Harmless ingredients, exciting foreplay and some thorough massaging – you are well and truly headed into exciting oil-based personal lubrication. Oil-based lubes are all about creating alternative feels. You feel like there is actually and external agent smoothing out the wrinkles for you. And all this could happen right after the massage, without a need to wash in between. All you need to check out is a few good oil-based lubes that do both massage and lubrication well. We cut the chase for you by bringing to you some of the best oil-based massage lubes out there in the open. Go fill yourself!

Massage becomes natural with oil-based lubes

A major reason an increasing number of couples are going for oil-based lubes is the convenience of massaging. While most of the oils are fits for massaging, manufacturers also tend to ensure that the oil they are using, combined with the other ingredients of the lube, does not aggravate skin sensitivities as well when massaging. Also, many of the lubes have pain-relieving ingredients that take off most of the body-ache leading in to the foreplay. So if you like some massaging and muscle-toning before getting all nasty, this just could be the escape route for you. Make a move now and you shall not be disappointed in ever.

Why natural oils can be used as lube?

  • Readily available: Believe us, if grease were as readily available in the house as these kitchen oils, many newbies would have ended up greasing parts (sic). People have been using edible oil rigorously as lubes because of the simple reason that they are readily available at homes. And it is mostly a hush-hush decision, without careful planning.
  • Doesn’t seem to do much harm: How can a product that you can eat do you harm on (mostly external) application. It is really the ones that you cannot eat that make life all that difficult for you. From the outside, using a natural oil (like sunflower oil or vegetable oil) seems like an affordable and safe option.
  • The slippery texture: There is no second thought about this one. If it is oil, it will have a slick (slippery) texture. This is the actual consideration that most of the people make while using natural oil as lube. All they go for is something that would add to the glide. Appears simple, doesn’t it?
  • It’s edible anyway: Some rulebook once said that products you eat are good for application on the body too. Now the natural oils are usually the kitchen oils in most cases. They are fit for consumption and we do not mind a little oral sex too, if that is the order of the day.

Why you must not use natural oils as lubes?

  • Not purpose-built: You can keep debating about this till the end of the tunnel. But fact remains that the oils used for cooking are not built for personal sexual lubrication. Just this fact contributes to a major negative and tells why you should not be using this lube. The processes of making oils for consumption and lubrication are very different.
  • Sensitive skin issues: The oils might appear to be harmless. But your vital organs have individual health issues that may vary from one person to another. Do not go for it just because friends did it and they liked it. Especially, if you have a record of sensitive skin, stay miles away from trying anything funny. Things aggravate pretty quickly down there.
  • Not so edible either: This is a tricky one, but we will get you through this as well. The kitchen oils you eat are not meant for direct consumption. As in, you cannot consume them out of the pack. They need to be cooked first. In that sense, the lubes are directly consumable even when they are oil-based lubes.
  • Not the best massage oils: When using oil-based lubes, one of the major preferences for many is the way in which it allows you to massage before the foreplay. This might not be the case if you are looking to massage with natural/kitchen oils. With the exception of olive oil, they do not hold up very well when spread over the body.
  • Doctors don’t recommend it: If all these reasons were not good enough, take this: doctors strictly advice against the use of any lubrication that has not been approved by the FDA. While kitchen oils are approved, they are not approved for the purpose of personal lubrication. That makes all the difference in this case.
  • Not the best moisturizing: While the lubrication and glide can be momentarily achieved, you will definitely miss out on the long term uses of oil-based lubes. And this starts with moisturizing, something that using oils on the body will never give you. In registered lubes, you will find special moisturizing and hydrating agents that are absent in oils.

Top 5 Oil Based Lubricant Reviews

# Coconu Organic Personal Lubricant – Coconut Oil-based – 3 Fluid Ounce

Our Impression

Coconu Organic Personal Lubricant

The Coconu Organic oil based personal lubricant is a very well-balanced and long lasting formula that is well and truly meant for exciting experiences. It is 100% edible and makes oral sex a joy to remember. You will also not have that tacky after-effect that most ‘edible’ personal lubes leave in the mouth. Moreover, the Coconu Organic lube does not bother you with dyes, gluten, fragrances and parabens either.So it really takes care of skin sensitivities like none other.

However, Coconu Organic makers note that there could still be some sensitivity issues in some skin types. In that case, use should be discontinued and you should consult a physician. Also, this is not a form of contraception and you should not expect the lube to prevent pregnancy or do anything similar to that effect. All you need to do is make sure it is kept away from sunlight and heat.


  • pH balanced throughout.
  • Does not cause unnecessary irritation.
  • Smooth and silky feel.
  • 100% edible, favors oral sex.
  • Free from gluten, parabens and fragrances.


  • Not exactly the glide of silicone.
  • Not compatible with most condoms.

