Do you want to experience the best sex from your Fleshlight toy?

You need the perfect lubricant for it.

In this review, I reveal five lubricants that will help you take fun to the next level.

Fleshlight alone can’t give you the best fun you’ll want to get from a tight vagina. It is until you’ve applied lube you’ll feel the greatest pleasure from the toy

If you feel stressed and find it difficult to concentrate on anything after a prolonged period without sex, Fleshlight with one of the recommended lubes you’ll see below are what you need.

Playing with yourself isn’t a bad thing. It’s healthy. Even doctors agree that it’s okay. It helps you unload some stress in your body.

See it as sleep. When you wake up in the morning and stay active working the whole day, your body starts asking for some rest again when it’s time for sleep.

Sex is like that to the body too. After some time without sex, your body starts asking for it again. Well, it’s true some men can handle a longer period without sex than others. But it isn’t healthy to keep that load.

This is where Fleshlight and a perfect lubricant come in. They give your body exactly what it needs, which is fun.

Best Lube for Fleshlight Comparison Table

ProductsParaben/ Glycerin FreeLongivitySizePrice
Flesh lube Paraben FreeModerate to High8 OZ Check price
Shibari Premium LubricantParaben FreeHigh8 OZ Check price
Fleshlight Ice Paraben FreeModerate 4 OZ Check price
Lube Life LubricantBoth FreeModerate 8 OZ Check price
Aloe Cadabra LubeBoth FreeModerate to High2.5 OZ Check price

Top 5 Lubes for Fleshlight Reviews

Fleshlube Water Based Premium Lubricant


Freshlube Water Based Premium Lubricant is one of the top lubes for Fleshlight. This lubricant gives you a perfect feeling you won’t get from most other lubes on the market.

Freshlube is never sticky. It makes the penis slips into any of the Fleshlight toys without trouble. You get the feeling inside of you like you’re penetrating a real vagina.

Yes, Fleshlight doesn’t replace your partner. Perhaps, it’ll give you something they can’t. And if you don’t have a girlfriend and not looking to have one soon, you can be sure that using Freshlube with Fleshlight won’t disappoint you.

This lubricant doesn’t contain paraben. It’s okay for any sensitive skin. If you have a sensitive skin that reacts to harmful ingredients found in lubes, you can be rest assured when buying Freshlube.

Another important point that I must make is that you can use Freshlube with or without your partner. It works on both Fleshlight and your partner.

The product is so natural and proudly made in the USA. Dermatologists created Freshlube, so you can expect nothing less than a high-quality product that works for you.

The lubricant is soft. Just a drop would do the work. It makes sex smooth and easy on you. It helps you feel cool and calm, knowing that you’ll be fully satisfied at the end of the day.

This lube lasts long. You don’t have to apply every minute. Apply once and use it for a long time.

Some other lubricants out there will start making you feel uncomfortable after a little use. Not Freshlube.

Freshlube Water Based Premium Lubricant will satisfy your unquenchable sexual needs with Freshlight or partner.

The lube doesn’t stain. There will be absolutely zero traces after usage. So, if you’re to have visitors within minutes and decide to play a little bit to relieve stress, this lube will leave no traces.

Use it anywhere of your choosing. If it’s in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen – you’re free to go.

Freshlube Water Based Premium Lubricant isn’t the type of lube you buy all the time because it has enough content to keep you satisfied for a long period of time.

The cost is reasonable for the quality and quantity you’ll get with Freshlube Water Based Premium Lubricant.

Shibari Water Based Personal Lubricant


Shibari is one of the top water based personal lubricants. This lube is made for ultimate comfort.

It works well, both on Fleshlight and your partner. Shibari gives you a smooth sensation when penetrating into Fleshlight. It makes it slippery and gives the penis more than it gets in terms of wetness from the vagina.

Sometimes, when thrusting, the vagina could go dry without lube. Then sex becomes uncomfortable instead of fun as a result.

But with lube like Shibari Water Based Personal Lubricant, you can say goodbye to that. You can be 100% sure that sex will always be something that gives you joy, not discomfort.

The combination of Shibari Water Based Personal Lubricant and any Fleshlight toy is super amazing. Fleshlight sells a wide range of toys and they work perfectly well with Shibari.

