Our Recommendations for Best Water Based Lubricant

We’d love for sex to be as natural and fluid as it is in the movies. Unfortunately, that’s not reality. There are times when we need personal lube to move things along and make the start of sex as slick as possible. That’s where personal water based lube comes in handy.

The best water based lube for sexy time will depend on the type of play. If you’re planning on solo time with your favorite toy, you want a lube that will last a long time. It should be easy to clean and leave you feeling soft and smooth. There are some water based lubes that are more like lotions than lube. Your skin will be in better shape after you use it.

When playing with a partner, you’ll want a water based lube that can interact with a condom without a problem. Some other lubes made with silicone or oil can attack the material and cause it to break. That could be a disaster. The best water based lube won’t be a concern, and you can have sex worry-free.

Here one thing is, not all the lubes available on the market are the quality product. So before using a water based lubricant you should know few things in more details. Go through this article and I hope you’ll be on the right track.

Straight Recommendation: Shibari Intimate Lubricant

Water Based Lubricant comparison chart

Product NameCertifiedLongivityOur RatingPrice
Shibari Premium Lubricant501(k)High4.7 Check price
Lulu Lube LubricantMade in the USHigh4.7 Check price
Passion Lubes LubricantMade in the USModerate 4.4 Check price
Isabel Fay LubricantLab TestedModerate 4.7 Check price
Astroglide Liquid LubricantMade in the USModerate to low4.2 Check price
Lynk Pleasure LubricantLab TestedHigh4.6 Check price
ID Glide Lubricant501(k)Moderate to high4.3 Check price
Carrageenan Gently LubricantOrganicModerate4.5 Check price
JO H2O LubricantMade in the USModerate4 Check price
Paloqueth LubeLab TestedModerate to high4.5 Check price

Top 10 Water Based Lube Reviews

Shibari Intimate Lubricant

Our Impression

This lubricant doesn’t contain any dyes or perfumes. This is perfect for anyone who has a problem with irritants. It’s hypoallergenic and won’t degrade condoms. You’ll stay safe using this product with your partner or partners. It’s recommended that you use a water based lubricant when using any kind of latex condom or with your sex toys. You don’t want to degrade the condom, which could cause it to break. All that protection would be wasted.

As a personal lubricant, this one doesn’t become tacky or sticky. That can be a problem with most water based lubes. It’s difficult to find a lube that doesn’t become sticky. It will fade and dry, but a bit of saliva or water can be used to activate the lube again. You don’t have to add more lube, which isn’t a benefit you’ll get with other types of lube.


  • This is a clean-feeling lube that won’t leave behind a sticky residue
  • It’s hypoallergenic and made with the best ingredients
  • It’s a liquid that borders on gel consistency. This makes it fantastic for sex of all kinds
  • You won’t end up with a puddle of lube everywhere as it runs from the body
  • It’ll stay in place during insertion.


  • The bottle can be kind of leaky if it’s not closed properly.

Passion Lubes, Natural Water-Based Lubricant, 34 Fluid Ounce

Our Impression

This water-based lube is free of chemicals that will alter a woman’s body chemistry. There’s no parabens or glycerin, which can actually lead to sticky lubes that dry quickly. This is a great lube for a woman who isn’t able to get as wet as she’d like prior to sex. As she produces her own lubrication, the water-based lube won’t need to be reapplied.

This is a great lube for those who want to play with anal toys or anal sex. There’s no glycerin and the water-based lube can be absorbed in the body. You won’t end up with a ton of lube to wash out of your anus after playing with anal toys. Water-based lube is easy to clean with soap and water. You won’t have lubricant leaking out of your body for hours after use.

After you’re done playing, you don’t want to worry about feeling slick or sticky for hours. The lube is easy to remove. It also comes in a larger size than some other lubes. While it might seem excessive, the lube comes in a 55-gallon drum, too. To start, I’d recommend the 34-ounce bottle.


  • Spill-proof bottle with pump. It’s easy to use during sex
  • Free of chemicals, parabens, and glycerin.
  • Clear and won’t stain.
  • Doesn’t have an odor.


