A Definitive Guide to the Best Personal Lube for Sex

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The best personal lubricants can be used with sex toys to ensure that there’s no friction. It’s important to use with anal toys and plugs, so no tearing occurs. Personal lube can be used when a woman is unable to produce the right amount of her own lubrication. Even when some women are excited, there isn’t enough lubrication for comfortable penetration.

The best personal lubes don’t have added ingredients that will cause irritation. Those with sensitive skin won’t have to worry about using a lube that will cause issues. The right lube should be used in the right situation. Water based is best for condoms and sex toys. Other kinds will break down the surface of the toy or condom and cause serious issues.  In these personal lube reviews, I’ve given you all the information you need to come to your own conclusions about the kind of lube you’ll need.

Top 10 personal lubricant comparison chart

Name & BrandTypesLiquid or GelSizePrice
Shibari Premium LubricantWater basedLiquid8 ounces Check price
Paloqueth Premium LubricantWater basedLiquid8 ounces Check price
Aloe Cadabra LubeWater basedGel8 ounces Check price
Wet Platinum LubricantSilicone basedLiquid4.2 ounces Check price
Pre-Seed LubricantWater basedLiquid1.4 ounces Check price
Isabel Fay Natural Water basedLiquid11.2 ounces Check price
Passion LubesWater basedLiquid16 ounces Check price
Healthy Vibes LubricantWater basedLiquid8 ounces Check price
Penchant Intimate Lubricants Silicone basedLiquid4 ounces Check price
Luxxx Intimate Lubricant Water basedLiquid8 ounces Check price

Straight recommendation:

  1. Best lube for vaginal sex: Shibari Intimate Lubricant
  2. Best lube for anal sex: Pjur Analyze Me
  3.  Best flavored Lube: Aloe Cadabra Edible Pina Colada Flavored Lubricant
  4. Best lubricant for sensitive skin: Natural Personal Lubricant by Isabel Fay

What is Personal Lubricant and Why is it Essential to Your Sex Life?

Personal lubricant, or lube, is a special gel or jelly that’s used during sexual activities. It’s meant to reduce friction with skin-to-skin contact. It’s also to reduce friction when using sex toys. Personal lube is different from medical lubricants. Medical ones are thicker and sterile for insertion of medical tools.

Lubrication is essential for your sex life because it can make it much more pleasurable and pleasant. Toys can get stuck entering the body without the right amount of lubrication. Lube can be applied to the orifice like the vagina or anus. It can also be applied to the toy being used like a dildo or a person’s finger or penis. There are many situations where lube is needed.

Types of personal lube

Water-Based Lubricant – This is one of the most common and recommended lubricants available. It’s easy to use and won’t ruin clothes or fabrics. That’s great for your sheets when playing in the bedroom. This kind of lubricant is recommended for use with condoms. Check some of the recommended  water based lube here.

Silicone-Based Lube – Lubricants with a silicone base feel very soft and soothing. They’re great personal lubricants for those with sensitive skin. They’re hypoallergenic, so these lubes are used by people with allergies, too. Silicone-based lube doesn’t contain water. This fact means the lubrication will last longer.

Flavored Lubricant – Flavored lube is used when a couple wants to enjoy oral sex. It has a distinct flavor based on the kind of lube that’s purchased. Various flavors might include cherry, coconut, passion fruit, or mint.

Oil-Based Lube – This kind of lube has an oily feel to it. They’re often used as a massage oil as well as a personal lubricant. Oil-based lube is preferred by many as a versatile lubricant. It’s not to be used with latex condoms, though. It can actually break down the latex.

Organic Lubricant – Lube that has organic ingredients won’t have damaging chemicals or fragrances. It’ll be made from natural ingredients that don’t include dyes or parabens. Organic lube should be non-irritating to the skin unlike some of the other choices.

Warming/Cooling Lube – Lube can be incredibly fun for couples or those who are going solo. There are warming lubes on the market that will heat up when touched. Cooling lubes will create the sensation of coldness when your lover blows on it. The sensations add an extra element to sex.

