A Definitive Guide to the Best Personal Lube for Sex

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It’s unfair to ask how much people love to have sex, but asking them “Do you love it the way you’re doing it? ” may seem a fair question.

Yeah, I know you might say “I’m just having sex what else?”But you just have to admit that sex is an art, a game of excitement and adventure.

I saw a lot of couple breaking up because of unsatisfactory sex life as well as a lot spending thousands of dollars to make their sex a pleasant one.

And you can trust me on this; a personal lube will be there to erase these entire hazardous situations in an instant. Even the health specialists make this recommendation over and over again.

A personal lube will help you out in intercourses like vaginal sex, oral sex, anal sex, masturbation, playing with toys and so much more. Well, now the question remains which is the best lube for different form of intercourse? If you are interested to have anal sex, (check out this post).

Also obviously there are some other lubes for more specific intercourse’s. Don’t worry people, because you’ve landed on the right website and we are here to guide you all the way to choose the best lube for you.

Let’s continue and I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. Our vision here is to ensure you a healthy, safe and unforgettable sex with the perfect lubes.

Straight recommendation:

  1. Best lube for vaginal sex: Shibari Intimate Lubricant
  2. Best lube for anal sex: Pjur Analyze Me
  3.  Best flavored Lube: Aloe Cadabra Edible Pina Colada Flavored Lubricant
  4. Best lubricant for sensitive skin: Natural Personal Lubricant by Isabel Fay

Types of personal lube:

Personal lube makes its appearance in a variety of ways. Most of the popular forms are:

  1. Water based lube 2.Silicon based lube 3.Oil based lube 4. Natural lube 5.Flavored lube 6. warming  lube 7.organic lube

Buying Guideline to Choose the Best Lube:

If anyone wants to have specific intercourse the following guideline will help you out. But if you want to have more analytical information we have a bunch of post, reviews and blog article in our website. Hope you’ll get best guideline for a satisfactory sex.

  • Vaginal sex is the most common and ancient act of intercourse. Most of us don’t bother to use a lube while having vaginal sex. But you’ll be glad to know that a water base lube will rescue you from a lot of misshapen like, vaginal irritation, vaginal dryness, sensitive skin and many more.
  • Anal sex is considered one of the hardest forms of intercourse. If you want to omit the word hardest a silicon based lube is the best choice. The anus doesn’t contain any lubricant. It’s more on the dry side.Unlikely a water base lube a silicone based lube have more texture. It doesn’t dry up as quickly as water base lube. So for long lasting and safe anal sex silicone based lube is perfect choice.
  • If anyone is anticipated in having oral sex but not enjoying it that much the way he or she expect to flavored lube will make it an interesting one. The variety of flavored lube will spin you head and trust me you will not be able to take our mouth out of it anymore.
  • Lot of us love to have some massage before, after or while having sex from our partner. An oil based lube will make it a complete one.
  • Large number of us loves sex toys while having sex. But if you are using it with a lube it’s a matter of concern. Most of the toys are mode of silicone. So it better to avoid silicone based lube. Water based lube will solve your problem.
  • Nothing is better than having sex on shower. Best lube to make this joy happen is silicone based lube, as it’s thicker and long lasting. The other forms of lube will wash away very quickly.
  • Parabens and glycerin are very dangerous for health. In some cases its lead to cancer. So before buying a lube read the label very carefully. Some famous brands use this sort of dangerous preservative. So avoid those which have Parabens and Glycerin.
  • For a long time sex you’ll need a long lasting lube. Silicone based lube will give you this support.
  • If anyone is concerned about sperm health a pre seed fertility friend lubricant is best choice for them.

Top 10 personal Lubricant comparison chart

ImageBrand & NameTypesRating &
Shibari Premium Intimate LubricantShibari Premium
Editor's choice
Water Based4 by 2756$
Passion LubesPassion LubesWater Based4.3 by 763$$
Ocean Sensuals [G]Ocean Sensuals [G]Stimulating gel4 by 2632$$
Pre-Seed Personal LubricantPre-SeedFertility friendly4.4 by 834$$
Healthy vibes lubeHealthy Vibes LubricantWater Based3.8 by 703$
Swiss navy lubricantSwiss NavySilicon based4.7 by 450$$
Liquid Silk Personal LubricantLiquid SilkWater Based4.7 by 277$$
Wet Platinum LubricantWet PlatinumSilicon based4.5 by 383$$
Isabel-Fay LubricantIsabel-FayWater Based4.4 by 510$$
Gun Oil H2OGun Oil H2OOil Based4.4 by 206$$

Top 5 personal lubricant reviews:

1. Shibari Intimate Lubricant – Water Based 8oz

Our impression:

Shibari Intimate Water Based Lube(bestlubefinder.com)

So far it’s the best-selling lubricant. This water based lube is silky, clean and non-staining. Problem like vaginal dryness will be solved; as well as work for sensitive skin.

It’s meant for those who love to have frequent sex. You can use it while having sex with toys. Shibari personal lubricant allows you to get ultimate satisfactions, improve the level of sensation. It would be a great companion of your masturbation.

From now on you can make it as your sex partner. This water based lubricant considered as golden choice when it comes to an issue Personal Lubricant. Give your sex life a great dreamy flavor.

Check out unbiased user reviews Here!