  • Some customers complain that the lube isn’t as thick as they’d like

Lulu Lube Natural Water-Based Lubes for Men and Women

Our Impression

The first thing that jumped out at me was the elegant and gorgeous pump bottle. The script is lovely and the flowers on the side are refined. This is a bottle that you could leave on your night stand without calling attention to the fact that it’s lubrication for sex. In fact, it’s so beautiful, you might want to keep it in your bathroom or on your dresser as a decorative bottle.

Many women have a problem with dryness even when they’re aroused. It could be from hormones, their mood, any medications they’re taking, or their natural body chemistry. Lube makes sex more enjoyable. It eases entry into the vagina. Lack of lubrication can actually be painful. That pain can actually stop a woman from producing any wetness at all. It’s a cycle of pain and dryness that can be stopped with a bit of lubrication. She doesn’t have to tell her partner that she’s dry, either. It’s easy to be discreet with this by your bedside.

Lulu Lube is a water-based lube that has the consistency of a gel. It’ll stay where you want it. The lube can be used for a variety of play time activities. Solo sessions, couples playing with toys, anal sex with a partner or without, too. All of these types of play can benefit from this lubricant.


  • The water-based lube comes in a beautiful, artistic bottle
  • It has an easy-pump applicator
  • The bottle and label are incredibly discreet
  • The lube has a great consistency


  • Bottle can leak if left on its side

Isabel Fay Natural Intimate Lubricant

Our Impression

Isabel Fay

This is a natural lube that leaves you feeling silky and soft even after it’s been wiped away. For some women, they have a hard time with vaginal dryness initially. They’re able to become wet as time goes on and sex progresses. This works remarkably well for those who have initial dryness. The lube can become a little tacky, but that shouldn’t be a problem when she’s become wetter during arousal.

The pump bottle is one of the best parts of this lubricant. It’s simple to reach over to the nightstand and pump a bit more into the hand. The bottle doesn’t advertise its nature, either. It can be left out on the nightstand as a lotion.

It’s a natural lube that doesn’t have any chemicals or smells. While sometimes it can be fun to have a sexy-smelling strawberry or coconut lubricant, it can be overwhelming at times. This is a fresh, clean lube that won’t sting or burn sensitive skin and won’t overwhelm with any type of smell.


  • This water-based lube works well with sensitive skin
  • There are no parabens or glycerin as ingredients in this lubricant
  • Made in the US – which means it has the FDA’s approval
  • Odorless and colorless to keep it from staining clothing
  • Discreet label and bottle – it doesn’t scream sex lube


  • Tastes a bit unpleasant when used during oral sex
  • Some customers didn’t like that it was a thick gel

Astroglide Liquid Personal Lubricant

Our Impression


This is one of the most popular lubes out there. It’s been around for years, so many people are familiar with the name. It’s been popular and well-known because it provides an incredibly slick product that works for many couples.

The formula is pH balanced, so it won’t cause a disruption in a woman’s normal chemical balance. A disruption can result in a women getting an infection, which is uncomfortable and embarrassing for her. The best water-based lubricants are ones that care about the chemical makeup of the woman’s vagina.

The formula is water-based and water soluable. It’s slick for both people to enjoy even when there are condoms being used. It’s also perfect for solo fun since it can be used with all kinds of sex toys. It’s easy to clean from your sex toys, too. All it takes is some warm, soapy water to get all the lube washed from any sex toy.

As a personal lube, it doesn’t have an odor. You don’t want to feel as if the lube will last forever. Leaking lube the rest of the day can be uncomfortable as well as irritating. Once you’re ready to remove the personal lubricant, all your left with is soft skin.


  • This personal lubricant is slippery and non-irritating
  • There aren’t chemicals that will mess with a woman’s pH balance
  • It’s water-based and water-soluable personal lubricant for men or women
  • It’ll be shipping in a discreet package
  • There are no harsh chemicals in this personal lube


  • Squeeze bottle can be hard to use in the middle of sex since the cap has to be flipped

Lynk Pleasure Products Personal Lubricant

Our Impression

Lynk Pleasure

This product is recommended for anal sex. Anyone experimenting with anal sex for the first time should know that it needs to start slow with plenty of lube. The number one rule for anal sex is more lube. Always have enough lube that there’s never any friction or serious pain.