Buying Guideline to Choose the Best Lube

If anyone wants to have specific intercourse the following guideline will help you out. But if you want to have more analytical information we have a bunch of post, reviews and blog article in our website. Hope you’ll get best guideline for a satisfactory sex.

  • Vaginal sex is the most common and ancient act of intercourse. Most of us don’t bother to use a lube while having vaginal sex. But you’ll be glad to know that a water base lube will rescue you from a lot of misshapen like, vaginal irritation, vaginal dryness, sensitive skin and many more.
  • Anal sex is considered one of the hardest forms of intercourse. If you want to omit the word hardest a silicon based lube is the best choice. The anus doesn’t contain any lubricant. It’s more on the dry side.Unlikely a water base lube a silicone based lube have more texture. It doesn’t dry up as quickly as water base lube. So for long lasting and safe anal sex silicone based lube is perfect choice.
  • If anyone is anticipated in having oral sex but not enjoying it that much the way he or she expect to flavored lube will make it an interesting one. The variety of flavored lube will spin you head and trust me you will not be able to take our mouth out of it anymore.
  • Lot of us love to have some massage before, after or while having sex from our partner. An oil based lube will make it a complete one.
  • Large number of us loves sex toys while having sex. But if you are using it with a lube it’s a matter of concern. Most of the toys are mode of silicone. So it better to avoid silicone based lube. Water based lube will solve your problem.
  • Nothing is better than having sex on shower. Best lube to make this joy happen is silicone based lube, as it’s thicker and long lasting. The other forms of lube will wash away very quickly.
  • Parabens and glycerin are very dangerous for health. In some cases its lead to cancer. So before buying a lube read the label very carefully. Some famous brands use this sort of dangerous preservative. So avoid those which have Parabens and Glycerin.
  • For a long time sex you’ll need a long lasting lube. Silicone based lube will give you this support.
  • If anyone is concerned about sperm health a pre seed fertility friend lubricant is best choice for them.

Top 10 personal lubricant reviews

Shibari Premium Personal Lubricant

Shibari Intimate Water Based Lube(bestlubefinder.com)The Shibari personal lubricant is one of the better ones on this list. It’s a clear gel consistency that pours quite easily. There are a ton of great things to talk about with this lube. It’s clear as mentioned, which means that it won’t stain fabrics. It won’t stain sex toys, either. That can be a concern with some lubes that have dyes in them.

The texture is like silk across the skin. When used with your sex toys, the lube won’t dry quickly. It’s water based, so you’ll be able to use this with condoms, too. To keep your toys sterile and bacteria-free, it’s best to use a condom. Especially if you plan on anal play. The condom will never break or tear with this water-based lubricant.

The best lube for sex will be comfortable for both partners. This Shibari lube won’t cause any irritation for those who have a sensitivity to dyes and chemicals. It can be used in the anus or vagina as well as on the penis for male masturbation.

Personal lube should be wet for a long time, so you don’t have to worry about reapplying. That’s the case with this lube. While it’s water based, it does stay wet for a while. You won’t need to reapply frequently during sex. You don’t need to use an applicator of any sort with this personal lube. Just use your fingers or squeeze the bottle directly over the toy.

This personal lube is hypoallergenic and doesn’t come with any parabens in the ingredients. That’s the best kind of lube for use with all manner of toys. It’s great for people with allergies and sensitive skin.

The only small problem with this lube is the bottle. It’s not spill-proof, and the product can dribble out of the top.

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PALOQUETH Water-Based Lubricant

Best personal lubricant

This is a clear, personal lube that won’t stain clothing. It’s good for use with toys since it won’t leave behind any kind of residue or dye. It doesn’t have any of the weird chemical smell that can be a part of some lube, either.

The water-based lube was carefully created to work with the delicate pH in women’s vaginas. When you’re choosing a lube, it shouldn’t cause the chemical balance in the body to change. That could lead to serious issues with infections. That isn’t a concern with this lube.

Water-based personal lubricant like this one are very compatible with latex in the condoms as well as silicone in most sex toys. You don’t want the material to degrade because you’re using lube with it. For condoms, a degraded material could have tragic consequences.When used with sex toys, silicone lube can cause pitting on the toy’s surface, which can harbor bacteria.

