Have you ever played with a dildo or vibrator and wished you could ride it like a real penis that gives you the best sexual experience you want?

Have you ever played with yourself and wanted your hands free while your clitoris gets stimulated?

In this comprehensive review, you’ll discover five best suction cup dildos that give you that perfect joy you’ve been dreaming of.

You can use any of these suction cup dildos with your man if you want. They create that awesome threesome experience.

Suction cup dildos and vibrators are sex toys with a suction cup at the end. The suction cup allows you to play with your toy wherever you want. It gives you more freedom to try new things with yourself.

The suction cup allows you to stick the toy to the wall, side of the bathtub, floor – anywhere that has a smooth surface.

So, what are the five best suction dildos?

Best Suction Cup Dildos – Comparison Table

Product NameTotal lengthInsertable LengthOur ratingPrice
Doc Johnson 11.5"10"4.5 Check price
Hyper Realistic Dildo8.7"6.3"4.6 Check price
PALOQUETH Realistic 7.8"6.1"4.3 Check price
PALOQUETH Realistic Ultra-soft 6.7"5.2"4.7 Check price
Tracy's Dog10"8"4.2 Check price

Top 5 Suction Cup Dildos Reviews

The Legendary John Holmes ULTRASKYN Dildo
Doc Johnson suction cap dildo

James Holmes ULTRASKYN Dildo has an overall length of 12 inches and an insertable length of 10 inches. It also has a width of 2.5 inches.

The dildo has a removable Vac-U-Lock suction cup base.

This ULTRASKYN dildo is named after the legendary John Holmes, one of the most prolific male adult film actors of all time.

John was best known for his exceptionally large penis which was promoted as the longest, thickest, and hardest in the adult film industry in the 1970’s.

This dildo has veins and curve of the same feel of John Holmes.

John Holmes ULTRASKYN Dildo with a Removable Suction Cup is phthalate-free, latex-free and safe for the body. It’s manufactured and made in the United States by Doc Johnson, a California-based sex toy company. The company was founded in 1976 and currently has over 500 employees.

My impression

John Holmes ULTRASKYN Dildo with a Removable Vac-U-Lock Suction Cup feels completely like the skin of real penis of the man himself.

With an insertable length of 10 inches, you can be certain that you’ll never be disappointed with the experience. And with the Vac-U-Lock suction cup, you can play with your dildo in almost any smooth and flat surface.

The dildo is also easy to maintain. Just wash it well with soap and water and ensure that it’s well-dried before storing it.

If length is your thing, this dildo will match and even surpass your expectation. And if the width is your favorite part, the dildo will ensure that you are well-stretched to give you that amazing experience.

What could be better

If you don’t want your dildo big, the size may be a problem for you. John Holmes ULTRASKYN Dildo with a Removable Vac-U-Lock Suction Cup will push you past your limits.

It’ll be cool if Doc Johnson can make a smaller version of this same quality for people who feel tight.

Anfei Liquid Silicone Bendable Penis with a Suction Cup
Anfei suction cup dildo.

Anfei Liquid Silicone Bendable Penis with a Suction Cup, as its name suggests is made with pure liquid silicone, and it’s bendable.

It’s completely odorless and feels great. The dildo is soft just like the real penis.

The suction cup has a strong base to hold the penis no matter how rough or fast you use it. The dildo, when used with the suction cup, lets you have quicker and more enjoyable organism than most dildos.

The total length of Anfei Liquid Silicone Bendable Penis is 8.7 inches. The insertable length is 6.3 inches. The width is 1.8 inches. The dildo is great for stimulating the G-spot.

The dildo is portable and waterproof.

My impression

Anfei Liquid Silicone Bendable Penis with a Suction Cup is the perfect replacement or backup to your ideal penis. It ensures that you’re well satisfied sexually.

Whether you’re a novice or experienced, you can use this dildo to take your sexual adventure to the next level.

This is a dildo that will deliver in any condition. You can trust it in rough, fast, easy and gentle conditions.

Whether you want to use force or take it easy, the suction cup is there to help you do whatever you want with your sex toy.

What could be better

The dildo looks good, soft, and realistic, but it’s semi-hard. Semi-hard means it’s not completely hard. If you want a dildo that’s extremely hard, this may not be the best option for you.

The truth is that most penises aren’t always totally hard during sex. Sometimes, they bend. Sometimes, they become a little bit soft. It doesn’t mean they’ve lost the hardness though.

I guess Anfei created this bendable dildo with that fact in mind.

They can make the dildo a little bit hard. Of course, that means, it’ll be less bendable.

Paloqueth Vibrating Dildo with Remote Control and Strong Suction Cup

Paloqueth vibrating suction cup dildo.

This dildo provides a 360º rotation with eight powerful vibrations. There’s a powerful multi-speed motor that’s on the shaft. With this motor, you can get any vibe you want. Your whole body will feel the vibration. That helps you achieve quick organism.

