What’s that one thing that brings immense solo pleasure without any investment? Okay, you guessed it right. Now let’s throw some investment into the mix and see what we have – a great lube for masturbation. Trust us on this, a little investment on a good lube goes a long way into creating genuinely pleasurable (read memorable) experiences. And you can repeat the experience over and over again by selecting one of our top five picks for the best masturbation lube. A happy you are just a few clicks away.

Straight recommendation: Gun Oil Stroke 29

Gel or liquid! Which one is best for masturbation?

The major difference between gel and liquid lubes for masturbation is the consistency. Gels are slightly thicker than the liquids. The consistency of gels starts to break down as you take the heat up. This feels like a pleasurable experience as you get out of the blocks gradually. Using a liquid allows you to hit the ground running if that is an apt expression for it. If you are really looking for a quick deal, you may simply go for a liquid lube. That should cut the time. But if you are in for the long haul, stick to our thicker friend, the gel.

Things to consider while choosing a lubricant for masturbation

  • The feel: soft, silky and smooth: The texture matters a lot. You will tend to lose the mood if the texture of the lube is not smooth and silky. If it feels good on the fingers, there is every chance it will do wonders when down there. Always run for the feel of the lube. If it’s good, it will stay good throughout.
  • Buy lube, avoid chemical goop: There are several lubes that contain very harmful chemicals. You will do well to avoid those lubes. Some of the most harmful chemicals that you can imagine inside lubes include alcohol, parabens, ethyl alcohol and drying agents. You should also avoid lubes with a funky color. Coloring agents may cause sensitivity issues too.
  • Cleaning should not turn into scrubbing: You know where we are going with this one. Most silicone based and oil-based lubes are not very easy to clean. If you are looking for easy, hassle-free cleaning you should go for one of the good water-based lubes for masturbation. That will make sure you do not need to spend much energy in cleaning.
  • Avoid temperature altering lubes: We have noted that in the past few years, lubes that produce warming or cooling effects have been in decent supply. These lubes are safest when left unused. You do not typically want to have fun with something that alters the temperature of your body. Make sure that you are not in a mood to compromise with health and safety for a few minutes of pleasure.

Our top 5 recommended masturbation lubricant reviews

Gun Oil Stroke 29 Masturbation Cream Personal Lubricant

Our impression

Gun Oil Stroke 29

If you are a guy, you want your hands on the Stroke 29 from Gun Oil as soon as you can. The strategically devised masturbation lube makes use of thermal body energy and manual friction to transform the experience into intense sensory overload around the 29th stroke. The Stroke 29 also takes your mission to a whole different level as it facilitates a union of sorts between manual friction and the thermal energy of your body.
The entirety of the Stroke 29 Gun Oil lube is to make your experiences all the more intense and extraordinary. It gives you glide that lasts long and does not break in consistency midway through the ride. You also get added Aloe Vera and Vitamin E that make sure there is no question of skin irritation while you do what you like best. The formula is thick and non-greasy and does not drip on you.

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  • Works with thermal body power and friction.
  • Non-greasy, no drip formula.
  • Thick and even consistency.
  • Great for solo sensations and experiences.


  • Okay for self-satisfaction, not for intercourse.
  • Required in large quantities.

Premium Masturbation Cream -VANILLA 4oz

Our impression

Premium Masturbation Cream

The Premium Masturbation formula has been designed to engineer performances that are typically long lasting and satisfactory. It does not really matter if you have a normal or sensitive skin type. It suits all types of skin without the slightest disturbance inconsistency. In fact, it is typically great for skin that is extra sensitive to chemical and silicone lubes. The added Shea Butter in the cream serves to revitalize, soothe and moisturize skin.

The Premium Masturbation is completely free from sugar, parabens, sulphate and any other chemical that is likely to cause sensitivity issues. You also get rid of that funky smell that is common with most of the lubes we find today. Also, unlike other masturbation creams available online, this is one that fits two as well as it does one. The lube has been custom designed in the USA. You get a money back guarantee if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

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  • Performance lasts very long.
  • Works well for all types of skin.
  • Caters to sensitive skin as well.
  • Can be used for intercourse.
  • Money back guarantee.


  • The smell can be too tacky.
  • Not ideal for oral sex.