It’s a water-based lube that is a bit thicker than other water-based options. When lube is used vaginally, there’s eventually an added moisture that comes from a woman’s arousal. This can activate a lube that has started to become dry or sticky. You won’t get that with anal sex. This lube keeps that in mind with a formula that’s longer lasting.

The lube can be reactivated with a drop of water or saliva instead of adding more lube. That should be kept in mind because you don’t want to add too much lube to the anus or rectum. It will end up leaking out all day when you’re trying to do other things. It’s the perfect texture and consistency for anal play. The personal lubricant will be absorbed into the body, which leads to less clean up after sex, too.

Whether it’s anal sex with a partner or solo sex with a toy, this lube works for the beginner or more advanced. Anyone who wants to try anal sex can’t go wrong with this lubricant. It’s perfect for the anus without added chemicals that could cause issues.


  • This is a glycerin-free formula – which is good for the body
  • There are no parabens in this lubricant
  • Compatible with sex toys
  • The water-based lubricant is perfect for use with condoms – even for anal sex
  • Pump bottle for easy application in the act


  • Some customers didn’t like that it dries quickly. That’s the nature of water-based lubes

ID Glide Natural Feel Water-Based Personal Lubricant

Our Impression

ID Glide

This water-based lube is great for sex toys, vaginal or anal sex where you need to use a condom. Even without the need for a condom, this is a great all-around lube. You have to be careful when choosing a lube for your sexual adventures. The lube should be easy to clean without degrading the toys or condoms that you are using. That won’t be a problem with this lube at all.

It’s a lube that doesn’t have a disturbing smell or taste. This can be important if you’re intending on oral sex during your adventures with a partner. The lube can dry during sex. This is because it’s a water-based product that will be absorbed partially be the body. It’s natural, and you might want to activate the lube with spit or your mouth. The taste or smell won’t get in the way of how you want to play with your partner.

The lube is great with sex toys made of any materials. It could be glass, silicone, lucite, or stainless steel. A water-based lube works great with all of these. The lube can be used with or without condoms for anal sex, too. There’s no reason you can’t use this lube for all your sexual exploits – whether you’re alone or with a partner.

This water-based lube is approved by the FDA for use as a personal lubricant. That’s an important distinction since this is going to be absorbed in the body. It shouldn’t cause any issues.


  • It’s a lubricant that doesn’t have any harsh chemicals
  • There’s no weird smell or terrible taste to it
  • This is a water-based lube that stays slick for a while
  • It’s an easy-open bottle that will be easy to use during the act


  • The easy-open bottle can be hard to close

Carrageenan Gently Natural Personal Lubricant 4 Oz

Our Impression

This is an organic personal lube that is water-based. It’s filled with organic, natural ingredients. It’s filled with ingredients that will actually provide you with smooth skin after use. Things like aloe, vitamin E and natural Carrizma are the same ingredients used in some organic lotions for dry skin.

The ingredients like the organic agave inulin are meant to maintain the woman’s natural chemical balance. The pH balance is essential for good vaginal health. When chemicals interact with her natural lubrication, they will alter the makeup of her natural microbes. That will result in vaginal infections. There are no petroleum, silicone, or parabens in this lube. It’s easy for some women to contract an infection of some sort from the toys or the lube they use. That won’t happen with this natural water-based lubricant.

A lube should have a good consistency. It shouldn’t be too watery since that can cause uncomfortable, messy dripping during sex. This one has a good consistency and texture. It stays wet for a long time, which means you won’t have to reapply often. You can reactivate the lube with a bit of water or spit during sex, too.

Water-based lube has a natural balance of its own. It’ll stay wet as needed until the woman’s natural lubrication starts. It’s not so overwhelming that she’ll feel like her vagina is over-lubricated.


  • This water-based lube has great consistency
  • It’s full of organic ingredients
  • Easy to clean from the body
  • It leaves behind soft skin after being washed away
  • Good for those prone to irritation
  • Easy-open bottle for use during sex
  • It doesn’t have a strange, chemical odor to it


  • It’s a very small 3.4 ounce bottle of lubricant

System Jo H2O Lubricant

Our Impression

This lube is water-based and geared towards anal sex. It has a thicker consistency than some other water lubes. That’s important for the anus because it doesn’t have its own natural lubrication. Whether you’re using toys or having anal sex with a partner, this lube will work with condoms and sex toy materials without causing any issues. It’ll stay in place and won’t rub away too quickly in the anus. It will eventually dry up or be soaked into the skin. You can add more lube or use water to reactivate the lube.

