Coconut oil as lube has some good and bad qualities. It can be tough to know what kind of lube to use based on the kind of sex you’ll be having. The choice of lube will require some planning ahead of time. You shouldn’t have to investigate and choose a lube based on the type of sex you’re planning. The personal lubricant should be usable for all kinds of sex – whether it’s anal, oral, or vaginal.

So, you’re here, trying to figure out if coconut oil is a good alternative to other kinds of lubes. Let’s break down the truth about coconut oil. You might be surprised to learn that it’s healthier than you expected, but is it good for inserting in your vagina or anus during sex. That’s the real test of a personal lubricant.

Best alternative: Shibari Premium Personal Lubricant

Heart-Healthy Food

First, it’s been used for years as some kind of miracle oil. People use it for cooking. It’s a food that you can put in the healthy column. Most doctors call it a heart healthy food that will help you resist viruses. It’s also good for treating yeast and fungi as well as candida. It improves your blood sugar, which reduces the need for insulin. While that’s a lot of pluses in the coconut column, we haven’t touched whether it’s safe for use as a lubricant during sex. There are many foods that are good for your heart, but they might not be great for your vagina or anus.

Is it a Vagina-Healthy Oil?

If you suffer from yeast infections, coconut oil can actually kill off the yeast when applied directly to the vagina. It’s naturally anti-bacterial, too. As mentioned above, doctors call it great for the heart and can treat fungi. That’s a good thing if you’re prone to yeast growth.

The vagina is full of good and bad bacteria. It’s a constant battle between good and evil down there. Any kind of altering in the balance can throw the vagina’s good bacteria out of whack. That’s what often leads to an infection.

Benefits of Coconut Oil in the Bedroom


Along with being antibacterial and antiviral, it’s incredibly moisturizing. Whether you want to use it on the vagina, anus, penis, or balls, the moisturizing impact on those areas will be profound. You’ll be smooth as velvet after sex with coconut oil as a lube.

All Natural

Instead of harsh chemicals in your vagina or anus, you’ll have natural coconut that is clean and organic. Even the method used to extract coconut from the shell is meant to keep all the great properties of the oil intact.


Coconut oil is pretty inexpensive compared to other kinds of natural oils and moisturizers. Especially, since it can be used for a variety of applications from sex to food preparation. You can have a jar in the bedroom as well as a bottle in the kitchen.

Disadvantages to Coconut Oil as a Lubricant

Scientific Proof

There’s no real scientific proof that the oil in coconut is better than other medicines for protecting against yeast infections. Every positive benefit is anecdotal. It doesn’t work for everyone. There are many reasons that other methods are better for removing infections. In fact, in many cases, the use of coconut oil can actually cause infections instead of removing them. It’s best to stay away from the oil altogether.

Condom Breakage

Latex condoms require a certain kind of lubricant. The condom will break down if used with any oils. That includes coconut oil. If safe sex with a condom is vital for your sex life, you’ll need to avoid using coconut oil. In fact, you’ll need a water-based alternative to any kind of lubricant. Silicone or oil-based lube causes serious breakdown of the latex in condoms. That means coconut oil, too.

Sperm Mobility

Coconut oil can make it harder for sperm to move. If you’re hoping to conceive with your partner, you’ll want to avoid coconut oil. This lube – like other oils – can make it hard for sperm to maneuver in the vagina to the cervix and beyond. When sperm has a hard time moving quickly, it leads to the couple having a harder time conceiving. For those couples who have fertility issues, this can compound the problem.


Some people have an allergy to coconuts and coconut oil. Even if you don’t have an allergy, it might be an oil that causes a rash in your sensitive parts. If it irritates your skin, definitely don’t use it as a lubricant during sex. While you might be fine with coconut oil, it might be a problem for your partner. You’ll want to avoid adding any kind of oil – even if it’s natural.

The Smell of Coconut

While the smell of coconut can be tropical, over time it can be overpowering. It might be a turn off for your partner, too. Coconut oil is a strong smell that can be a problem for you or your partner when used frequently. It can linger on your skin long after sex, too. You won’t be able to have sex with the oil as a lubricant then go about your day. The odor will linger while you’re at work or school. It might not be an ideal smell to come from your genitals.

Disrupts Natural Balance

The vagina has its own ability to avoid infections. When you add something like coconut oil, you’re disrupting the vagina’s natural balance. It’s important that the vagina is left to its own devices most of the time. When you add an oil to the pH balance of your vagina, it can cause serious issues with the natural chemicals.

Clogs Pores

Coconut oil is considered to be comedogenic, which means that it tends to clog pores. While it might be considered an antioxidant, any benefits must be weighed against the fact that it can cause breakouts, rashes, and ingrown hairs. That’s a problem when used on genitals – especially if you or your partner shaves regularly. The oil itself might be considered a good moisturizer, it isn’t completely absorbed by the skin. It’ll sit on the top of the skin in a thick layer of oil.

Thick and Hard

Coconut oil is hard to remove from a jar in a cool room. It can lead to bent spoons and lots of frustration. It certainly will not get you in the mood for sex. If you need lubricant, it’s often because you’re not able to generate enough lubrication on your own. It’s yet another deterrent to an easy sex life.

Anal Lubricant

There’s been lots of talk so far about coconut oil as a lubricant for vaginal sex. Can coconut oil be used as a lube for anal sex? This will depend on a few factors. You don’t have to worry about the oil disrupting the delicate balance of the vagina since you’re using it in the anus. Except it can drip and mix in the vicinity of the vagina. That’s something to keep in mind.

It still won’t mix with latex condoms or sex toys. If you plan on using a condom or an anal training kit, you’ll have a problem with the condom breaking. It can also destroy the silicone of your sex toys, too. That’s true of many oil-based lubes.