This lube is made with a long-lasting formula that doesn’t require reapplication very often. At the same time, it’s not sticky or tacky. You won’t have to worry about removing it from your body or the sex toy when you’re finished playing. It’s not a messy product at all.

Personal lubricants like this one are free of any harsh chemicals. It’s free of parabens and a little goes a long way. It’s a source of lube that is vegan friendly, too.

If the lube isn’t reapplied regularly, the leftover liquid can become tacky over time.

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Aloe Cadabra Natural Personal Lubricant

Natural Personal Lubricant

This natural aloe lubricant is 100 percent vegan as well as edible. It’s a great lubricant for oral sex between lovers. The lube is water based with no glycerin or parabens. That makes it completely organic as a personal lubricant.

The organic lube is also friendly for toys. Broken toys will never be a concern with water-based lubes like this one. It’ll never stain clothing or sex toys with harsh dyes or chemicals.

It also has aloe as its main ingredient. Aloe is known for its soothing and healing properties. The lube has vitamin E in it as well. Vitamin E has antioxidant properties. All of these are incredible ingredients that won’t alter the pH of a woman’s vagina.

Lovers can use latex condoms with this lube without worrying that the condom will break. Condoms can be used to cover sex toys without tearing, too. That’s a huge consideration for those who want to enjoy slippery sex with a partner while wearing a condom.

This lube can dry out over time. It will need to be reapplied a few times depending on how long you’re in need of the lube.

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Wet Platinum Silicone-Based Lubricant

Wet Platinum

This is a silicone-based lube that is meant to stay silky and smooth for a very long time. You won’t have to interrupt your play time to add more lube to the sex toy or your partner’s penis. Silicone lubes will never dry out because they don’t have water in them. That means they’ll never become sticky during prolonged sexual contact.

The Wet Platinum product is 100 percent pure silicone without parabens and other harsh ingredients. It doesn’t contain water and will last for a long time. The lube will wash away easily once you’re done using warm water. It’ll clean off sex toys as easily as from your body.

A silicone-based lube like this one is great for fun in the water. If you want to enjoy sex in the shower with your lover, this is a great addition to your sexual activities. Some men like to use a sex toy in the shower and will find that silicone lube works best.

When you’re looking for a slick lube that will stay silky and velvety, this is absolutely perfect. It can be tricky to use this with condoms, so keep that in mind when purchasing. You can use this for non-silicone toys and between lovers who don’t need a condom.

A little of this product goes a long way, so you’ll be purchasing a lube that will last a long time. The amount of friction you want to experience will depend on the amount of lube you use. Use a little or a lot depending on the kind of pressure and friction you want.

The bottle has a hard-to-open lid that doesn’t seem to close all the way. It’s a problem for those who want to toss this aside after they have enough lube in their hand.

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Pre-Seed Personal Lubricant

pre-seed-personal-lubricant6598There are some lubes with spermicide that will help to destroy sperm before it can enter the womb. This lube does the exact opposite. It’s created to be friendly to those who are trying to get pregnant.

It’s actually used by clinics that are in the business of granting couples the gift of children. The personal lube mimics the fluids of a woman’s vagina and helps sperm’s mobility. It’ll also effectively shield the sperm from harm as they speed their way towards the womb for conception.

The lube was developed by fertility doctors to support sperm quality and used in many fertility clinics. Those who are having a hard time conceiving can find that the lube they use is a factor in their problems. Many lube has ingredients that are not friendly to sperm. This is made specifically to help couples who are trying to have a baby.

When couples are trying to have a baby, it can be hard to be “in the mood.” It’s often demanding to have sex on a set schedule based on ovulation. Lube is a necessary part of sex when the couple has to perform.

This personal lubricant has an applicator, so that the lube can be inserted internally in the vagina. It’ll coat the walls of a woman’s sex to ensure a natural feeling during sex. The lube works best when deposited near the cervix to mimic a woman’s natural lubrication.

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Isabel Fay Natural Intimate Personal Lubricant

Isabel Fay

The natural, water-based lubricant from Isabel Fay was created for those with sensitive skin. There are no parabens or glycerin in the lube. It’s a gel that doesn’t have dyes or perfumes, either. That will keep it from irritating the sensitive skin of your intimate areas.