Some anal lubes have built-in desensitizing ingredients. That can often cause issues. Pain is your body’s way of telling you that there is a problem. If you use anal lube with a desensitizing agent, you’re not listening to the alarm bells from your body. That can be a problem, but not with this lube. There are no ingredients that will cause any numbing. You’ll feel all the pleasure as well as any pain that occurs during anal sex.

One of the biggest ingredients in this lube is glycerin. This is not the best lube ingredient for many people. The ingredient in this lube is a plant-based glycerin. It doesn’t have the same warnings as regular glycerin. That makes it more natural for the body. The lube is easy to clean from your anus or vagina, and it won’t drip for hours after use. A bit of soap and water on the sex toy will wash away all the lube as well.

It can’t hurt to purchase a sex toy cleaner if you’re using your toys for anal sex. Otherwise, a condom is a good way to keep the toy clean after anal.


  • This water-based formula is perfected for anal sex
  • It has a natural, plant-based glycerin
  • The lube is compatible with condoms and sex toys
  • It cleans easily from the body or sex toys


  • The lettering on the bottle isn’t discreet at all

PALOQUETH Premium Personal Lube

Our Impression

Water based lube

When it comes to water-based lubes, you want one that can be used with latex and silicone. Solo play becomes more exciting when there’s an additional bit of wetness between you and the toy. Sex with a partner wearing a condom can be more pleasurable when there’s lubrication. It could be for the vagina or anus. Water-based lube won’t degrade the condom.

The ingredients in this water-based lube were chosen with care. They want to ensure that the pH balance of the woman’s vagina is kept level. They tested the lube in the lab and did clinical testing. When the chemical and hormone balance of a woman’s vagina is altered, it can lead to infections. This lube is definitely good for the vagina.

There’s no weird chemical smell with this lube. That can be a definite turn-off when you’re having sex with a partner or pleasuring yourself. It won’t leave a stain on the sheets or your clothing when you use it, either. While sex can be a bit messy, it shouldn’t be an ordeal that you have to recover from after. The best water-based lubricant is easy to clean and doesn’t leave a permanent residue behind. You won’t have to throw out the sheets after play time.


  • This is a thick lube that won’t drip and run
  • It’ll stay exactly where it’s supposed to while you’re having sex or using your toys
  • It’s also not sticky or tacky like some other water-based lubes
  • The best part of this lube is the fact that it won’t disturb the pH levels of your vagina


  • The lube can ooze out of the cap if it’s not closed properly.

Considerations for the Best Water Soluble Lube

  • Quality Ingredients

The ingredients in your water-based lube shouldn’t irritate the skin. They also shouldn’t interfere with the natural chemistry of a woman’s vagina when used during sex or solo play. The ingredients shouldn’t contain parabens or other chemicals that will cause problems when used with condoms or sex toys.

  • FDA Approved

When personal lube is manufactured and sold in the US, it’s regulated by the FDA. They can give their approval for lubes that pass their strict safety protocols. If you want to get the best lube that won’t cause irritation and other issues, go with the ones that are made in the US.

  • Long-Lasting Formula

Water-based lube doesn’t last as long as other types of lube. It’s the nature of their ingredients. They will dissipate quickly, which leads to a dry sticky residue in some lubes. You’ll want to avoid ones that dry too quickly.

  • Hypoallergenic

Ingredients that are hypoallergenic won’t cause irritation and swelling. Some people have more sensitive skin, and they need hypoallergenic ingredients. Allergic reactions to ingredients can cause itching, redness, and swelling. In the vagina, that can be quite serious and very uncomfortable.

  • Non-Staining Formula

A clear lube won’t stain the sheets or the clothing you’re wearing. You don’t want to play with your partner and end up with sheets that are dyed in spots the color of the lube. It can cost a ton of money to keep replacing clothing or sheets that are ruined.

