How to choose the best lubricant for women

This is a breakdown of the best lubes for women on the market today. Women struggle with vaginal dryness, and sometimes, they think it’s a fault of theirs. There can be many reasons for vaginal dryness, and none of them are shameful.

Irritation and pain comes from dryness that isn’t addressed. That’s much worse than ignoring the problem or feeling like its your fault.

These are some of the best lubes we’ve found. They’re natural, without chemicals, and clean up easily. Your sex life should be filled with sex that doesn’t cause discomfort. It can be as easy as finding a good lube that you love.

Female lube comparison chart

Name & BrandWater / Silicone Safe?Travel friendly?Price
Pink Silicone Lubricant Silicone Yes -Medical grade formula Protective cap and locking pump Check price
Shibari Premium LubricantWater Yes – FDA ApprovedNot well Check price
PALOQUETH Personal LubricantWater Clinically testedTight cap for travel Check price
Isabel Fay lubricantWater Made in the USADiscreet label and tight cover Check price
Passion LubesWater Yes – Made in the USPump not for travel Check price
Pjur Woman Nude LubricantWater Meets quality standards in the USProtective cap Check price
Nooky Personal LubeWater FDA approved labSimple pump bottle Check price

Top 7 lubricants for women reviews

Pink Silicone Lubricant for Women

Pink Silicone lube is a lube that has ingredients meant to make sex slippery, fun, and healing. Most lubes don’t have properties that will restore and heal the skin. This one has vitamin E and aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera eases inflammation and can help cure rashes. It’s meant for skin problems, so it’s a fantastic ingredient in lube. That’s especially true if you are prone to skin irritation.

This lube doesn’t have a flavor or a scent. While some couples might want a flavor or a sensual smell, Pink Silicone lubricant isn’t that kind of liquid. It acts as a natural-feeling lube that mimics the wetness a woman would feel normally.

As far as the silicone portion of the lube, it can’t be used with silicone toys or latex condoms. That won’t matter for many couples who are interested in straightforward lovemaking.

Our Impression

Couples love this lube because it closely mimics the lubrication that a woman would have naturally. It’s smooth and silky without drying out and becoming sticky.

Women can apply this lube before lovemaking to ensure that she’s wet enough for sex. In fact, he doesn’t even have to know that she’s not providing her own lubrication. While there’s no shame in not being wet enough, some might want to avoid ruining the mood.

Silicone isn’t always the best lube for sex since it can’t be used with silicone toys or latex condoms. For couples, it can be the perfect consistency and texture. The Aloe Vera makes this a soothing lube that can be healing as well.

During sex, there’s no reason to have to stop and reapply this lube. It’ll last as long as you need it to last. At the end, you’ll only have to use a bit of soap and water to remove it from your skin and his.


  • Silky, healing formula with Aloe and vitamin E.
  • Safe formula that is approved as a medical grade formula.
  • Water resistant for use in the shower or bath.
  • Unscented and free of flavors.


  • Can’t be used with silicone sex toys or latex condoms.

Nooky Lube 32ozTM Natural Liquid Silk Lubricant

To keep a lubricated vagina, it can be necessary to use lube. The best kind of lube for daily sex is a water-based one. It won’t irritate the sensitive membranes of the vagina. Sensitive vaginas need a lube that is colorless and tasteless.

Without color, that means the lube doesn’t have dye. That’s the case with the Nooky Personal Water-Based Lube. It’s also tasteless, which means there are no chemicals or preservatives in it.

Nooky Lube doesn’t have glycerins or parabens. It easily cleans with a little bit of water washing it from the body. You don’t have to worry about jumping in the shower and using soap after a vigorous session of lovemaking.

Nooky Lube was produced in a lab in the US that was approved by the FDA. The government finds the lube to be safe for all kinds of intimate encounters.

Our Impression

Some women naturally don’t produce enough lubrication of their own during sex. There could be a variety of emotional or medical reasons for it. It might be her body just doesn’t produce enough even if she’s super aroused. Whether you have that problem occasionally or all the time, water-based lube is a great solution.

There are plenty of studies that have shown that personal lube can make lovemaking more pleasurable. It can relieve the irritation that some women experience during sex. The lube should mimic the chemical nature of the woman’s natural lubrication.