Most lubes have glycerin, which can have a negative impact on the pH levels in a woman’s vagina. The natural lube from Isabel Fay doesn’t contain chemicals, parabens, or hormones.

The gel can be used with all kinds of sex toys. It won’t break down the silicone of your favorite dildo or vibrator. It can also be used with male masturbation sex toys, too. Many women will add a condom to their sex toy to make it easier to keep clean and bacteria free. The lube won’t attack the integrity of the latex condom like some other lubes.

The water-based lube can be used with a variety of condom types. When it comes to safe sex, you don’t want the lube to attack the condom. It should be keeping you safe from diseases, infections, and pregnancy. The condom won’t fail with this lubricant.

The lube is made in the USA where the FDA monitors the ingredients in personal lubricants. It’s meant to ensure that all ingredients are safe for people’s health. All of the ingredients are high quality and meet FDA guidelines.

The pump can become sticky if it’s not washed off after a few uses. It’s best to wipe the excess from the pump and the bottle after each use.

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Passion Lubes Water-Based LubricantPassion Lube

This water-based lube is made without glycerin, parabens, or petrochemicals. The ingredients it does use are natural and will clean easily. With a little warm water and soap, it’ll be easy to clean from your body as well as from any toys you use. It’s one of the most popular lubes for male masturbation because it’s simple to clean.

Glycerin is the ingredient you’ll find most commonly in water-based lubes. It’s what creates the sticky feeling that many lube users complain about during and after sex. The Passion Lubes company has created a water-based lube that doesn’t use glycerin. Many people find that the ingredient makes them prone to infections, too.

The spill-proof bottle will ensure that you don’t have to clean lube from everywhere when you want to use a little. Many lubes come in squeeze bottles that can spill quite easily. This bottle uses a pump, so you can take as much or as little as you want. It won’t dribble or spill out of the bottle.

The lube is a clear gel that doesn’t come with any dye or chemicals that will stain or ruin clothing. You won’t have to worry about your sheets when using this lube in the bedroom. It washes with soap and water, so you can toss your sheets in the washer to remove any lube.

Water-based lubricant can be used with sex toys and condoms without attacking the integrity of the material. This lube can be used for vaginal and anal sex. It helps beginners who haven’t experience anal sex before. Lubrication can reduce any pain that might occur.

This lube is watery compared to some other liquids. It doesn’t get sticky as it’s being used, though.

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Sexual Lubricant by Healthy Vibes

Lubricant and Moisturizer By Healthy Vibes

Water-based lubricants are meant to be used with condoms and sex toys. Other types of lube like silicone or oil ones can attack the integrity of the latex or silicone in the condom or toy. It can lead to a condom that breaks, which can create a terrible situation. If you use the wrong lube with a silicone sex toy, you’ll end up with a pitted toy that harbors bacteria.

This lube is slick and smooth. It will last for a long time during solo play or play with your lover. It won’t become sticky or dry. It doesn’t have sulfates or parabens in it. Those ingredients can cause irritation in the sensitive parts of your body. The lube from Healthy Vibes was designed to provide a slick smoothness that won’t turn tacky or sticky over time.

The best lubricants are made in the USA. They’re free of bad ingredients, and the FDA ensures that the products are safe for use in the human body. This lube was tested in a lab without the use of animal testing, too.

It’s non-staining and odorless because of its ingredients. You don’t have to worry about using this with your sex toy. It’ll never stain the toys’ materials. The lube is colorless and doesn’t have ingredients that will cause sensitivity. Any lube that ends up on clothing or sheets can be washed out with warm water and soap.

The water-based formula means that as the lube is used it will be absorbed in the skin. This is why water-based is great for those with sensitivities to chemicals. You’ll need to reapply if you plan on a long session with your toy or your lover. It does last for a good amount of time, but you might need to reapply.

The bottle leaks when not closed completely. Some customers found that they had better luck with their own bottle.

