Why and what anal lube you should use for anal sex?

Some people may think anal sex is a recent practice, but they are wrong. From the very beginning of civilization, people have expressed their interest on this act of intercourse.

Yeah, a lot might disagree with me but the truth is; more than fifty percent couple tries this act at least once. Since we are talking about anal sex, it’s very obvious that extra bit of precaution is required under such circumstances. The reality is, anus and the rectal tissues can’t produce enough lubricant like vagina.

So what can be done? Yeah, best anal lube is the perfect solution that rescues you.

The best anal lube will fit with you and your partner. If you plan on using condoms, you’ll need to pick the right anal lube. Sex toys are not always compatible with certain anal lubes, so you’ll need to keep that in mind when making your choice.

The best anal lubricant choices are those that fit with a variety of situations. It might be a water based lube that you can use alone with your sex toys or with a partner and condoms. It might be silicone based for you and your long-term lover who are trying anal for the first time.

The lube you choose should be a good consistency that will last as long as possible. You don’t want the lube to dry out prematurely. That can lead to pain and discomfort, which is the last thing you want for your partner or yourself. These are our top 10 choices based on the consistency, type of lube, and unique features that we found interesting.

Top 10 anal lube comparison chart

ProductsTypesDuration (approx)Easy CleanPrice
Pjur Analyse MeSilicone based20 min No Check price
Lynk Pleasure Water based15 minYes Check price
Cleanstream RelaxWater based10-15 minYes Check price
Swiss Navy LubricantSilicone based15-20 minNo Check price
Wicked Sensual CareWater based10 minYes Check price
Paloqueth Vagina AnusWater based10-15 minYes Check price
Turn On LubricantSilicone based15 minNo Check price
Passion LubesWater based10 minYes Check price
Swiss Navy PremiumSilicone based15 minNo Check price
System Jo H2OWater based10 minYes Check price

Silicone or water based anal lube? Which one is best for anal sex?

You can get thousands of variety of lube in the market place. But which one is best for anal sex?

Well, those who don’t have any idea on this issue will just grab a water based lube, because they’ve probably heard that it’s the best one to use without any side effect.

But the truth is, the SILICON BASED lube is the right choice for you guys in case of anal sex, and it’s according to our research from those who used it while having anal sex.

Silicon based lubricant contains four main ingredients, which are Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Cyclomethicone and in some cases a spermicide. These ingredients help to maintain the extra stickiness for long time and don’t have any side effect.

Editor's choice | Pjur Analyse Me

Since after using any sort of lube you got to wash the anus area, so there is no point of using a water based lube which will disappear within few stroke. So in order to avoid painful and uncomfortable anal sex picking silicon based lube will undoubtedly be the right choice for you.

Note: Doing vaginal sex immediately after finishing anal sex can cause urinary tract infections and vaginal infections. If you use sex toys please avoid silicon based lube as it might break it. If you use condoms (usually no one does) avoid silicon based lube and go for a water based one. Don’t get confused from porn that they don’t use lube; actually they do behind the screen. If the only purpose is anilingus then someone should use flavored lube.

Top 10 Anal Lube Reviews

Pjur Analyse Me Lubricant! – best silicon based 

My Impression

Pjur Analyze Me

To start, I love the play on words here. This cheeky company have given the name of Analyse Me! to their anal glide. It’s a silicone-based lube that should be used by couples who are not using condoms. Although, the company says they’re compatible with natural rubber and synthetic condoms.

As far as ingredients, this has no preservatives or fragrances. That’s a great thing to hear for those who have sensitivities to certain ingredients. It’ll take only a few drops to coat his penis for penetration. During anal, you want a lube that will coat the penis and anus without soaking in or drying. That won’t happen with this lube. One of the ingredients it does have is jojoba. It’s an organic extract from a desert plant. You can’t get more natural than a plant extract.

Analyze Me is hypoallergenic and able to lubricate the anus as well as the penis, sex toy or other object being inserted. It’s not recommended for silicone toys or latex condoms, though. Otherwise, this is a fantastic lube that is great for beginners and more advanced users alike.

  • Silicone Lube works with most sex toys except those that have silicone in them.
  • Moisturizes and relaxes the anus with the organic ingredients like jojoba.
  • Slick and sexy silicone only needs a few drops to be effective.
  • Long Lasting so you won't have to reapply as you often do with water-based lubes.
  • The lube can't be used with some sex toys and condoms since the ingredients include silicone.