Swiss Navy Premium Masturbation Cream – 2pc

Our impression

Swiss Navy

If there is one product that comes close anywhere close to the Stroke 29, it is definitely the Premium masturbation lube from Swiss navy. If you get the Swiss Navy a sweet deal, it will turn out to be even better. Now the lube starts with a somewhat thick appearance and you may feel the consistency is slightly off. However, just a few minutes into the act, the lube seems to respond in succession with your body.

Just after the first few strokes, the feeling is that of rolling your fingers on butter. You will not need to make any extra maneuvers and just get along with the flow. At this point itself, you will feel the lube is as good as a Stroke 29. But one application will not typically last you the entire while. There might be a need for reapplication sometime during the play. This seemed slight of a kill-joy to us.

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  • Smoothens us very nicely.
  • Consistency is at par with the best.
  • Great for slow starters.
  • Late bloom advantage.
  • Laid back 20-minute sessions.


  • Comes out thicker than expected.
  • Needs reapplication while in use.
  • Could have been smoother.

Wicked sensual care collection 4oz creme to liquid masturbation cream for men 

Our impression

Wicked Sensual

The Wicked sensual masturbation cream for men is meant to tickle your desires when they are at peak. Also, it helps you find a new, higher peak too. Let’s tell you how. The personal masturbation lube is an intimate blend of oil that is highly suited for solo fun. The nourishing, fortified cream gets activated with motion (the sweet kind) and is meant to melt slowly as your body warmth rises. The liquid lube is non-greasy and packs in a rich blend of Vitamin E enriched with other creams.

Vitamin E and added minerals make sure you do not have a problem using the cream even if you have sensitive skin. It also contains Aloe for added skin soothing and moisturizing. The effect of the lubrication is very long lasting and it never seems to get too sticky on you. The product has not been tested on animals and does not get unnecessarily tacky. You can easily wash it off.

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  • Coconut oil based masturbation lube.
  • Contains Aloe and Vitamin E.
  • Skin conditioning properties.
  • Does not get sticky.
  • Melts with motion and warmth.


  • Could have been slightly thicker.
  • Required in generous amounts.
  • Not for intercourse.

Water Based Lubricant, Paloqueth Sex Lube for Vagina Anus and Sex Toys

Our impression


The Paloqueth is a female sexual masturbation lube and as the name suggests, it works both for the anus and the vagina. If you use it in proper amounts, it will last well over 20 minutes at a go. It does not stain your body or the sheets and it is very easy to clean. It will wash out with simple water treatment. The tube is safe overall and comes with no numbing effect at all. It is free from Triclosan and paraben and does not have alcohol either.

The lack of alcohol makes sure it does not play with your skin sensitivity or causes unnecessary irritation. It also does not contain any fragrance and makes the sex experience extremely comfortable. The Paloqueth lube also comes with moisturizing elements. With regular use, you can easily do away with the dryness of the vagina. This way, this is one good lube for women who post their menopause.

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  • Formula lasts very long.
  • 20 minutes pleasure with proper application.
  • Does not stain body or sheets.
  • Comes without any numbing effect.
  • Free from alcohol and parabens.


  • Needs reapplication after 20 minutes.
  • May hinder with natural lubrication.

FAQ: (Frequently asked questions)

  • How about shampoos and conditioners for masturbation?

There is a difference between lubes and shampoos and conditioners. For one thing, shampoos are powerful formulas. They are meant to fight real scum and dandruff and you do not want to take the fight to your nether regions. Conditioners contain chemicals that nourish the hair. You would ideally want such chemical to stay out of your body, especially out of your private parts. So, it is always safer and wiser to go for a proper masturbation lube instead of shampoos and conditioners.

  • Can I use mild shaving gel?

There are many who believe shaving gel for sensitive skin can double up as a lube for masturbation. However, you should bear in mind that shaving gel contains several chemicals and lubricants that might cause irritation to your private parts. Also, the gel might disturb the delicate pH balance when used inside the vagina. And as we all know, the sensitivity of those areas is a different league compared to the sensitivity of the facial skin.

What makes the Gun Oil Stroke 29 a better choice than the rest?

The Stroke 29 is essentially a game of 29 strokes. When you compare it with other masturbation lubes, there will be some visible differences worth noting. It works with a combination of the thermal energy of the body and friction. The no-drip greasy formula is again a winner for all of us. The consistency is maintained throughout the job, making it the best lube for solo surprises.

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