This lube is slick and wet enough to be used every time you make love. It’s also fantastic for self love and sex toy use. It won’t cause problems with condoms or silicone toys.


  • Nooky is a water-based lube without dyes and chemicals.
  • It doesn’t have glycerin or parabens.
  • Safe for use with condoms and silicone sex toys.
  • Tasteless and odorless.


  • Can be absorbed quickly, which is the nature of water-based lubes.

Shibari Premium Personal Lubricant

Shibari Premium Personal Lubricant

Shibari has a smooth formula that won’t stain your clothing or the bed. It’s a water-based lube without dyes or chemicals that are tough to clean out of fabrics. It’s hypoallergenic, too.

This lube is water-based, so it can be used with silicone toys as well as latex condoms. While it’s not going to last as long as a silicone lube, it’s formulated to be silky and soft on the skin.

The consistency is liquid gel that has a great texture. You’ll be able to apply this gel easily. It won’t be absorbed as quickly as some water-based lubricants. This is great for the woman who will develop her own lubrication as the action progresses. Water-based lubes are often reactivated with wetness, so that works perfectly.

This lube won’t need to be washed with soap and water to remove it from the skin. It’s easy to clean from your body after sex, so you won’t have to immediately jump in the shower. You can just drift off to sleep in your lover’s arms.

Our Impression

This is a thin product that is meant to start you off with a bit more wetness than you’d have normally. While some lubes are replacing a woman’s natural lubrication, a water-based lube like Shibari is going to be a start. As she becomes wet on her own, the lube is replaced.

It’s not oily at all, which can be a texture that many lubes possess. The water-based lube is free of parabens and other problem ingredients. You’ll want to avoid ingredients that will irritate your skin or cause serious health issues in the long run.

In the US, the Food and Drug Administration oversees some lubes to ensure they have the right chemicals. This lube has been approved by the FDA, which is important to ensuring safety for your body. The lube is 510(k) certified by the FDA.


  • Popular water-based lube.
  • Compatible with sex toys and latex condoms.
  • Perfect for solo love with toys.
  • Paraben free formula.
  • Approved by the FDA.


  • Bottle may leak when left on its side.

PALOQUETH Water-Based Personal Lubricant


This water-based lube has no harsh ingredients. It’s meant to be a natural lubricant that won’t cause a chemical imbalance in your vagina. The first ingredient in this lube is water, so it’s safe to use. The ingredients used in this lube make it safe for your most sensitive skin.

The personal lube is safe and compatible with sex toys, too. Water-based lubes don’t degrade the material of your silicone toys. They’re also compatible with latex condoms. That’s an important consideration if you’re having sex with more than one partner.

There are no fragrances or tastes associated with this lube. You don’t have to worry about this lube landing on your tongue. It is tasteless as well as being odorless. The flavor won’t be a problem, and the ingredients mean you could use it during oral sex, too.

You’ll only need a small amount of lube because this one lasts a long time during sex. Many people complain about the time that water-based lubes last. This is a slippery lube that won’t need to be replaced too soon.

Our Impression

This lube is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. When it comes to water-based lube, those are the qualities you want. It won’t stain clothing or sheets. All your fabrics will be safe in case you want to get messy.

The water-based lube won’t cause a decrease in sensation. Some lubes like those made from silicone can cause friction to be completely gone. That’s not always the desired outcome for your lube. You’ll want to keep most of the sensation with the act of penetration. With this lube, you’ll feel all the right sensations very clearly.

The lube is perfect if you’re into solo play, anal play, sex toys, or other fun sexual adventures. You won’t have to switch lubes based on the type of play you want. It’s thick enough for anal, too.


  • Thick and long-lasting lube for all your sexual adventures.
  • Water-based for those who might be sensitive.
  • Lab and clinically tested.
  • Not sticky or tacky while being used.


  • Some people found that it had a bit of a scent they didn’t like.

Isabel Fay Water-Based for Sensitive Skin

Isabel Fay sensitive skin lube

Water-based lubes are not always refreshing and clean for using in your vagina. This one is made in the USA, so it’s governed by the FDA. It’s safe and customers will find that it won’t cause irritation. There are no parabens or glycerin in this lube, either.