  • No Chemicals or Numbing

Some lubricants – especially for anal sex – come with a numbing agent. You shouldn’t be using a lube with a numbing agent. Your body will alert you to issues when it rings the alarm bell with pain. It’s important that you don’t ignore it. Chemicals can cause issues with pain and irritation, too. Choose lube carefully and avoid chemicals.

  • Slick and Odorless

The lube you choose should be slick and not have any odor. The personal lubricant is meant to add lubrication for more comfortable sex and sex toy insertion. It shouldn’t distract you with drying agents or odors.

Safety Information Regarding Storage

Storing your lube is important to ensure it has the longest life possible. While some people leave it on their nightstand, other lubes should be kept in a cool, dry place. It’s not vital that you store your lube in the refrigerator like it’s medication, but it should be kept in a place where it’s not in direct sunlight.

If there’s a chance it could get knocked over or consumed by pets or children, it should be locked up tight. Most lubricants won’t stain clothing or furniture, but it’s not fun to clean lube from the bed or the carpet. It shouldn’t be ingested in large quantities, so it’s important to keep out of reach of kids or pets.

Water Based Lube Ingredients

The oldest water lubes were solutions that contained cellulose ether or glycerin.  Today, Lubes that are being produced have many ingredients added to enhance moisture retention and to reduce the risk of contamination. Additionally, products that are available today do not have equal amounts of water or identical viscosity. Their levels of viscosity are changed by altering their cellulose make-up and the amount of water in them. Some of the newest water lubricants may contain carrageenan – a product that can block human papillomavirus. Some further advanced water based lubricants may contain Carraguard, a watery gel that contains carrageenan and has been shown to inhibit HIV transmission.

Tips for Using Water Based Lube

Lube can be used as a warm up to sex and during the act itself. During foreplay, it can be good to rub some over your partner’s and your own genitals to increase stimulation and then add a little more just before penetration takes place. Too much won’t be dangerous, but it can become a bit of a barrier between both bodies. It is a good idea to warm it up first by rubbing it on the hands. Although it’s considered that water-based lube is for vaginal sex but, it also performs quite well in backdoor play as an anal lube.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can water-based lube be used for anal sex?
Anal sex can be really great with water-based lube. If you plan on using a sex toy, water-based lube is indicated. Sex with condoms requires a water-based lube, too.

Is water-based lube good for beginners?
Water-based lube is a good start for beginners. The lube is easy to clean and can be used with all kinds of sex toys. It’s not complicated or hard to use. There’s no worry about the condom degrading or problems with a sex toy that can’t be cleaned properly.

Should water-based lube be used for oral sex?
This is the best kind of lube if there’s going to be any oral sex. You should choose one that doesn’t have an odor or chemical taste.

Are sex toys and condoms compatible with water-based lube?
It’s basically essential that you use water-based lube with your sex toys and condoms. Latex and silicone can be attacked by other types of lubricants, which can cause breaks in the materials.

Is water-based lube long lasting?
The lube doesn’t last as long as silicone or other materials as lube. There are other benefits to water-based lube. It might not last very long, but it’s easy to reactivate with a bit of saliva or water. You don’t have to keep reapplying.

Can water-based lube be used in the shower?
The way to wash water-based lube from the body is with soap and water. Water will wash away the lube pretty easily. For sex in the shower, use a different kind of lube like silicone.

Is water-based lube good for masturbating?
The lube can be incredible for masturbating with a toy or your hand. It’s easy to clean when you’re done, and you won’t be left with lube leaking out of your body for hours after use.

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Wrap up

The best water-based lube for sex is one that is easy to use, easy to clean, and safe for condoms or sex toys (if you are interested to get the right sex toys then check spiceuptoys). That isn’t a lot to ask from your favorite water-based lube. It should be made from safe ingredients that won’t irritate the skin. For women, it should never interfere with her natural pH balance. The best water-based lubes will mention whether it’s safe for a woman’s body chemistry. All the lubes on this list are safe and easy to use. They’ll clean up completely and leave the skin feeling smooth and soft.

Basically, water based lubricant is specially made for vaginal sex, but if someone wants to use it for other intercourses he or she can go with it. About that aspect you’ll have (more information in our personal lube for sex page).

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