Final verdict

I recommend this anal lube for couples who want to explore backdoor pleasure. Women receiving anal will love the silky smoothness that relaxes them. Men coating their penis with this lube will love all the same qualities. For same sex couples, they'll only need to be careful about the toys used with a silicone lube.

My impression

Lynk Pleasure

This lubricant is made from high quality water based ingredients. That's important if you want to use anal lube with condoms and sex toys. You don't have to worry about this lube destroying the structural integrity of the latex or silicone of these products.

There's all kinds of anal sex where you'll want to use a water-based lubricant. If your lover needs to wear a condom, this lube is ideal. For those who want to insert sex toys like anal plugs, dildos, vibrators, or prostate stimulators in the anus, this is the perfect lube.

This lube won't get sticky or tacky, which is a problem with water-based lubes. The texture is suited for anal sex. You want the lube to stay slick and smooth for as long as possible. This is especially true if you're wearing an anal plug for a long time.

As a water based lube, you won't find any numbing ingredients in here. It's free of parabens and glycerin, too. It's a clear lube that will never stain or leave behind a greasy spot that can't be washed.

  • Made without parabens or glycerin.
  • Thick consistency for use as an anal lubricant.
  • Won't irritate sensitive skin since there are no harsh chemicals.
  • Lasts for a long time during anal sex.
  • It's easy to clean and won't leave behind a greasy spot on clothing or sheets.
  • The bottle isn't made of the best materials.

Final verdict

I recommend this lube for anyone who wants to experiment with sex toys and different partners wearing condoms. Condoms are essential for safe sex, but that doesn't mean you don't want to participate in anal sex with someone who isn't a constant lover. Whether it's varied sex partners or a sex toy you'd like to introduce into the bedroom, this water-based lube won't ruin your good time.

My impression

Cleanstream Relax

Normally, I wouldn't recommend a numbing anal lube, but it can be a good idea for some couples. If you've tried anal and mostly enjoyed it, you might want to numb a bit of the pain for more enjoyment. Anal sex can be painful because the slightest discomfort and tension causes the anal muscles to clamp. This lube can cause the muscles to relax, which actually causes less pain.

Pain should never be masked because it's your body's way of providing an alarm. On the other hand, a slight numbing effect can make the entire sexual encounter more pleasurable. It isn't masking pain but providing a relaxing entrance that won't experience damage or pain. You and your partner will always have to keep in mind that there won't be pain now. When the lube wears off, you might have pain after.

The ingredient that makes this a numbing lube is the lidocaine. It's only 2%, so you're not going to be completely numbed. It's enough to take the sharp edge off pain if you're nervous. It can work for a person who has had painful experiences in the past.

  • The numbing agent is light enough to take the sharp edge from the pain.
  • Water-based lube is clear and won't stain clothing, skin, or sheets.
  • Washable with soap and water.
  • Reduces discomfort for the receiver as well as the person giving anal.
  • Good for use in other anal applications like enemas.
  • Not an ideal choice for shower sex.

Final verdict

I would recommend this to more advanced couples who have experience with anal sex. It'll help them relieve the pain they experienced. It's not too numbing, so it won't completely desensitize the anus or penis entirely. You don't want to turn off those pain alarm bells, or you'll really be sore the next day.

My impression

Swiss Navy

When it comes to anal sex, the best anal lube is one that can be used in a variety of situations. You might be playing with a partner who needs to wear a condom. You could be using a strap-on with your partner. Anal lube should be compatible with different sexual preferences including solo experiences. This lube is a blend of water and silicone, so it can be used in many types of sexual encounters.

Normally, silicone based lubes can't be used with condoms. This product appears to be compatible with condoms. If you plan on using silicone toys, it's best to test them to be sure they're compatible. You could stick with other kinds of toys for your anal pleasure instead.

It might be surprising to learn that the bottle and pump are one of the biggest considerations when purchasing lube. Personal lube is used during sex, and nobody wants to be concerned about the bottle tipping. It will make a mess that can interrupt play time. It's hard to concentrate on pleasurable things when the lube is making a mess of the bed. This lube comes in a “spill-proof” bottle.

