregnancy.

About half of unintended pregnancies in the United States are resolved by abortion. Abortion carries a serious risk of medical complications, including death.

Abortion is an emotionally difficult experience, and the procedure itself is painful. You’ll want to avoid that.

If you’ve been through that tough experience before, I’m sure it’s not something you’ll want to do again.

Why not avoid it if there’s an excellent solution?

What’s this solution I’m talking about?

It’s called spermicidal lube.

What is a spermicidal lube?

The definition of “spermicide” can be confusing sometimes. If you turn to Google, you’ll find a lot of biological terms that are hard to grasp.

Here’s a simple definition:

Spermicide is a substance that kills sperm. By killing the sperm, the chance of getting pregnant is zero.

There are two main reasons why couples or single people use spermicide during sex. It could be to prevent unintended pregnancy (whether no children or no more children desired). Or, it could also be to prevent mistimed pregnancy (that is the pregnancy that comes earlier than desired).

Once you have a trusted and proven spermicide, you can have wild sex without worries of pregnancy.

Worries take the fun out of sex. But when you’ve dealt with that, you can have maximum pleasure with your partner.

There are different kinds of spermicides out there. Spermicidal lubricants offer the best way to ensure that there are no surprises while you enjoy the moment at the same time.

In this article, I’ll review five best spermicidal lubes you can always rely upon.

Best Spermicidal Lube – Comparison Table

Product NameTypesParaben & Glycerine freeOur ratingPrice
ForPlay PrePairWater basedGlycerine free4.3 Check price
Options Gynol II Water basedNo4.2 Check price
Options Conceptrol GelWater basedNo4.3 Check price
ForPlay PrePair Water basedGlycerine free4.1 Check price
Contragel Green Water basedBoth free4 Check price

Top 5 Spermicidal Lube Reviews

Let’s begin with number one.

PrePair Spermicidal Water-Based Personal Lubricant

If you’re looking for the best water-based spermicidal personal lube, PrePair should at the top of your list. You can use the PrePair lube with any condom and toy.

Maybe you want to add a little bit of extra fun with your partner, PrePair makes that possible.

PrePair spermicidal personal lubricant

This spermicidal lube is being marketed as the perfect travel size. That means you can take it wherever you go regardless of the bag’s size.

PrePair Spermicidal Water-Based Personal Lubricant is made in the United States, and the FDA approves it.

Because it’s made with water and other key ingredients that make it spermicidal, you can easily wash it off with water. No need for hard cleaning after pleasure.

With PrePair, you can stop worrying about pregnancy and concentrate on the fun of the moment. In addition to this lube being a spermicide, it also relieves discomfort from vaginal dryness and enhances the intimate experience.

This spermicidal lube is totally safe for regular use. You can use it as long as you want without any medical complications. The lube gives you peace of mind.

My Impression

PrePair Spermicidal Water-Based Personal Lubricant feels natural and stays slick during sex. You can wash it off with soap, and water and you’ll feel well-cleaned.

The formula used to make the lube is odorless and flavorless.

The Nonoxynol-9 spermicide added to the lube makes sperm motionless. That, in turn, makes it impossible for the sperm to travel to the fallopian tubes where it meets an egg.

You can use PrePair Spermicidal Water-Based Personal Lubricant alone or in with other forms of birth control like condoms.

PrePair is a highly-rated lube that never disappoints. That’s why I’ve added it here as one of the best spermicidal lubes.

When you apply the lube, the penis slides in easily, and you can make passionate love without fear of pregnancy.

What could be better

If you have sensitive skin, it may burn a little bit after use. Even though the lube is excellent, I’ll love it to be suitable for people with sensitive skin too.

Options Gynol II Vaginal Contraceptive Gel

Options Gynol II Vaginal Contraceptive Gel is a kind of spermicidal lube you can use alone or with other birth control methods. The lubricant is hormone-free.

This lube is always ready to protect you when you are ready to make love. It’s effective for up to an hour after you’ve applied it.

Options Gynol II Spermicidal Lube

Each pack you buy contains up to 13 applicators. That means you can use it thirteen times. The lube is cheap and highly-effective at the same time.

When you’re done with fun, simply wash with water and soap. That’s all you have to do to feel refreshed and well-satisfied again.

The package comes with a direction on how to use the contraceptive correctly. Following the instruction is key to making it work.

If you’re looking for the perfect birth control that’s worth the money, Options Gynol II is surely what you need.

