Silicon lubes are made of silicon. They last longer than water-based sex lubes and are usually not compatible with silicon-based sex toys.  Silicon lubricants are soft, slippery and well-suited for latex condoms. If you are tired of using water based lubes, you could be looking for a suitable silicone based lubricant. My suggestion is the Premium Silicone Based Lubricant (8 oz). Though many females are irritated by silicone, it was not the case for me when I used the Premium lube. If your lady parts are not sensitive you will love this silicon formula as well. A Swiss Navy product, this sex lube has the potential of saving your sexless marriage or relationship.

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Our Impression

Swiss Navy Premium Silicon Based lube is created with the best quality silicone material.  Since the quality has already been ensured, your lady will most likely love the formula. She may not have irritation or soreness as the silicon grade used for this lube is the highest quality obtainable. Some of the things that drew me to this lube include the following:

  • My partner and I could use it with condoms.
  • We could use it during foreplay, which was such a bonus.
  • It is an ingestible sex lube. As a result, I could use it to give my partner great blow jobs and I do.
  • Most silicon lubes cannot be used with any toys whatsoever. This one is different, however, as it can be used with toys that are safe with silicone.
  • Offers a leak-proof locking pump to prevent spill accidents.
  • It is soft, smooth, and non-stick sex lube that does not dry up until we are both satisfied.


Swiss Navy

Prior to buying, you might want to know whether the Premium Silicon Based lube causes stubborn stains on clothes and sheets. Unless it is used excessively it does not cause stains or residues. As I came to find out, other users use their lube on skin to add to its sheen and beauty. One of the users tells of how he applies this lube on feet before running and has never dealt with stubborn stains on shoes or socks. Even if there is a stain that is not noticed until it dries, removal will be easy mainly with white vinegar.


Safety comes first when consumers are buying an item online. So, you may want to know whether this sex lubricant is safe at all. The answer is yes because it has no parabens or glycerin. The main elements include Dimethicone, Tocopheryl Acetate and Clyclopentasiloxane.


Being silicon based lube, reapplication is hardly ever needed. However, you might find it necessary to reapply at least twice during a longer sex session. With water-based lubes you have to apply again every ten to fifteen minutes. Many couples find multiple applications a big turn off. What many users have found out is that Swiss Navy Premium stays longer without sticking or drying up. It is potent than most lubes that claim to be silicon-based. Overall, this lube is usable with toys as long as the chosen ones are compatible with silicon lubes.

As you read reviews that are written for this product, consider that your partner and you will have a unique experience.  Hopefully, you will love this lube as much as I do.   The only way to know how it works is to purchase your own bottle first and begin to use it. Do not be too quick to judge the product though. Use it for a while and then you will know how accurately it works.

There are users who just cannot compare this Swiss Navy sex lube to any other they have used and we cannot either. So if you are desperate to change your sex life we suggest you try it.

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Tips if you are going to buy this item

  • Take the time to search for the best online seller.
  • Use it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Ensure that you keep the bottle out of children’s reach.

Wrap it up

Being silicon based lube; Swiss Navy’s 8 oz Premium lubricant allows us to take sex to the shower or bathtub. We are no longer just doing it in bed and our libido has improved since the first day we used it. As well, this versatile lube has eliminated pain and discomfort I felt during intercourse and does not give a lot of cleaning work after use.


  • As it is a Silicon based lubricant, you can expect the slipperiness to last longer.
  • It is smooth and silky, ensuring that his penis glides easily without hurting you.
  • It can be used with toys that are compatible with silicon lubes.
  • You can have sex with latex condoms as you are used to.
  • As it is thick and powerful, you can have sex in the shower.


  • We do not have complaints at all but there are some who think that the lube can get sticky.

Bottom Line

The product’s viscosity is high and this allows longer and pleasurable sex sessions.

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