This company has put considerable time and effort into their product. It can be enjoyed by sexual adventurers who want to try anal or enjoy anal already and want to take it to the next level.

  • Ergonomic bottle design for easy dispensing during sex.
  • Attractive bottle can be left on the nightstand.
  • Velvety texture of the lube works great for anal sex.
  • Hypoallergenic ingredients won't cause irritation or an allergic skin reaction.
  • Easy dispensing bottle has to be kept upright or it leaks.

Final verdict

For this lube, I'd recommend that it be used by those who have had anal sex in the past. The fact that it's water and silicone based means that it can be used for vaginal as well as anal sex. Those into self love will want to experience the silky texture of this lube in all areas of exploration.

My impression

Wicked Sensual

Some water based lubes are watery. It's hard to get them to stay in place. That's not the case with this lube. It'll stay right where you put it. It's a water-based lube, but it's a jelly, which is kind of surprising. It's a nice feature for a lube that is basically made of water. It's meant to provide a cushion between the penis or toy and the person's anal opening. There won't be any uncomfortable friction with this lube.

The lube is free of ingredients that would cause irritation. It doesn't have glycerin or parabens. The ingredients are meant to ensure that it is pH balanced for any kind of sex you'd like to have. While it's geared towards anal, there's no reason to purchase two different lubes for sex. The jelly can be used with latex condoms and silicone toys.

The lube will last a long time during sex. The fact that it's water based makes it easy to reactivate when it starts to become dry. It'll take a bit of practice to understand when it's starting to dry out, though. You don't need more lube. It can be reactivated with a bit of spit or water. Since it's a lube made with water, it's easy to clean the lube from your body when you're done, too. All you need is a bit of water to rinse it away.

As far as discreet packaging, this lube from Wicked is very discreet. It's a simple black tube that can sit out on the nightstand. Nobody will know that you have an anal jelly there unless they read the fine print.

  • This is a water-based lube made to the consistency of jelly.
  • It's easy to clean from the body and won't stain sheets or clothing.
  • This lube was tested as hypoallergenic.
  • There's no scent to this lube.
  • It's free of glycerin and parabens.
  • The lovely squeeze container can leak if it isn't closed properly.

Final verdict

I'd recommend this jelly anal lube to those who understand the properties of water-based lube. This is a thick jelly that will stay where you want it, but over time, it will dry out. That's the nature of lube that's made with water. It's compatible with latex condoms and all kinds of sex toys. You'll never have to stop and wonder if the lube is the right one for your toy.


My impression


When purchasing an anal lube, you'll want one that is thick enough to stop any kind of friction. That's what often causes pain for beginners. This lube is water-based. That would normally mean that the lube isn't very thick. Water-based lubes are slippery and more like water than other kinds of lube. This one is thick enough to stay in place wherever you want to put it.

Coating a penis, dildo, or plug with this lube will allow it to penetrate the anus easily. It won't take a lot to make penetration more comfortable, either. Once you're done with your sexual adventures, it's easy to wash from the body, too. In fact, much of it is absorbed by the body. It won't leave a drippy mess behind.

The water-based lube is non-greasy and non-sticky. It won't leave a mess in its wake. That means sheets and clothing won't be stained by the lube during sex. There are no odors and weird tastes with this lube. If there's a chance for oral sex with this lube, the taste won't be a turn-off for your partner.

Latex condoms and silicone toys won't be ruined with this 100% vegan lube. It's friendly to the female body as well. That's important for those who are prone to irritations or infections.

  • Easy to clean from fabrics as well as the body.
  • The water-based lube is completely vegan and body friendly.
  • It's a long-lasting formula that doesn't need to be reapplied very often.
  • The squeeze bottle is convenient for application in the middle of sex.
  • Good for use with silicone toys and safe for latex condoms.
  • The flip top of the bottle has the potential to break.

Final verdict

This is a product I'd recommend to anyone who wants to experience backdoor pleasure. It has so much going for it like being hypoallergenic and 100% vegan. It's a water-based product that works well with all kinds of sex toys as well as condoms. Water based lube might not always work for beginners, but this one is thick enough to provide plenty of cushioning during anal.