# YES Personal Lubricant Oil based Formula | Organic Intimate Lubricant 140ml / 4.7 floz

Our Impression

YES Personal Lubricant Oil based

The YES Personal is an oil-based personal lubricant that is made of out and out organic and natural ingredients. All the ingredients used in the product have been verified by the Soil Association of the UK and certified organic. It is pretty much everything you expect from a good organic oil-based lube – pH balanced, free from chemicals and parabens and hypoallergenic. The good thing about this lube is the lasting hydration that it leaves on the skin.

The hydration and moisturizing effect of the YES Personal is the key to the intimacy it generates. The silky and slick texture of it stays through the entire session, even if you are using a really small amount of the lube. In fact, you will never need to use the lube in great quantities to get the desired results. However, you should not be using the lube with toys or condoms. It may break the composition of latex condoms.


  • Certified organic.
  • pH compatible and hypoallergenic.
  • Does not contain glycerin or parabens.
  • Provides long-lasting intimacy.
  • Undented and tasteless lube.
  • Works well for backdoor play too.


  • Does not suit all kinds of toys.
  • Not compatible with condoms.
  • May need reactivation.

# Boy Butter Personal Lubricant, Original Formula (16 Oz. Tub)

Our Impression

Boy Butter

The Boy Butter personal lube is just the kind of oil-based personal lubricant you are looking for if you are sure about your skin sensitivities. The lube is among the most organic coconut and vegetable oil based blends that could get you high in very less time. The formula is sufficiently long-lasting and you do not have to worry about repeating application through the session. If you are looking to use it with toys, just make sure they are non-latex and you are good to go.

Unlike most other oil-based lubes, the Boy Butter personal lube is a non-staining formula. It will not leave any stain on fabric or skin. That is where the organic goodness of the lube comes in. Also, it does well to combine the organic aspect with a silicone blend. The homogeneous texture of the lube will remind you of real butter. To go along with that, it will wash away merely with water.


  • Comes loaded with silicone texture.
  • Does not cause stains.
  • No need for reapplication.
  • Moisturizes and hydrates skin.
  • Great quantity compared to the price.


  • Better used for anal intimacy alone.
  • Does not support all toys.

# YES Personal Lubricant Oil-based Formula 80ml / 2.7oz | Organic Intimate Lubricant

Our Impression

Yes Personal Lubricant Oil Based

The YES Personal oil-based formula comes in tacky bottle that is bound to impress you and your partner. You may as well plan it as a surprise. The natural ingredients used in the lube have been certified organic by competent authorities. It is one among the very few oil-based lubricants that are actually pH compatible while maintaining an unscented and edible composition. Moreover, it is free from parabens, chemicals and known allergy-causing agents as well.

The lubricants are very rich on hydration. This makes them very long-lasting too. If it does seem to fade away, do not be alarmed. All you need to do is add some spit or a few drops of water and you can get going all over again. But you should not be using this lube with different kinds of toys or condoms. That could as well turn out to be harmful. On the whole, we rate the YES Personal among the better oil-based lubricants.


  • Certified organic ingredients only.
  • Does not cause allergy or irritation.
  • Looks after pH balance.
  • Unscented and neutral in taste.
  • Long-lasting hydration.


  • Application could turn messy.
  • Not the best in terms of economy.

# Viamax Organic Glide – Organic and Oil Based Lubricant

Our Impression


The Viamax Organic personal lubricant is for those who like to make the right choices without missing out on the intimacies of life. It is a 100% natural lubricant and that is just where it begins. It carries ancient Greek and Egyptian knowledge of herbs into an unbeatably slick and smooth formulation. This makes the Viamax Organic the one existing (completely) natural form of lubrication that you should be going for.

Along with the ancients, the Viamax Organic also comes infused with Shea butter and Cocoa butter to further improve glide. Both these work in tandem to make sure you get a very creamy texture of lubrication. It is also free from preservatives, chemicals and glycerin all through its formulation. It has been recommended very highly by dermatologists and gynecologists all over. You do not have much to worry either as the formulation has been certified by the FDA. Moreover, it is safe for all toys and condoms.


  • Safe with condoms and toys.
  • Does not cause irritation and chaffing.
  • Promotes a soothing effect on skin.
  • Recommended by gynecologists.
  • Egyptian and Greek recipes.


  • Could be in for frequent reapplication.
  • More expensive than others.

Why we couldn’t look beyond the Boy Butter Personal Lubricant, Original Formula (16 Oz. Tub)?

The good thing about the Boy Butter is that it comes infused with a silicone texture. You basically have the peace of mind of using an all-natural oil-based lube and the exhilaration of a silicone lube. It will not leave the slightest stain on your or your sheet – another big positive. You will not need to reapply it all through the session. And the best of all – it leaves a relaxing and soothing feel on the skin.

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