The dildo is made with liquid silicone. That means it’s completely safe for the body and it’s hypoallergic.

Paloqueth Vibrating Dildo is waterproof. You can use it anywhere you want. Maybe in the shower or in the hot tube – you’re free to use this dildo anywhere your imagination takes you.

This dildo gives you complete freedom over how you have fun. It’s wireless remote control lets you use it with or without your partner.

If you’re using it with your partner, he must be within the range of 32 feet.

Paloqueth Vibrating Dildo comes with a strong suction cup that makes sure you’re never disappointed. The dildo is long and slim. Its shaft is curved, which is exactly what you need if you want it to hit the G-spot.

The dildo allows for deep penetration. Numerous users say it’s the perfect dildo with a suction cup for backdoors. That’s great for people who like the doggy style.

My impression

I have no doubt that you’ll like the powerful vibration this dildo will give you. The quality of these vibration makes it one of the best suction cup dildos.

You have eight speeds of vibration to choose from. You’ll always find the vibration that fits your current mood.

The strong suction cup that comes with this dildo means you can attach it to anywhere you want. There’ll be no need to touch the dildo. Your free hands let you ride the dildo like a real penis however you want.

It comes with thick balls to make the experience even more realistic. With a great lube, there’s no limit to the quality of sex you can have with it.

What could be better

I’ll love if Paloqueth can create eight buttons on the remote, with each dedicated to one vibration mode. Clicking through to find the ideal vibration may sometimes take the fun out of the experience.

If there can be a button for each mode, users won’t need to search for it. Instead, they’ll click the mode right away.

Even with this drawback, the experience you’ll get with this dildo far exceeds what you’ll get in many other dildos out there.

Paloqueth Realistic Dildo with Flared Suction Cup

Paloqueth Realistic suction cap dildo

Paloqueth Realistic Ultra-soft Dildo for Beginners with Flared Suction Cup, as its name suggests is completely made for beginners.

The suction cup that comes with this dildo makes hands-free play so easy. There are curved shaft and balls. Finding the G-spot is effortless with Paloqueth Realistic Ultra-soft Dildo.

It’s good for both vaginal and anal sex play. There’s absolutely nothing you can’t do with this dildo.

No wonder it’s one of the best-selling dildos out there. The length is 6.7 inches, and the insertable length is 5.2 inches.

You can play passionately with this dildo with your hands free. If you want to ride the dildo or do it rough, you can always rely on the suction cup to keep you going.

The FDA approves Paloqueth Realistic Ultra-soft Dildo.

There are different colors to choose from. Paloqueth offers black, purple, and flesh (the real color of the penis).

The dildo is completely beginner-friendly. So, if you’re using a dildo for the first time, you won’t be disappointed with the experience you’ll get with this dildo. It has a realistic tip that matches the feel of the penis.

Paloqueth Realistic Ultra-soft Dildo is made with TPE. TPE is safe for the body.

If you want to try anal for the first time and want to know how it really feels, this is a beginner-friendly suction cup dildo that makes that easy.

My impression

New dildo users, vaginal and anal, should know that they won’t be disappointed using Paloqueth Realistic Ultra-soft Dildo. The dildo doesn’t hurt and feels soft when you ride it.

While it feels solid in hand, the dildo isn’t heavy at all. It has a realistic weight just like you’ll expect in a penis. It’s shaped nicely and not overdone like most dildos.

The suction cup is really strong. It stays firm no matter the condition. It sticks to the surface nicely as long as its smooth.

A dildo that does the job well is what you need. Don’t just buy any dildo – especially if you’re a beginner. As I’ve noted above Paloqueth Realistic Ultra-soft Dildo with a Suction Cup is enough for you.

The dildo doesn’t smell at all. It smells the same before and after using it.

What could be better

Paloqueth Realistic Ultra-soft Dildo is a semi-hard dildo. It means it’s not too hard and it’s not too soft. It’s somewhere between too hard and too soft.

However, it will be great if Paloqueth offers some extra hard and extra soft dildos. I understand they’ve made it for beginners, but some beginners may want something that’s more than semi-hard.

Tracy’s Dog Realistic Dildo with Handsfree Suction Cup

Tracy’s Dog Realistic Dildo is 100% safe. The materials used to make the dildo are safe for the body. I should also let you know that it’s hypoallergenic and has zero odor.

The dildo feels exactly like a real penis with balls. The suction cup is firm, which makes it possible to ride at whatever angle you want.

This dildo has an overall length of 10 inches and an insertable length of 8 inches. The size at 10 inches may be longer than the average penis size, but the girth size is average.

You can use this dildo in any environment you want, and it’s 100% waterproof. It’s also easy to clean.

The dildo is great for both vaginal and anal sex, and it’s approved by the FDA.