My impression

Turn On

This anal lube is a silicone based product. As far as beginners who are trying anal for the first time, silicone is a good way to start. It can be used with certain kinds of condoms, too. Natural, rubber latex condoms work with silicone lube, so you can still be safe when trying anal.

It's a good lube for those who have sensitive skin. If you're unsure whether you would have a bad reaction to an anal lube, you should go with this one. It's a gentle formula with no preservatives or parabens. It's fragrance free, too. That means no harsh chemicals for fragrance. It's hypoallergenic, too.

This can be used for activities beyond anal. It's flavorless, so you can explore your partner's backdoor without chemicals.

Silicone based personal lubes can be used with water. If you want to experience anal while soaking in the tub, this lube won't wash away during play time. It's great in the shower, too. Once it's time to wash the lube away, very warm, soapy water can be used.

  • Silicone-based for slick cushioning in anal sex.
  • Anal sex doesn't require a lot of lube.
  • It can be used with natural rubber latex condoms.
  • Free of preservatives and parabens.
  • The lube is hypoallergenic.
  • Push top can ooze lube if it's not closed properly.

Final verdict

I would recommend that beginners use a silicone based personal lubricant when experiencing anal for the first time. This is a formula that seems to be geared towards beginners to backdoor pleasure. It only take a little to be effective and can be washed away easily after you're done.

My impression

Passion Lube

This water based personal lube has a numbing agent inside. Once applied it takes about 15 minutes for the numbing to be activated. As soon as the numbing kicks in, beginners will be able to experience a decrease in pain. It's great for those who have never been able to experience anal because of the intense discomfort.

An anal lube with a numbing ingredient can also be great for those who are experienced with anal. They want to take it to the next level with a lube like this. Instead of gentle pressure and light stroking, this lube allows your partner to really pound your backside.

This is a water based lube that feels like a silicone one. It's a slick formula that stays where you put it. Yet, it washes easily with warm water. The lube won't leave a sticky residue behind, either. Some lubes don't have a weird taste, so you can experience oral with them. That's not recommended with this lube since it'll make your tongue and lips numb. It can have a slight numbing impact on the penis during penetration, too.

It's a clear lube that won't stain clothing or fabrics. While it might leave a small wet dot on the sheets, it's a simple matter of wiping it away. It doesn't have a strange odor during sex, either.

  • This lube is odorless and lasts a long time.
  • The ingredients added to this lube will numb you to decrease pain levels.
  • The bottle is fairly large, so you won't run out of lube for a while.
  • Numbing with this lube lasts for a long time.
  • It's made in the US with FDA approval.
  • Some people find it sticky.

Final verdict

I'd recommend this lube for beginners who have tried sex and found it way too painful. The desensitizing agent will make the penetration more enjoyable. It can also help ease fears. Some women who previously had pain find that they can even orgasm using a lube that numbs a bit. It's also good for advanced anal sex participants who want to take it to the next level.

My impression


When beginners start to play around with anal sex, they are often tense. That translates to the muscles of the anus. This lube has an ingredient called Clove Flower Oil. It's a relaxant and a mild anesthetic. It can actually be more painful for tense first timers than for others.

Most of the time, I don't recommend numbing the anus completely. It's basically turning off the alarm system for your body when you're not able to feel pain. You could be doing damage if you're numbed thoroughly. It can be helpful for those who really want to try anal, but they're scared. The natural ingredient in this lube is a good compromise. It's mild and won't stop serious pain from being translated to the body.

This is a silicone anal lube that's velvety to the touch. It shouldn't be used with condoms or silicone toys, but couples will enjoy the silky nature of the lube. It provides a generous cushion between the penis and the anus. That kind of cushion reduces friction to zero.

The lube is fantastic for beginners, but it's great for advanced anal play, too. Your partner might want to thrust vigorously, and that can be done virtually pain free with this lube.

  • It's a long lasting lube that won't be absorbed in the body
  • Has relaxing properties of clove for mild pain reduction
  • Leak proof, locking pump, so you don't end up with lube everywhere during sex
  • Made of premium silicone that's smooth and velvety to the touch
  • It has an earthy smell from the clove that can mask odors
  • It shouldn't be used if there will be any oral play during sex.