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Intimate Lubricants for Sensitive Skin by Penchant Premium

Personal Lubricant by Penchant54895This is a silicone-based lube for use with sensitive skin. It doesn’t have ingredients that would alter the pH levels of a woman’s vagina. It doesn’t have glycerin or parabens in it. It’s considered hypoallergenic for those who have a sensitivity to most lubes.

The silicone lube is concentrated to be used in a variety of situations. You can easily use this in the hot tub or while taking a shower. It repels water until it’s time to wash it from your body or the toy you’re using. This makes it great for men who want to enjoy their favorite masturbation toy in the shower.

Lubricants that are made in the USA are watched over by the FDA. This body of the government wants to ensure that lube companies are using the safest ingredients possible. This one is approved by the FDA for personal lubrication.

While some silicone lubes are not safe for condoms, this one can be used with rubber latex condoms. It’ll last longer than water-based lubes and won’t need to be reapplied during sex. It won’t dry, which can cause problems when a lover is wearing a condom or using one on a sex toy.

The lube is odorless and colorless. You don’t have to worry about fabrics when you’re using the lube. If any hits the sheets or your clothing, all you have to do is throw the material in the washer to remove the lube. It’ll never stain.

This is a thick lube that might not work for some people who want a thinner liquid during sex.

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Luxxx Beauty Intimate Lubricant for Women

Luxxx Beauty Premium Intimate LubricantThere are some women who suffer from vaginal dryness. It doesn’t matter if they’re aroused. They don’t get as wet as desired. This lube mimics the fluids a woman would make naturally. Wetness makes the whole process smoother and more pleasurable for both people. When she’s too dry for sex, it can be painful. Her vagina can be very irritated by the sex after a few minutes.

For women who want to play with toys, this water-based lube works wonders. It will play nicely with any kind of toy you have. Whether it’s a silicone toy or harder versions of a plastic, the lube will wash off cleanly and quickly. It won’t erode the surface of the toy, either.

The lube doesn’t have a scent to it. Scents can linger for a long time on the surface of toys. It can be irritating to the skin, too. Perfumes and dyes are not part of the formula used to make this lube. The water-based lube is silky smooth to eliminate dryness and female discomfort during sex. It doesn’t need scents and dyes to give a woman exactly what she needs for good sex.

The lubricant provides a woman with more than just lubrication. It has ingredients that are meant to naturally moisturize intimate parts of her body. The lube was created by women who know what it’s like to be dry. There are no parabens or petrochemicals in this product, either.

This product development was approved by the FDA for sale as a personal lube. That’s important to note because some companies make their products outside the USA. They don’t follow the same strict guidelines as companies in the US.

The bottle has a tendency to malfunction. Lube can dribble down the side of the pump, so it might make sense to find your own bottle and transfer the contents.

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How to Choose the Right Personal Lubricant

With all those choices of lubes, it can be tough to pick the right option for your next encounter. It’ll matter whether you’re using the lube solo or with a partner, too. The type of lube will have an impact on his or her skin during sex as well.

The Right Type

If you have an allergy to silicone, you should not pick a silicone-based lube. It’s not great with condoms, either. With skin allergies, the right kind of lube might be organic, so it’ll be hypoallergenic. There’s no reason you can’t purchase and test a few options. A water-based option should be used by those who want to enjoy silicone toys or latex condoms. If you want a silkier lube for anal sex, a silicone- or oil-based lube will be the right picks.

High-Grade Materials

In years past, people would use plain petroleum jelly for their sexual needs. Lubricants have become more sophisticated as well as more playful. They should be made with ingredients that are geared towards a sexual application. Some of them have ingredients that will keep you from becoming irritated if you have sensitive skin. Others are made with vegan ingredients or with aloe for its soothing properties.

Clean and Clear

Lubricants can be incredibly messy during sex. In some cases, it can drip from the body onto the sheets or clothing. If you choose a lube with color or dyes, that color transfers to the skin and any fabrics it touches. Keep that in mind when making your lube choice. You might enjoy a lube that smells or tastes like fruit, but cherry coloring can stain everything it touches.