The odorless lube is also colorless. It won’t stain clothing or other fabrics like your sheets. In the middle of sex, the last thing on your mind should be the state of your fabrics and the lube.

This water-based lube is safe for use with condoms. As with water-based lubes, there’s never a concern that the condom will break. That’s a serious problem if you are trying to remain free of disease and infection. A breaking condom can utterly ruin a sexual encounter. It can be incredibly dangerous, too.

This lube is also safe for all your sex toys. Many sex toys are made with silicone. Silicone sex toys don’t react well with any lube except water-based ones. Over time, the silicone can become pitted, which leads to bacteria.

Our Impression

Isabel Fay’s container is discreet and simple. While it’s discreet, it’s also very lovely. It can sit on your nightstand without screaming that it’s a sex lubricant. The water-based formula is meant for sensitive skin. It has no harsh ingredients like parabens or glycerin.

The pump action of the bottle allows the lube to stay on the nightstand while you use it one handed. That can be very convenient when you’re in the middle of the action. Many people use lube and toss it on the bed because it has to be held to be used. That lube can spill when left on the sheets. It won’t happen with this bottle.

One of the best features of the lube is the fact that it’s made in the US. They have governing bodies that ensure all lube is made to strict standards. There will never be harsh chemicals or unwanted ingredients in your Isabel Fay lube.


  • No harsh chemicals.
  • Paraben and glycerin free formula for sensitive skin.
  • Lube is made in the US.
  • Safe for use with condoms and sex toys.
  • Discreet label and safe bottle that won’t spill.


  • The nature of water-based lubes means it has to be reapplied every few minutes.

Passion Lubes Natural Water-Based Lubricant

Passion Lubes

There are no chemicals in this water-based lubricant. It’s glycerin and paraben free with no petrochemicals, either. There will never be a weird chemical smell with this lube. Lovers don’t want to smell chemicals while they’re enjoying each other’s bodies. It’s perfect for those who are sensitive to smells or irritants.

The amount of lube you’ll get in this bottle will last for a very long time. Water-based lube has to be reapplied fairly frequently. It ends up being absorbed by the body or drying in the air. You get a good amount of lube for the money, and won’t have to worry about running out anytime soon.

This is a lube that will easily wash from your body as well as the sheets. You can be as messy as you want and everything will wash away quickly. Nothing will get stained when using this lube. In fact, you can wipe it from your body and fall asleep in your lover’s arms without having to jump in the shower.

The Passion Lubes bottle is pump action, so you can use it one handed. That’s an important consideration when you’re in the heat of the action. You don’t want to have to use both hands for reapplication of the lube. That’s especially true during solo play when one of your hands will be busy.

Our Impression

This bottle contains a lot of water-based lube. It comes in an easy-to-operate pump that can be used without two hands. A huge consideration for solo sex play. The pump means that you should leave this bottle on the nightstand for use. At the same time, it’s not a lube that will stain if it spills. You don’t have to worry about it getting onto any fabrics.

The water-base nature of the lube means that you don’t have to worry about washing after sex, either. Instead of having to jump in the shower to use soap and water, you can use warm water to remove the lube. In only a moment, you’ll be snuggled into your lover’s arms to cuddle after lovemaking.

There are no harsh chemicals in this lube, so you won’t end up with an irritated vagina. Irritation can lead to serious pain as well as infection if you’re not careful. That won’t be a problem with water-based lubes like this one with no glycerin or other harsh chemicals.


  • Free of chemicals and harsh ingredients like parabens and glycerine.
  • Can be used with condoms and sex toys.
  • It’s free of dyes and coloring, so it won’t stain.
  • Washes easily from the skin.
  • Large bottle of lube for reapplications.


  • Bottle is not the best for traveling since it doesn’t lock.

Pjur Woman Nude Water-Based Lubricant

Pjur Woman

This water-based lubricant is a completely neutral, nude lube. It doesn’t have any additives or preservatives. The lube doesn’t have oils, fats, perfumes, parabens, or glycerin.The chemical-free nature of the lube means that you’re getting a product that won’t have a strange smell.