Final verdict

The mild analgesic of this lube makes it great for beginners who want to experience anal sex. It'll help them relax and get in the mood. That always makes anal much more pleasurable. It's a good way for more advanced users to up their anal game. You can take larger objects and more vigorous thrusting with a bit of clove in the lube. I'd recommend this for any couples who want to explore anal more in-depth.

My impression

System Jo

When a lube is made specifically for anal sex like this one, it's thick and silky. Water based lubes don't always have the right texture for anal sex unless they're formulated specifically for the anus. The best anal lube is one that cushions the body from friction. That includes the anus as well as the penis or sex toy that's being inserted. It should be able to coat both areas to make penetration painless.

This lube is improved with a thicker consistency. It's a high viscosity formula that will feel like a silicone or oil lube. Water based lube tends to dry because it's absorbed by the body. The air and friction causes it to evaporate, too. That's a problem when you're involved in anal sex. Many people complain that during the action, it's distracting to have to pull out and reapply the lube. That won't be a problem with this thicker lube.

Along with being thicker, you're getting a lube that is safe to be used with condoms. There are many reasons that condoms are important. Safe sex with your partner or covering your sex toys for anal are both reasons you would need a condom. You should never have to worry that they'll break during sex.

  • The water-based lube is thick enough to be confused with silicone lube.
  • Works great for anal sex with its silky texture.
  • Safe for use with condoms or silicone sex toys.
  • Has the approval of the FDA behind it.
  • The bottle's cap has to be screwed tight between uses.

Final verdict

This is a great lube for beginners and advanced users. It's important to use a water based lube for sex when you need to use condoms. While sex should be a pleasurable experience, there should be safety in mind if it's needed. This can be used with silicone sex toys, too. That's good news for couples who want to use a dildo or prostate stimulator. Those who enjoy self love will enjoy the fact that this lube can be used for all kinds of play.

Things to consider when you choose the best anal lubricant

  • Right Lube for the Situation

The lube that you choose will depend on a few factors. There are a couple of different types of lube. There’s water-based, oil-based, and silicone-based. Water-based lubes are perfect for vaginal sex. They’re also great for play with silicone sex toys or latex condoms. Silicone- and oil-based lubes will break down the latex or silicone. Latex will break and toys will surfaces will break down.

The right lube for anal sex without a condom should have a good consistency. It can be made from silicone, oil, or water-based. It’ll depend on what feels good, and what kind of toys you’ll be using. It’s a lube that you won’t likely be able to use for vaginal sex. It’s best to have two different lubes for anal and vaginal sex.

  • Avoid Harmful Ingredients

It’s important that you don’t use numbing ingredients like lidocaine or benzocaine in your anal lube. You don’t want to numb the area because you could be damaging your anus or rectum without knowing it. Pain is your body’s way of alerting you to danger. You don’t want to numb your body’s alarm system.

If you plan on using toys or condoms, don’t use silicone based lubes. They’re not dangerous if you’re having anal sex with a trusted partner and no condom, though. They can be harmful to latex condoms or anal sex toys.

  • Thicker Lube

Thick lube is best for anal because it provides more cushioning during insertion. Thinner liquids are used in areas like the vagina that has its own lubrication as action progresses. The anus and rectum won’t have lubrication.

A gel consistency is a kind of thicker lube that needs to be used in this area. It’ll allow for easier insertion. Most people believe that friction is needed for the man to feel good during penetration, but that’s not the case. The pressure from a tight anal cavity will provide him with incredible sensations. It’ll have to coat objects to be inserted thoroughly, too. Stick to a thick gel, and anal sex will be pleasurable for both parties.

  • Long Lasting

In the vagina, you’re able to use a water based lube. The lube doesn’t last as long, but you can easily add water or saliva to reactivate it. Eventually, the woman’s vagina will provide more lubrication. That’s won’t happen with anal sex.

The anus and rectum don’t benefit from their own natural lubrication for the purpose of sexy play time. The lube that you use will have to last long enough. You don’t want to have to reapply during anal since the toy or penis will have to be removed from the anus.

  • Hypoallergenic

Many folks have sensitive skin. Soaps, detergents, and perfumes can cause itchy, irritated skin. That can also be true of sex lube. If you have sensitive skin, you’ll want a lube that’s hypoallergenic.