Lasts a Long Time

The texture of the lube will matter, so that’s a consideration. It should last a long time, too. A lubricant that doesn’t last means you’ll have to reapply constantly. Lube that dries can lead to painful sex. You’ll have the added distraction of having to use more lubricant in the middle of the action. For some, that might not be a problem since it means that there’s more time for slow foreplay. You should know exactly how the lube will react before choosing it.

Doesn’t Have Harmful Ingredients

The lube that you choose shouldn’t have irritating dyes or fragrances if you have allergies. It should never have parabens in it. Lubricants can have additives like petroleum and glycerin. These can have a negative impact on the natural health of the vagina. The pH levels of the vagina are what keep it healthy, and altering those levels can lead to infections. It’s important to be aware of the chemicals you’re using in your body.

Safe for Condom and Sex Toy Use

Condoms are made with latex, so any lubricant you use should be safe with latex. That includes both water and silicone-based lubes. Oil-based lubes are not practical with condoms or sex toys. They can break down the materials in most sex toys. If you’re concerned with safe sex and condoms, always be sure of the type of lube you’re using at all times.

Guide to Using Personal Lubricant – A Quick Overview

The first step is choosing the right lube for the situation. Whether you’re using condoms or not, that’s a huge consideration. If you’re solo with sex toys, the lube you pick for your session of self love will need to work with the toy material.

You can warm the lube in your hands straight out of the tube or bottle. It can be cold to the touch, which is a shock to your intimate areas. Apply the lube to the toy as well as the vagina or anus. Lube can be applied to the outside of a condom easily, too.

Adding lube with a partner can be part of the foreplay before sex. It’ll get both of you warmed up in all the right ways. Stroke him with lube in your hands, or apply lube to her clit and vagina with a soft stroking motion. It’ll get your partner ready for the main act.

Whether it’s warming lube or straight lube for a slippery entrance, just add a few drops or a quick squirt. You can apply it to your hand before spreading on the toy or intimate area of your choice.

A personal lube will help you out in intercourses like vaginal sex, oral sex, anal sex, masturbation, playing with toys and so much more. Well, now the question remains which is the best lube for different form of intercourse? If you are interested to have anal sex, (check out this post).

Storing Your Lubricant for Next Time

There’s no magic involved with storing your personal lubricant. It’s best to keep them where they’ll be in easy reach when needed. The bedside table with your favorite toy is a good spot. You might have a secret toy chest with all your favorites. That’s the perfect place to store your lube.

Lubricants don’t need to be refrigerated. The ingredients in lube don’t require special care. You will need to keep them out of direct sunlight, though. Store in a place where kids and pets can’t get to it. Other than that, lube can be stored in a cool, dry place with your sex toys.

What to Avoid

It’s best to experiment with the lube you might like. You don’t have to choose one personal lubricant for life. You will need to avoid certain things, though. If you have allergies to ingredients like dyes and perfumes, avoid lubes with it.

There are other considerations for your lube purchase. A vagina needs to have a certain level of pH to be healthy. Lubricants can interrupt the level of your pH. It should be around 3.5 to 4.5, so keep that in mind when ordering your next lube.

You should avoid some ingredients even if you don’t have allergies or sensitive skin. Glycerin, petroleum, propylene glycol, and nonoynol-9 are all ingredients that can cause irritation and bad reactions.

Risks During Use

It’s important to use lube properly as well as understanding the risks of using lube with sex toys. Some lubes with antibacterial ingredients have been shown to damage rectal tissue. There are lubes that contain agents used in spermicides, too. These ingredients break down the tissue of the sperm, which means it can break down the cells in the vagina and rectum.

You should understand the risks to the vagina during sex with lube, too. It can have a negative impact on the pH levels in the vagina. The vagina has certain bacteria of its own that keeps it protected from infections. When that pH level is altered, it can be a huge problem. Keep an eye on the pH levels of lube before using it.

Learn whether you have a problem with a certain lube or its ingredients before using it on your vagina or anus. Place a bit of lube on the sensitive skin inside your elbow. If you don’t have any redness or irritation after a day, it’s likely safe for your body.

Benefits of using personal lubricant

Erotic Massages

Oil-based lubricants can be used for massage. An erotic massage concentrates on the erogenous zones of the body. That will depend on what feels good to you and your partner. It’s a fun product to introduce in the bedroom.