When it comes to natural lube, this is an ideal lube without harsh chemicals. A lube without chemicals and things like paraben won’t alter the pH balance of your vagina. That’s important for keeping your sensitive lady parts from being irritated. Irritation can lead to yeast infections or UTIs. Both are incredibly uncomfortable and potentially embarrassing.

The hypoallergenic lube doesn’t have any smell or taste. In fact, it can be used when you plan on having oral sex with your partner. It’s safe to ingest since it doesn’t have any harsh chemicals. It won’t taste like peaches, but it won’t taste like oil, either.

The ingredients in this lube allow women to use it daily as needed. It’ll keep your vagina from being irritated and sore. When you’re not sore, you’re more willing to have sex every day with your enthusiastic sex partner.

Our Impression

Water-based lubes are safe for condoms and sex toys. Whether you’re into solo sex or sex with a variety of lovers, you’re covered with this lube. While the mind might be willing, the body can sometimes lag behind. Lubricant is a good way to help your man’s ego, too. You might tell him you’re ready for him, but if your body doesn’t show it, he could become upset.

Women taking part in self satisfaction still could need lubrication. Even if you’re in the mood, you know that sometimes your vagina needs a jump start. This lube is perfect for that. Orgasms are a huge stress reliever, and they don’t have to take a long time like sex with a partner. Using lube will bring on orgasm much faster than without it.

Men and women who use lube during sex will often orgasm faster than if they don’t use it. If you want to have a quickie in the morning before work, lube like this one from Pjur is ideal for that. It won’t require a huge clean up after sex, either.


  • Neutral, water-based lube with no additives.
  • Sensitive formula for every woman.
  • Free of glycerin, paraben, oils, and perfumes.
  • Hypoallergenic and safe for condoms and sex toys.


  • The bottle contains only a few ounces of lube.

7 Reasons Why Women Should Go For Lube

  • More Comfort

One of the biggest reasons that women should be using lube is because sex is more comfortable with it. The slippery nature of lube means that penetration is more comfortable. The penis or sex toy being introduced will slide into the vagina without tugging on the skin.

The lining of the vagina and the entrance itself can be incredibly sensitive to ripping or tearing. That’s especially true when a women doesn’t have enough lubrication.

  • A Ready Mind

Natural lubrication is meant to be a sign of arousal. Often women don’t experience a level of lubrication that matches their arousal, though. That doesn’t mean they are not in the mood for sex. It can take time to get to a significant level for fluids to flow.

Many women wait until their vagina is fully lubricated. It can take a long time for some. Foreplay can become full of anxiety about the state of her lubrication. With lube, you can get down to the physical act of love when her mind is ready. Not have to worry about her vagina being “ready”.

  • Faster Orgasms

It’s easier for men and women to orgasm when a woman’s vagina is lubricated. The lube acts as the wetness required for easy penetration. The man and woman are both waiting for the woman’s vagina to become wet enough for his penis to penetrate easily. When he can enter her without pain and discomfort, she’s more likely to orgasm quickly.

There are many reasons that women might find that their vaginas are not lubricating enough. It doesn’t always come from a lack of desire. Delaying penetration can lead to frustration for the couple. Without that frustration, desire leads directly to faster orgasms.

  • Delicious Feelings

There are times when a woman is lubricated enough for sex, but she wants to experience something a bit different. Lubes come with sensual flavors and scents. It’s a slippery feeling that’s new during sex. While natural vaginal lubrication is more like a watery feel, lube can be velvety slick. The sensations can lead to an amazing sexual experience.

Many lube companies are counting on the sexual adventures of couples to sell their lubricant. They’ll give the lube flavor and scents that will arouse the couple into becoming more amorous and sensual with each other.

  • Relieves Anxiety

A back rub without oil is never as good as one with the slickness of oil. The fingers and hands glide across the skin and create incredible pleasure. The same can be true of vaginal lubrication. It can relieve anxiety when you don’t feel the tugging of skin contact in the sensitive walls of your vagina.

It can also relieve anxiety to not worry that your vagina isn’t wet enough. Some women have anxiety about their wetness. They are embarrassed or frustrated by the fact that they aren’t wet enough for their partner. When lube is introduced early in the process, the woman is more relaxed. That often leads to more natural lubrication, too.