Too Many Disadvantages

As you can see, there are too many disadvantages to using coconut oil as a lubricant during sex. Instead, you should consider the kind of lubricant that you need for your sex life. Ask yourself whether you need something for vaginal, oral, or anal sex before making your purchase.

Top 5 Recommended Personal Lubricant

Shibari lube

This is a water-based lube that comes in a large bottle. It’s relatively inexpensive, which is a benefit for those who need lube often during sex. Shibari is a pure, hypoallergenic lube that can be used for anal as well as vaginal sex. It’s clean and clear, so it won’t stain clothing or sheets.

The lube has some of the best ingredients, and because it’s water based, it won’t be a problem for condoms or silicone toys. It can easily be added into your bedroom routine. You can even use this before sex without him knowing a thing. It’s not a lube that has to announce itself. He might not even be aware that you’re not wet naturally.

The Shibari water-based lube is certified 510(k). That means it’s been tested and approved by the FDA for use as a personal lube. It glides on silky smooth and stays wet and non-sticky for a long time.

Coconu Organic

If you really want to stick with a coconut based oil, you could use this one from Coconu. It’s certified to be 100% organic by the USDA. Instead of it being a coconut oil that might alter the pH levels of your vagina, it’s meant specifically for use as a personal sex lube. It’s never been tested on animals and doesn’t contain silicone, parabens or glycerin.

A coconut oil isn’t necessarily made for use during sex, but this one is specifically designed for that purpose. It has other ingredients like sunflower seed oil and sweet almond to ensure that it’ll be safe for use on and in your body. Along with being natural and organic, the lube is edible. That makes it a great lube for oral sex.

The coconut oil-based lube has ingredients that will actually stimulate the body’s natural lubrication. It can be used as a massage oil as well as for vaginal and anal sex. It should still be used sparingly with condoms and sex toys. It could be a problem with those types of materials.

Aloe Cadabra

Instead of choosing an oil like coconut, this water-based gel is made with organic ingredients, too. It’s 100% vegan with aloe and enriched with vitamin E. This makes it a lube that is friendly for toys and condoms. That’s important for many couples and lovers who want to stay safe from harm.

There are no chemicals or hormones in this lubricant. It can be used to increase the natural wetness in a woman’s vagina without all the unhealthy products that contain additives and chemicals. It can even be used for oral sex since the gel is edible. There are no adverse side effects to worry about with this lube. There are no glycerins, sugars, or parabens in this product.

The aloe lube is organic like coconut, so if you want to use something natural, this is a good choice. It’s non-sticky and won’t stain clothes or fabrics. It’s approved by doctors as well as the FDA for women who don’t want to risk infections.

Woo More

If you are married to the idea of using coconut oil, it’s best to use some that’s been tested and manufactured to be used specifically as a personal lube. The company had testers that made sure the lube had a great scent, taste, and consistency. All the problems you’d find with coconut oil are not a problem with this lube.

There are actually only 4 ingredients with this personal lubricant. There’s coconut oil, of course, vanilla essence, beeswax, and stevia. All of these ingredients give the lube a great smell and taste. That’s especially important in a lube you’ll use for oral sex. There are no chemicals or hormones to alter the pH balance of your vagina, either.

This lube looks great on your nightstand. It’s also unlike other lubes because you’ll have a thicker solution that won’t spill. The thickness keeps it from spilling but it easily thins out as it heats from your body.

Passion Lube

This water-based lubricant is perfect for those who want variety in their sexual adventures. You don’t have to know the kind of sex you’ll have before you head to the bedroom. Water-based lubes are great for condoms as well as sex toys.

This one is free of parabens, glycerin, and petrochemicals. It’s a natural lube that won’t stain your sheets or clothing. It’s not sticky or smelly, either. You don’t want a lube that smells like chemicals or burns when it’s being used. Neither of those things will happen with this lubricant.

It’s in a spill-proof bottle that is easy to pump during sex. Water-based lubes can be absorbed by the body, so you’ll need an easy way to reapply more lube during sex. This is a huge amount of lube at 34 ounces. It’ll take a long time before you run out and have to buy more.

Questions to Ask:

Will I be using the personal lubricant for vaginal sex?
If that’s the case, you’ll want to use a water-based or silicone-based lube that won’t interfere with your vagina’s pH balance. There are many lubes that have ingredients to mimic the natural lubricant of the vagina itself. It should be absorbed naturally into the body during sex.

Should the personal lube be compatible with latex condoms?
The lube that you choose should be compatible with latex condoms if you’re planning on using them with your partner. Many couples decide that they don’t need condoms, so that’s not a concern. It might become a concern, though, if you want to introduce an anal toy. To keep your toy clean, you’ll want to cover it with a condom.

Does the lube need to be absorbed in the body or stay slick for a long time?
When you enjoy anal sex, the personal lube used should last for a long time. The rectum doesn’t produce its own lubrication, which can lead to friction and pain if the lube gets absorbed during penetration.

If you're using this personal lube during sex, will taste be a factor?
Many couples enjoy oral sex with their partner. They don’t want to be repulsed by the taste or odor associated with their lube. This should be kept in mind for couples who want to engage in oral sex.

Once you’ve consider many of these important questions as well as the cons associated with personal lube, you can begin your research and shopping list. We’ve gathered our top 5 recommendations for lube that you will enjoy.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to lube, you’ll want to stay away from coconut oil. Can you use coconut oil as lube? It’s a valid question, but we believe that question has been answered. It’s better to have a personal lube with natural ingredients that are made specifically for sex. Whether you’re having vaginal sex, anal, or oral sex, it’s important to have the right lube for the job. We’ve included our top 5 favorites for all kinds of fun times with your lover.

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