If you’re a beginner and want to try something a little bit more advanced, Tracy’s Dog Realistic Dildo is no doubt one of the best suction cup dildos you should try.

My impression

The suction cup is strong and can withstand any pressure. I believe the suction cup is the best part of the dildo because it gives you total freedom to do whatever you want.

But that’s not all you’ll get. The price is affordable when you compare it to many other dildos that often fail to live up to expectation.

The length is nice for people who care about length. It’s also incredibly thick. It gives you a great feel like a real hard penis.

The girth is perfect. Not too huge even though the length is long.

What could be better

Tracy’s Dog Realistic Dildo isn’t bendable at all. It’s thick. Surely, it’s not for starters who want something soft.

It’ll be nice if they can make the dildo a little bit soft and a little bendable.

Top 5 Things You Should Know When Buying a Suction Cup Dildo

Every dildo out there isn’t perfect for you. You want a dildo that gives you utmost comfort and pleasure.

You also want a dildo you can use for a long time. Surely, you don’t want to buy a new dildo every month.

So, what are the things you should consider when buying a dildo?

The size of the dildo

Size matters. Think about your perfect length and girth before you buy.

Some people like long and thin dildos. Some people like long and huge dildos.

Some people like small and huge dildos. While some people like small and thin dildos.

It’s up to you to decide the kind of size you want. There are different sizes available. You can always get the perfect size for you.

If you like the feeling of fullness, you may want to go for huge dildos.

Know your perfect size before you buy.

The material used to make the dildo

I strongly recommend you stay away from suction cup dildos that are made of rubber, PVC, and cyberskin. They smell funny, and some have phthalates in them.

Dildos made with these materials are porous, they are never fully clean and can never be shared.

Bad materials can expose your body to bacteria.

I like suction cup dildos that are made of silicone. They are the best. They also tend to last longer than most other materials.

I also like dildos that are made with TPE. They are cheaper and do the job.


The best dildos are shaped like a real penis. It’s important you get a dildo that’s realistic. Some dildos are not.

A dildo should feel like a real penis inside of you. It should have all the features you’ll expect. For example, the dildo should have veins, a curved shaft, and some balls.

If it’s not realistic, don’t buy it.

The best suction cup dildos I listed above are all realistic. They’ll feel like a real penis inside you.

Discreet shopping

The merchant you’re buying from should offer discreet shopping.

Discreet shopping means the dildo is wrapped in a non-descript package so that someone doesn’t see what you bought and from where.

You don’t want to advertise to your neighbors or roommates that you bought a dildo. The merchant must package the dildo in a way that respects your privacy.

All the dildos above are sold by merchants who offer discreet shopping. So, this is nothing to worry about if you’re buying any of them.


As you may already know, there are two types of dildos:

  1. Ordinary dildo
  2. Vibrating dildo

Ordinary dildos are shaped and feel like a real penis. They do nothing else other than that. And that’s not bad. They are realistic.

Vibrating dildos do more. They vibrate inside of you.

Sometimes, a dildo may give you both.

If you want vibration, then getting an ordinary suction cup dildo makes no sense. I’ll advise you to buy a vibrating dildo.

I listed the best suction cup vibrating dildos above.

How to use a suction cup dildo

Here comes the most important part.

If you don’t know how to use a suction cup dildo, you’ll be missing out on a lot of fun. I want to quickly address this so that you get the most out of your dildo.

The suction cup is the magic part of the dildo. It allows you to place your dildo on any smooth surface.

Here are some ideas:

  • The shower walls
  • The edge of the bathtub
  • Nightstand
  • The headboard of your bed
  • A wooden or plastic chair
  • Toilet seat
  • Smooth tile floors
  • A desk
  • Door
  • Washer or dryer
  • Thin strip wall

All these are great places you can place your suction cup dildo. Of course, you can think of more places. There’s no limit to what you can do with a nice suction cup dildo.

Use a lubricant

A lubricant is necessary when using a dildo. Water-based lube is the best because they are good for everyone.

Put the lube on the dildo before use. Ensure that the dildo is well lubricated.

If you’re using the dildo for anal sex, you’ll have to replenish again at some point.

Wash and dry your dildo after use

Don’t leave your dildo after use and then pick it up to use again hours or days later. Germs and bacteria can stem from an uncleaned dildo.

So, wash well and dry the dildo after use. Ensure that it’s well dried before using it again.

Cleaning and drying a dildo isn’t that hard. It should take you less than a few minutes.


The reason why suction cup dildos are so popular is that they offer you a hands-free play. The suction cup makes it possible.

But the problem is that most suction cups can’t withstand strenuous self-sex. You need the right suction cup dildo that doesn’t only allow you to play hands-free with yourself, but also let you play hard with yourself.

Above, I revealed to you the best suction cup dildos that are available. These dildos are affordable and get the job done.

Don’t forget to get one or more of them today.

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