  • Helps Masturbation

If you’ve never used lube with a partner before, you can start with solo sex. It’s a great way to find out what you like during sex, too. This can be done without the pressure of performing for a partner.

Lube can be used with sex toys. It can be a tingling or warming lubricant that you can use to explore. When you’re ready to use it with a partner, you’ll know exactly how much is pleasurable.

  • For Anal

Lube is absolutely essential for anal sex. You might want to use a warming, numbing, or oil-based lube for anal. It’ll depend on if you’re using toys with a partner or solo sex. It’ll matter when you’re using condoms, too.

Problem Ingredients to Avoid

Paraben – This ingredient has been used in cosmetics since the 50s. It’s meant to prolong their shelf life. Around 1990, experts began to suspect that the ingredient could be having a negative impact on women’s bodies. It was called a xenoestrogen, which is a material that mimics estrogen in the body.

A cancer researcher in Britain found parabens in malignant breast tumors. Since that time, experts have recommended that women limit their exposure to parabens.

Glycerin – This ingredient in many lubes can be a problem for your vagina. The byproduct of glycerin when it comes into contact with the body is sugar. It’s never a good idea to introduce sugar to the chemical makeup of your tender bits.

Sugar contributes to yeast growth, which is why some women can get yeast infections. Not everyone who uses it will get an infection. It’s best to stay away from the ingredient if you have a problem with yeast.

Glucose – It might be surprising to learn that glucose is found in lube. It’s actually what can make flavored lube so tasty. You’ll want to be careful with this ingredient. It’s basically sugar, which we’ve already mentioned is a problem for your vagina.

This can be metabolized as sugar, which turns into yeast. Any ingredient that is sugary can lead to yeast infections. Some women don’t have a problem with it, but others do. It’s best to stay away from it.

Petroleum Based – Petroleum is used in baby oil as well as Vaseline. They’re not ingredients that you want to find in your vagina, though. Some people use Vaseline for anal sex, it shouldn’t be used in the vagina. It’s difficult to remove sticky petroleum-based products from the skin. That’s a huge problem in the vagina.

Leaving behind a sticky, oily product in the vagina can cause infections. It alters the pH balance of healthy bacteria that fights off infection. If the body’s natural fighters are off-balance, it can lead to bad bacteria invading the vagina.

Propylene Glycol – The FDA doesn’t believe there’s enough evidence to give warnings about this ingredient. Other agencies like the CDC are a little concerned that an ingredient used in deicing systems is used for lubricants. Antifreeze has a base of propylene glycol.

While the FDA even allows this ingredient in foods, we’d recommend that you stay aware of products that could cause health problems. In the future, you may find that the agency was wrong.

Chlorhexidine Gluconate – This ingredient is one you’ll find in antibacterial lotions and soaps. It’s not incredibly toxic or problematic for some people. In others, it can be very irritating.

When you alter the natural bacterial elements in the vagina, you’re asking for issues with infections. It’s better to avoid anything that will alter the makeup of your vagina.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can personal lube be used when a woman has vaginal sensitivity?
Lube is great for women who are sensitive. You’ll have to be sure you’re using ingredients that won’t harm your vagina. But the sensitivity can be alleviated with the proper amount and type of lube.

Is lube safe during pregnancy?
Every woman who is pregnant wants to ensure that her unborn will be safe. Lubricants are perfectly safe for the baby since the cervix is closed. You’ll have to be sure you’re using natural ingredients that are safe when absorbed into the skin, though.

Does lube help couples to conceive?
Most lubes are not meant for a couple looking to conceive. It won’t protect against pregnancy, though. There are certain lubes that will be more friendly to sperm as it travels. Those will be labeled for couples who are trying to get pregnant.

Are older women the only ones who need lube?
There are many reasons that a woman might need lube. She could be a bit stressed in her life. She might be on the pill, or going through hormonal changes not related to menopause. It could be that she doesn’t produce much lubrication on her own. Lube is not just for older women.


The best lube for women are ones that don’t irritate her skin. It’ll mimic the body’s natural lubrication. When a women is wet enough, the sensations can be incredible. Unfortunately, when she’s not wet enough, the sex can be very uncomfortable. It’s important that sex is enjoyable for both parties.

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