You’ll want to stay away from ingredients like capsaicin, which is used in warming lubes. Glycerin can be irritating to some people, too. If you have sensitivities, you’ll have to experiment with a few anal lubes to find one that doesn’t cause a problem. Use them in small amounts at first to test whether you’ll have a reaction.

Beginner's Guide to Backdoor Pleasure

If you've been curious about anal sex, this guide will help you. It'll answer all those curious questions you'll eventually have once you decide to do the deed. Anal sex is when a man or woman receives an object into the anus. It could be a sex toy like a dildo or a plug. It might be a penis or a strap on for penetration.

It's recommended that you don't try anal for the first time with a partner. You'll want to experience the sensations alone. Your partner might be too enthusiastic and not as gentle as you need for your first time. He or she might not progress as slowly as needed, too.

Anal sex can be painful if there isn't enough lube. It can be painful when the object is inserted too quickly, too. You'll need to prepare your anus for play before you try to insert anything. Add anal lube to your finger and the outside of your anus. Experiment with the sensation of slowly inserting the tip of your finger. It helps if you are aroused. There will be less pain if you're relaxed and in the mood.

You want to experiment alone first because being tense can actually cause pain. The muscles tighten and that can work against the object you're trying to insert. Relax and use lots of the right kind of lube. The right lube will be incredibly slick and won't dry out as quickly. The rectum doesn't produce it's own lubrication like you get with the vagina. You'll need a lube that stays slick and is long lasting.

Once you've played with your finger and gotten used to the sensation, you can introduce a tiny, thin sex toy. There are many anal training kits that you might try. The object you try for your first insertion should be made for the anus. It'll have a flange at the end, so that your toy doesn't get sucked into your bottom. That's a real concern with anal play.

It's vital that you learn what you like, what turns you on, and what you can expect with anal sex before adding a partner.

Talk about what you both can expect when you try anal sex for the first time. It's important that you clean yourself internally, so the sex is as comfortable and cleanly as possible.

Even after experimenting, you'll want to go super slow. The head of the penis is the widest part and will hurt the most during insertion. It widens the anus and can cause pain if not done slowly. Make sure your partner is patient and goes very slowly. You should be in control of how much enters your body – not your partner.

The position you choose for anal can bring about the most pleasure or be the one that causes extreme discomfort. Experiment with missionary, doggy style or lying flat on your stomach. If it's uncomfortable, don't be afraid to suggest that you're on top. The person receiving anal will want to be in complete control.

Basically, you want to use an oily lube that is long lasting and thick. Experiment alone first. Talk to your partner about your expectations. Stay in control until you learn what works and what doesn't.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are household products like petroleum jelly or baby oil a good choice for anal sex?
These items might have the right consistency, but they’re not made for anal. You don’t want to use them with condoms or sex toys since they’ll break down the condom material. It’s best to use a good anal lube with the right ingredients for your adult toys or latex condoms.

Can anal toys be used with anal lube safely?
Anal toys absolutely need lube, so make sure you’re making the purchase with that in mind. If you have silicone toys, you need a water-based anal lube. It’ll be thicker in consistency than vaginal lube.

Is anal lube okay to use for vaginal sex?
Anal lube might not be a good idea for vaginal sex. The vagina is incredibly sensitive to irritants. The hormone and healthy chemical balance of the vagina can be altered by lube not made specifically for that area.

Can anal lube be used for anal solo play?
It’s pretty essential to anal sex even when you’re playing solo. Anal masturbation, sex toy insertion, and any kind of anal play needs a good anal lube.

Are warming lubes safe for anal sex?
Warming lubes can bring about another dimension of sensation when it comes to anal sex. You should always be using a lube that won’t break down condoms or sex toys. That means a water based anal lube that warms as it’s touched.

Warming lubes can be made with an ingredient called capsaicin. It’s the same type of ingredient used in jalapenos, but with less sting and heat. Honey is a good warming lube ingredient without the scariness of hot peppers.

Wrap up

The anal lube that you choose should be compatible with the kind of play you're planning. If you're going to be playing with a partner and condoms will be involved, that lube should be water based. That means it'll dry out a bit more quickly than other kinds of lubes like the silicone based ones. If you're going to use toys alone or with your partner, that would rule out silicone based lube, too. Be conscious of the kind of play you'll be participating in, and use the right lube for the job.

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