A friend of mine once told me that abstinence from sex is the best way to prevent pregnancy. I disagree.

Abstinence from sex for fear of pregnancy means you’re not living to the fullest. You need to enjoy the moment. Have some fun.

Options Gynol II is a solution you can trust.

My Impression

Options Gynol II is made with a powerful sperm-killer that will never let you down. Whether you’re using it as a stand-alone or back-up birth control method, this lube gives you that extra peace of mind.

I can boldly say that it works. I’ve read a lot of great reviews about this spermicidal lube. Some customers say they’ve been using it for more than five years and yet to get pregnant.

It’s easy to apply Options Gynol II. No stress. There’s no need to waste time. The manufacturer has done most of the work for you. Just bring it out of the package and use immediately.

What could be better

For people whose skin are super sensitive, you’ll find this lube to be very itchy for you. Though, the itchiness doesn’t last for that long. That is the only downside to using the lube. I’ll like to see the itchiness part disappear.

Nevertheless, I still rate it as one of the best spermicidal lubes available.

Options Conceptrol Gel and Spermicidal Lubricant

I quickly want to note that this Options lube isn’t in anyway related or connected to the Options spermicidal lube mentioned above. While they both do the same thing, they are also both effective.

Options Conceptrol Spermicidal Lubricant

And I’ll also like to make clear that I care about the effectiveness of a lubricant before recommending it. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t deserve to be on my list of the best.

Options Conceptrol Gel comes with a Spermicidal Lubricant that can be used alone or with other birth control methods. The applicators have been prefilled for you. Just insert and apply it and you’ll be ready to have the best intimate experience with your partner.

The spermicide contains no hormones, so there are no hormonal effects associated with using it. Options Conceptrol is a great choice for women who are breastfeeding. Yes, you can definitely get pregnant when breastfeeding.

My Impression

Options Conceptrol Gel with Spermicidal Lube works for many customers I reached out to. They say they’ll recommend it to women who are trying to prevent pregnancy.

If customers have been using the lube for years and it works for them, it shows it’s effective. It tells you that you can trust the product to work for you too.

Many women often worry about accidentally getting pregnant even when they use their chosen birth control product. Not with this spermicidal lube.

You can use it alone or with others if you want. But it’s surely reliable, and you won’t be disappointed.

This is a great lube for family planning for couples.

What could be better

Options Conceptrol is easy to use, and apply but it’s a little sticky.

Still, this spermicidal lube works and doesn’t disappoint. That is why I’m recommending it.

I’ll love to see them get rid of the little feeling of stickiness after sex.

ForePlay PrePair Spermicidal Lubricant

Above, I listed PrePair Spermicidal Water-Based lube as the number one best spermicidal lube. Here’s another great version of PrePair. Both work amazingly well.

ForePlay PrePair Spermicidal Lubricant

You can choose base on your favorite among both. They both do the job, which is the most important thing you should care about when buying a spermicide.

What’s the use of a spermicidal lube if you get pregnant despite using it? This version also does great work.

The major difference is that this version of PrePair Spermicidal Lube is sold in two sets. You get two when you buy instead of one. They are smaller than the first version given above.

The smaller part is a great thing if you use intend to use the spermicide away from home. It can easily fit into any small bag or purse without issues.

That means you have zero excuses for not using a spermicide for the purpose of preventing pregnancy.

This lube is water-based and compatible with any condom. It’s also approved by the FDA.

My Impression

What impressed me the most about this spermicidal lube is that the lube is super small. While I won’t say it’s a travel size because you need something bigger than this when traveling, it’s still a lubricant you can use when you aren’t home.

For example, see this spermicidal lube as something you can use in hotels or very quickly at any place. Yes, this could be anywhere like in offices, cars – anywhere you are allowed to have quick sex with your partner.

You don’t have to worry about sperm because it kills it immediately it gets into you. I highly recommend ForePlay PrePair Spermicidal Lube.

What could be better

Unless you hate the small size, there are zero downsides to this lube. Of course, it’s not a perfect size for everyone – especially people who have sex in the comfort of their own homes and on a regular basis.

If you don’t have sex outside your home or your partner’s house, you may want a bigger size for your need.

Contragel Green Spermicidal Lube

Contragel Green Spermicidal Lube is made with natural ingredients, and it’s very effective. This makes it one of the best spermicidal lubes available to you.