Reduces Friction

The best personal lubricants will reduce the friction between toys/penis and vagina or anus. Friction can increase irritation during sex. This leads to pain and more dryness. It can make sex less than pleasurable.

Fixes Vaginal Dryness

There are some women who don’t have much wetness in their vagina even if their excitement levels are high. Personal lubricants are perfect for the woman who has vaginal dryness. She’ll enjoy sex more when there’s added moisture to make things slippery and smooth during lovemaking.

Added Sexual Appetite

A silky, slippery lubricant can create an increased erotic sensation during sex. It’s terrific during masturbation, too. When using a lubricant, there’s added touching and foreplay. All of those elements can increase a person’s sexual appetite. They’ll look forward to sex with more eagerness.

Helps Combat Disease

Personal lubricants can protect the vagina and rectum from tears that can occur during sex. When there’s friction, the toy or penis can cause tiny rips in the skin. Those rips are what normally causes irritation and redness. The tiny tears can lead to infections. Lubricants will remove the tendency for tearing.

Decreased Pain

Friction is a huge source of pain during sex. It can lead to irritation. That can lead to pain during sex as well as after. It’ll deter a person from seeking more encounters that would result in pain. When pain is decreased, the person will look forward to more play time.

Avoid Condom Tears

Friction can result in broken condoms. That’s normally what happens when a condom breaks. Friction can rip the sides. It’s important to use the right type of lubricant with your condoms, though.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can lube be used by people with skin sensitivity?
Lube can definitely be used by people with a sensitivity or allergies. You can choose a personal lubricant that has no harsh ingredients. If you’re allergic to silicone-based lubes, a water-based lube will be a good answer to the problem.

Is it used for masturbation?
A personal lubricant is perfect for use when masturbating. It can be used by men and women with or without a toy present. Women may find that using lube while rubbing their clit or inserting their fingers makes the process more pleasurable. Men usually reduce the friction with some kind of lubrication on their hand. Lube can replace other products.

Will it be a problem if lubricant is swallowed?
There are some lubricants that are edible. These can be ingested in small amounts. You should never use a ton of lube in your mouth. It’s not meant to be ingested in large amounts even if it’s edible or flavored.

Does personal lube work for a long time?
The lube you choose will dictate how long it lasts. Water-based lube can dissipate quickly. Oil and silicone lubes are known to last longer. It’s easy to reapply the kind of lube that you’ve chosen, so keep that in mind. You’ll want a lube that won’t cause irritation over one that lasts longer.

Can it be used in water?
Water-based lube shouldn’t be used in water. It’ll rinse away quickly. Oil and silicone lubes are good in water since it will take a bit of water to wash it away. All lube can be washed away with enough water, though.

Is it safe to use lubricant while pregnant?
Hormonal changes in a woman’s body could result in more lubrication or less. It depends on the woman. For many women, it means more vaginal dryness during sex. The best lube for sex during your pregnancy is likely a water-based option. It’s absorbed into the body, so water-based lube is better for you. Unfortunately, that means it needs to be applied more often. Avoid lubes with additives and harsh ingredients. It can’t reach the baby, but it can be absorbed into the skin.

Is it okay to use personal lubricant for other applications?
Personal lubricants can be used for sex with a partner, solo play with toys, and masturbation without toys. Lubricants can be used for other applications like erotic massage. It’s best to avoid using your personal lube for things that don’t involve sex, though.

Can personal lube help a woman get pregnant?
When a woman is trying to conceive, the couple could end up having sex more than is entirely comfortable for either of them. It can lead to irritation and friction. Lube will certainly help with that. There are sperm-friendly lube options for baby making. It won’t hinder the sperm’s mobility.

Final Thoughts

The best personal lubricant will fit perfectly with the activity. You might want to use more than one kind of lube to test them out with a partner. The two of you might decide that you love the feel of one lube over another. When it comes to vibrators, silicone plugs, or latex condoms, you’ll want to stick to water-based products. For sex with a partner, choose the one that feels the best. They should make the interaction between toy and body incredibly soft and easy.

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