The Best Flavored Lube Guarantees Memorable Oral Sex Experiences

In recent years our choices have become more and more specific. Today we just don’t buy a product and start using it. First, we have a quick look at it, then taste it and also don’t forget to smell it. That’s why manufacturers are putting in varieties of flavor in their products to grab their consumer’s attention. The lube industry has also shown their great interest in it just to make the oral sex a bit more exciting!! Now you can choose between tons of flavored lube according to that taste of yours. So yeah, flavored lube is actually for oral sex, but you can use it for other intercourse’s too.

As I have mentioned before flavored lubes are not only the things that you could put in your mouth. They are also created to provide extra moisture when your private parts are dry and sensitive. Flavored lubricants are personal lubes that can be used with sex toys or latex condoms too. They are tasty, sweet-smelling, easy to use and affordable. Moreover, these products are ideal for both sex and masturbation. You will love the way how they will excellently reduce friction during sex and how easily they will make it much more pleasurable.

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Top 10 flavored lube comparison chart

ImageBrand & NameScentedTypesRating &
System JoSystem JoCherry BurstSilicon based4 by 163$
Master Series JizzMaster Series JizzSemen ScentedWater Based3.7 by 283$$
Doc Johnson lubeDoc JohnsonMint, Cinnamon, Cherry, StrawberryWater Based3.9 by 51$
WET Body GlideWET Body GlideKiwi StrawberryWater Based3.1 by 10$$
Vulcan Ripe Vagina StrokerVulcan Ripe Vagina StrokerVagina ScentedWater Based3.5 by 2$$
Sliquid Swirl Flavored LubricantSliquid SwirlCherry VanillaWater Based4.2 by 60$
Strawberry Water Based Flavored LubricantPassion Flavored`LubesStrawberryWater Based3.7 by 77$$
Shibari LubricantShibari LubricantKiwiWater Based3.6 by 96$$
Jo H2o Flavored LubeJo H2oVanilla CreamWater Based3.7 by 25$
Sasmar LubricantSasmar LubricantVanillaGel3 by 310$

Top 5 flavored lube reviews

WET Body Glide – Kiwi Strawberry

Our impression

Wet Body Glide Kiwi Strawberry is among the most favored flavored lubricants. The information about it is straight to the point. The gel is clear like the color of water and so it does not contain anything that could stain your clothes or harm your skin. Being a sugar free formula, the lube offers a 3.5 ounce WET clear flavored body glide and is absolutely usable with latex condom.

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  • A clear gel that does not stick or stain.
  • Sugar free and safe for wet female lady parts that are prone to yeast infections.
  • It allows you to have sex with a latex condom.


  • It is great in many aspects only that it has scanty information.

Doc Johnson Goodhead, Variety Pack of 5 Flavors

Doc Johnson Goodhead, Variety Pack of 5 Flavors

Our impression

Doc Johnson Goodhead is certainly made for your lips. It is great for ladies who are not afraid of giving blow jobs. This flavored lube is designed to enhance your oral sex skills and give you enough confidence when doing it. It has a few ingredients including water, flavor, cellulose gum, strawberry, blueberry extract, alcohol denatured, butylenes glycol and sodium saccharin. Offering up to five flavors, Doc Johnson Goodhead is very dependable. You will be able to experiment with all the five flavors and ultimately realize that all are irreplaceable. Besides spreading easily, this lube is silky and non-stick and just a single pea-sized drop will be enough to cover your male member.

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  • Offers cinnamon, cherry, passion, mint and strawberry flavors.
  • Created to help you give great blow jobs.
  • It is smooth and silky.


  • Fewer reviews giving the impression that the product is not massively used yet.

System Jo Cherry Burst Flavored Lubricant

System Jo Burst

Our impression

System Jo Burst is a flavored lube offered in a 5.25-ounce bottle. Not only will you like the way it tastes when giving a blow job but also how it tastes afterward. Containing no man-made sweeteners, System Jo Cherry feels as soft and silky as silicon lube but with the added advantage of being edible. This product is completely safe and will not expose you to toxins, or allergies. It does not block your skin pores. Another great thing about this lube is that it does not stick to the skin and leaves it as soft as it was before use. There are so many users who have praised the taste of this lube in their reviews. It basically has the taste of a tropical fruit, candy or bubble gum.

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  • A non-allergic and toxin-free lube
  • Does not stick or contains no artificial sugars.
  • Tastes great!


  • Though claimed to be non-stick, a few users have reported that it leaves behind a relatively sticky residue.

Master Series Jizz Water Based Lube

Our impression

This is a water based lube that has been flavored with the smell of real semen. Being white, creamy and musky, the Master Series Jizz offers you the look, taste and feel of the natural semen. Sold in an 8.5-ounce bottle, the product is not ingestible. It should not be swallowed but rather applied topically. One can therefore conclude that this flavored water based lube is for enhancing sexual intercourse itself or perhaps foreplay that is done with your hands.

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  • Ideal to couples who would like to use lube that looks like real semen.
  • Silky, smooth and easy to remove with water.


  • Being water based, the lube might need to be reapplied in the process of having fun.
  • Some users find the smell repulsive.
  • The manufacturer does not allow ingestion and swallowing.

Men Masturbate Toy: Vulcan Ripe Vagina Stroker and Scented Pussy Juice Vagina

Our impression

Vulcan Ripe Vagina Stroker is a product made for men who need a great masturbation toy. It lets them take control of their own pleasure. To unlock the explosive fun, simply uncap the Vulcan and access the textured raised ridges. Pussy juice vagina scented lube is uniquely scented to offer you the natural smell of a wet, juicy vagina. This flavored lube can be squirted on toys, hands, real pussy and so on. It starts to smell nice when it starts to warm up. Safe for all toys, this product is easy to remove with just soap and water.

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  • Offers a male masturbation tool.
  • Comes with a distinctively scented lube
  • Vulcan’s intense raised pleasure ridges feel just like the real pussy.


  • Costlier than similar items from the same company.

Why flavored lube is best for oral sex

strawberry tongue

Research shows that every brand of sexual lubes has at least one line of flavored lubricants. This reveals just how important these lubes are to couples who want great sex. The main reason why flavored lubes are so popularly bought is that they are the best for oral sex. When you want to pleasure your woman or man with your mouth, licking their natural body juices directly may be difficult. But when you use a little amount of the tasty flavored lube it may become pleasurable to give oral sex play.

Types of flavored lube

There is no standard way of categorizing flavored lubes. However, we will try to enumerate the items you can find based on flavor, composition and safety. See how we classy them:

  • Pure water base formula– This is the sort of lube that is produced for people who have sensitive skin. Softness and gentleness makes up its best qualities.
  • Fruit flavor and scent – Many flavored lubes taste and smell like natural fruits. There are many flavor options including strawberry that most couples love. These sorts of lubes do not have a bitter taste after use.
  • Sugarless – Sugar, dyes or glycerin are bad when added to lubes as they can encourage yeast infections and cause stubborn stains. Flavored lubes that are sweetened contain non-caloric sucralose.
  • No Parabens types– Parabens are increasingly being linked to cancer and so manufacturers of lubes are leaving them out these days. Pentylen Glycol or potassium sorbate are lower risk substitutes.

Wrap up

Having tried some of flavored lubes we have mentioned above, I have to personally say that I cannot do without them. They have made my sexual experiences more enjoyable and pain-free. Besides, I am glad that I could pleasure my husband orally better than I ever did previously. I recommend flavored lubes.

Bottom line

If you want to give great blow jobs, consider buying at least one of the lubes we have listed.

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