It’s safe to use it with other birth control methods such as cervical caps and diaphragm. The lube doesn’t contain harmful Nonoxynol-9 in it. It’s made in Europe and CE approved.

Contragel Green

In case you don’t know what CE is, it is the certification mark that indicates a product conforms with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA).

Contragel Green Spermicidal is body friendly. There’s less risk of irritation after use.

This spermicidal lube contains no synthetic or artificial ingredients. It’s also chemical free.

The package includes instructions in English on how to use the lube. Contragel is healthier for you than most other spermicidal lubes. The natural ingredients are highly-effective.

Customers have been using the lube for years without getting pregnant. So, this is a spermicide worth trying out.

My Impression

All the ingredients used are safe for the body. There are no harmful chemicals in Contragel Green Spermicidal Lube.

Yeast infections are a common thing from using most low-quality spermicidal lubes. In fact, if you’ve been dealing with yeast infection up until now, Contragel may be the best product to use.

The lube smells good when you use it.

Another important thing I’ll like to note is that Contragel doesn’t leave you with any irritation or discomfort after sex.

Shipping is extremely fast too.

You can use this spermicidal lube with other birth control methods. That’s not to say that you can’t use it alone. You can if you want to do that. The lubricant won’t disappoint you.

What could be better

The lube is very sticky. This may be due to the organic ingredients that were used to produce the lube.

In all, Contragel Green Spermicidal Lube is one of my favorite lubes.

Does Spermicidal Lube Really Work?

Spermicidal lube is the most effective birth control method when used correctly. Be sure to read the direction of the spermicidal lube before use.

The major reason most women get pregnant when using effective spermicidal lubes like the ones given above is that they fail to follow the direction outlined in the label.

Don’t make the same mistake. Make sure you’ve read and understood the direction of applying the spermicide before having sex with it.

Spermicides work. According to a study, 18 out of 100 women who use spermicide got pregnant a year. Most of this 18% use the spermicide incorrectly.

So, use spermicide correctly each time before sex. If you have to read it every time, do it. While spermicidal lubes are effective, they don’t protect you against STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases).

There’s a common misconception among women that spermicide prevents STDs. It doesn’t. That is why I highly recommend you use spermicidal lube with condoms if you have more than one partner, or you believe your partner has more sexual relationships.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Spermicidal Lubricants

Like most things in life, there are advantages and disadvantages when using spermicidal lubes.

What are these advantages and disadvantages?

Let’s start with the advantages:

  • It prevents unintended and mistimed pregnancies
  • It’s convenient and cheap
  • Spermicides don’t interrupt sex
  • The spermicidal lube above don’t have hormones
  • No prescription is required to buy it
  • It’s easy to learn how to use without requiring anyone’s help

Now, let’s talk about the disadvantages of using spermicidal lubes:

  • You have to use it every time you have sex
  • Spermicidal lube doesn’t protect again STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)
  • Some spermicides may be messy (Fortunately, the spermicidal lubes listed above are not, but most are)
  • You must learn how to use it correctly for it to be effective.
  • Some spermicides may irritate the vaginal or penis (Again, not including most of the ones listed above)

How to Use Spermicidal Lubes Correctly

As I’ve emphasized many times above, using a spermicidal lube correctly is very important if you want it to help prevent pregnancy.

After buying a spermicidal lube, check the direction on the package and make sure you follow each step. Ensure that you don’t miss or skip any step.

Then, check the expiration date to confirm if the lube hasn’t expired.

After you’ve done that, it’s time to move to the next important step.

Relax and get into a comfortable position. Lie down or squat. Then gently insert the spermicidal lube into your vaginal using your fingers or the applicators that come with it.

Here comes the most important part: Timing.

Because spermicide isn’t effective right away, you must apply it 10-15 minutes before sex. A single application can last you up to an hour of maximum pleasure.

Make sure that you’re not using spermicide several times again that day. Most spermicidal lubes can easily irritate the vaginal when they’re often applied within a day.

Hooray! Now you know the correct way of using spermicidal lube. Still, you should follow the instruction laid out on the label of the lube you buy.


There’s no more reason to be afraid of getting pregnant. You have a perfect solution to help you with this. Spermicidal lubes are the best birth control methods that always work as long as you know how to use them.

I’ve taken my time to write a review that covers all your fears and concerns. The lubes listed above are the best spermicidal lubes available.

Don’t hesitate to get one of these lubes today.

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