  • Non- staining so can wash it without quickly.
  • Silkiness will help to avoid unnecessary friction.
  • Sex toys supportive.


  • Doesn’t last that long but it’s excusable.

2. Intimate Personal Lubricant and Moisturizer By Healthy Vibes

Our impression:

Lubricant and Moisturizer By Healthy Vibes

This US made lubricant is one of the best water based lubricant in the market. Most importantly it’s paraben free, which is one of the main causes of physical illness like cancer as I mentioned above.

It can be washed easily with warm water and mild soap. As it does replenish skin dehydration it allows your body to increase natural lubrication. It’s odorless and flavorless as well as sugar free so in one word it can be said it’s user friendly.

You can use it with condoms and sex toys without any fear. Great for both genders male and female.  The premium quality ingredients made it more classic. Supportive to any sort of skin type.

Buy Intimate Personal Lubricant from Amazon


  • 100% smoothness made it one of the silky lubricants.
  • Formulated to last long.
  • Remove any sort of discomfort.


  • Some might think too much watery.

3. Pre-Seed Personal Lubricant

Our impression:


The ‘Best Pre-Seed Fertility-Friendly personal lubricant’ is available in the market. Couples those who like to get pregnant as well as want to continue their sex life without worrying about anything; this special lubricant is especially for them.

This lubricant is often prescribed by the doctors and it’s clinically proved as sperm friendly. It can reduce the vaginal dryness and irritation without damaging the sperms.

Since this is a herbal product; it certainly ensures the antioxidant support. You’ll be surprised to know that even saliva and water may cause the sperm damage. So ‘Pre Seed Personal Lubricant’ will entirely be a great choice without any doubt.

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  • Sperm friendliness ensures your productiveness.
  • Since its glycerin free so the sperms can swim without any interruption.
  • Enhances the level of comfort as well as reduces a lot of sexual anxiety.


  • A bit expensive considering the tube size; where it could be bigger.

4. Personal Lubricant by Penchant – The Best Silicone Lube for Men and Women

Our impression:

Personal Lubricant by Penchant54895

This ‘silicone based lube’ tends to be one of the best lubes for both male and female. It lasts for hours and interestingly never gets sticky and doesn’t dry out.

Its outstanding packaging makes it more elegant so none has to hide it. You can use it while having shower or like in hot bath tub. It’s made in U.S.A and they didn’t compromise a little bit about the quality of the product.

It maintains every sort of medical standard which includes avoiding the harmful paraben and they ensured the highest level of safety standard as well as FDA 510k approval rating.

Its premium quality, silkiness will take you to another dimension that you never imagined before. It will astound you and the things around you.

Check price on Amazon


  • Only product that gives you 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Ensures 100% satisfaction.
  • Best ingredients ensure premium quality.
  • Easy to clean and odor free.


  • Very slippery. So once it gets in your hand; makes it difficult to handle the bottle as well as your partner.

5. Luxxx Beauty Premium Intimate Lubricant 8 Fl Oz for Sensitive Skin

Our impression:

Luxxx Beauty Premium Intimate Lubricant

‘Luxxx beauty intimate lubricant’ is a premium water based lube. It’s especially designed to enhance sexual satisfaction and improve love making.

It’s an odorless, nonstick, silky lubricant also an ultra-long lasting formulated product. It will not stain your clothes or bed sheets. Since this product is entirely produced by a company which specialized itself to make products for women; it clearly took care of the vaginal dryness, irritation and sensitive skin problems.

Don’t worry guys because it also ensured the men’s sexual satisfaction. The sex toy friendliness makes your sex more dynamic. You can wash it very easily with mild water flow.

High quality bodysafe ingredients make it smoother and enhance vaginal moisture. So in one word it’s ‘THE BEST’ quality product out there for you in the market.

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  • Sex toy supportive and latex free.
  • Long lasting comparing to the rest of the water based lubricants.
  • Budget friendly premium quality product.


  • Some found it a bit sticky but it’s negligible.

Benefits of using personal lubricant

The benefits of using personal lube are multiple and will be different for everyone. Some of them include:

  • Alleviates vaginal dryness – If vaginal dryness is an issue, a personal lube will provide the lubrication you want and ensure that sex is pain free and as enjoyable as it always was when you were young.
  • Erotic massage – If it is an erotic massage that is preferred, a personal lube should be useful as long as it is selected wisely.
  • Reduces friction – Penetration can be uncomfortable, painful and difficult when there is friction. A personal lube is soft and smooth, and so it creates slipperiness that makes sex pleasurable.
  • Increases sex appetite – Flavored and scented personal lube can be quite a turn-on when giving oral sex has become difficult.
  • Combat diseases – Some lubes appear to be able to combat certain parts of HIV, but this does need more research to be carried out before it is the only barrier method used. It is a safe way to get more out of your sex life and as there are so many available you can decide exactly what type is best for you.

Why I Build this Website

The main reason I build this site is because I want to share the benefits of using lubes. It does not matter what form sex takes or whether or not there is another person or toy involved, it is possible to make it totally enjoyable and by and large pain and discomfort free. I want people to enjoy sexual activity and not fear it.

Wrap up

There is a lube for everyone and everything. Once you have read up on the category that will best suite you, you can start out using them until you get the best one.

Bottom line

Basically all lubes are good lubes, but some are better than others for specific occasions.

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