Though there are many elements of a good marriage, great sex is one of the most important. Sex strengthens the love bond, as many men think and feel, and without it some may be tempted to cheat. If you have been struggling to get sex from your lovely bride, chances are that she has lost her libido. And if she still has some sex drive left, it could be that she feels pain or discomfort during sex. If your penis is too big, or if her vagina is less lubricated naturally, painful or uncomfortable sex could result. So you need a solution just like Passion Lubes, Natural Water-based Lubricant, 16 Fluid Ounce. This is the best lubricant for couples that want to revive their passionate sex life. Alternatively, you can use this lube to masturbate with toys or just the way you love it.

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Our Impression

Who can use it? – Passionate Lubes is the product that will truly rekindle your dying sexual relationships. Whatever the cause of bad sex is, Passion Lubes is designed to eliminate it without pain or discomfort. It could be that you are a single woman, or man, and your toys are your best source of intimacy for now. It is all right to have sexual desires but if you have no one to touch you, you could get yourself the Passionate Lubes product. Then use it to pleasure the most erotic parts of your body. You can also apply some of it to the toys you use to ease penetration.

Passion LubeThe choice is yours. If you are married, or have a sexual partner, Passionate Lubes is a must-have item in your bedroom.  It will get her in the mood if she has lost all the desire for sex. Being a water-based gel, the product is mess-free and does not stain your bed sheet or skin at all. As soon as you are done having sex, you will simply use water to remove the lube. It cleans up easily, as many users claim on

Passionate Lubes natural water-based lube contains these ingredients:

  • Propanediol
  • Water
  • Hydroxypropyl
  • Hydroxyethylcellulose,
  • Sodium Benzoate
  • Pottassium Sorbate,
  • Citric acid
  • Xanthan Gum
  • Mythylcellulose

As you can see, the product does not contain petrochemicals, glycerin or parabens. It is a totally new natural formula that cannot harm your body. What is more, Passionate Lubes, Natural Water lube is able to moisturize your genitals for extended periods, making sure that the thrusting of your male part does not hurt her.

Ease of use

There is a chance that your partner and you, or just you alone, have never considered buying a sex lube. If that is the case, use of Passion Lubes might be tricky. The bottle that accommodates this water-based gel consists of an air-free pump that releases measured drops. So you will be able to remove the first few drops with ease. Apply the gel on sensitive areas of her body, including nipples and clitoris, and then carry on with your foreplay.

Your penis has many nerve endings too, and it will feel great when massaged with Passionate Lubes. Just ask her to lube her hands and get them busy while you lie down, eagerly waiting for a mind-blowing orgasm. The fact that the lube’s bottle is shielded from spills is a bonus as you can travel with it anywhere.  If both of you want to use sex toys for individual sexual enjoyment, there is enough gel for two. It comes in a large, 16-ounce bottle.   You can reapply as you desire and even use for anal sex, according to some users.

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Are there Safety concerns?

The manufacturer’s warning is that you should stop using Passionate Lubes if irritation happens. As well, they have advised that the product be stored out of kids’ reach and away from both eyes and ears.  Finally, you should keep your lube at room temperature conditions.

What to Keep in mind

  • Painful and uncomfortable sex does not have to continue when you could easily get Passionate Lubes, Natural Water-based lube for yourself.
  • Foreplay that involves sensitive areas like the clitoris or penis head can be less pleasurable if they are rubbed and stroked while poorly lubricated. It would be great to use a lube.
  • Passionate Lube is water-based and so it does not create mess that would be work to clean up later on.
  • This gel lacks irritants like petrochemicals, parabens or glycerin. So there is no a possibility of getting hurt after using it for genital lubrication.
  • You do not need any special knowledge or expertise to start using Passionate Lubes.
  • Your experience with the product will most likely be unique and personal.

Tips if you are going to buy this item

If you will indeed buy yourself this item, focus on the following tip:

As this is a water-based lube, do not expect that it won’t dry up and leave a semi-sticky residue behind. It definitely will require more reapplications depending on the length of time your sex session is meant to last.

Wrap it up

I have nothing but great testimony to share with you about this product. Right before I found it, sex was becoming more like a boring routine that I desperately hoped to stop. Luckily I found Passionate Lubes, Natural Water-based lube and we tried using it to spice up our sex. We are happy with it, generally, as it has restored our sexual enjoyment and youth.

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  • Passionate Lubes is usable with toys and latex condoms, being water-based, and so it is very convenient.
  • It is absolutely natural seeing that glycerin, parabens and petrochemicals are absent.
  • You can use it for any form of sexual stimulation including masturbation, anal or vaginal sex. So, the lube is perfect for the singles and married people.
  • It is cheaper than many silicon-based sex lubes.
  • The product does not create stains that cannot be removed with pure water.


  • If your sexual stamina is high, you might find that many reapplications are killing your mood.

Bottom line

Passionate Lubes is a natural gel that will bring back your sexual pleasure.

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