Shibari is a trusted brand that has been providing men with a world-class lube for some years now. Their lubricant is healthy and enhances intimate pleasures.

Premium quality ingredients were used to make Shibari Water Based Personal Lubricant. The lubricant contains no dyes and perfumes. It’s clean, non-staining and hypoallergic.

Shibari is certified by the FDA and its formulation has been shown to be safe for use.

The lubricant does the job with Fleshlight toys. It gives you zero irritation after use. Along with Fleshlight, you can use it with your wife or girlfriend.

It keeps you penetrating like an angry lion until you’re fully satisfied. With Shibari Water Based Personal Lubricant, you’ll never feel dry when thrusting again.

If you want the perfect lube for Fleshlight toys that stays slippery for a long time, this lube is what you should be using.

Shibari Water Based Personal Lubricant allows you to do something special on a regular basis.

If you have your Fleshlight already, Shibari will take your sexual excitement to a higher level. No need to experiment with bad lubes that don’t do the job. With Shibari, you’ll never be disappointed.

Get lasting love with Fleshlight and Shibari. Get your heart’s rate up with the feeling of excitement you’ll get from these two wonderful sex products.

Fleshlube Ice Water Based Lubricant

Fleshlight Ice

This is another lubricant from the Freshlube brand but it’s a different product from the first one mentioned on this page. You get a cool feeling inside your Fleshlight when you use this lube.

Freshlube Ice Water Based Lubricant is perfect for you if you’ve got a sensitive skin. Your penis won’t get itchy after use.

This lube is perfect for men who feel a little bit neglected by their partners and want more from their Fleshlight toy.

If you’ve missed having your penis in a cool vagina, Freshlube Ice Water Based Lubricant gives you just that. When you put your penis into that toy, you get that cool sensation. Your penis feels cold.

If you’ve got a very high sex drive, this is the lubricant you should be using.

Have a naked image of a girl you want to touch so badly?

You can start feeling it with Fleshlight. But you also need lubricant that gives you an image of the girl coming out of the bathroom.

A girl coming out of the shower feels cold. And by applying this lubricant on the Fleshlight toy, you get that perfect sensation you’ll expect from the vagina.

Let your imagination take you wherever it wants to go with this amazing lubricant.

Maybe you’re on the phone talking to that hot girl and want to unload so bad, FreshLube Ice Water Based Lube makes that incredibly easy.

This lubricant is made with two things in mind: Satisfaction and comfort.

Very few lubricants make you fully satisfied after playing with an amazing toy like Fleshlight.

I consider FreshLube Ice Water Based Lubricant as one of the great lubes for Fleshlight.

If after having sex with a girl, you still don’t feel satisfied, you can always rely on Fleshlight and Freshlube to complete the job for you.

Fleshlight and Freshlube do a better and faster job in case you’re in a hurry. Why torture yourself by going out unsatisfied. Fleshlight gives you a great artificial vagina that is unmatched by any other. Freshlube gives you a cool sensation when penetrating Fleshlight. It makes it cold and accommodating.

If you want to be alone at somewhere quiet and satisfy your sexual needs at the same time, I recommend you go with a Fleshlight toy along with a Freshlube Ice Water Based Lube.

LubeLife Water Based Personal Lubricant


LubeLife gives you a silky-smooth sensation that enhances pleasures when using Fleshlight.

LubeLife is easy to clean after use. So, no need to worry about leaving traces after using this lubricant.

This lubricant is made with the highest quality ingredients, which means it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. It’s free of glycerin, paraben, silicone and oil.

Water Based lubricants like LubeLife give you natural feeling inside your Fleshlight toy. That means less reasons to worry about getting maximum satisfaction.

LubeLife is one of the finest in the market. It does a great job. It’s approved by the FDA.

Apart from using it with Fleshlight, this lubricant works with absolutely any sex toy you want to play with.

If you have a partner who also uses sex toys, you can be 100% sure that she will be satisfied having this cool lube in the house.

LubeLife Water Based Lubricant makes sure that your penis is well lubricated. You won’t feel any discomfort during and after usage.

LubeLife contains zero flavors in it. That means there won’t be nothing smelling after you’re done with any of the Fleshlight toys.

You can use LubeLife with toys and your partner. The lube works well for both.

Whether you’re on holiday or inside your home, LubeLife should always be with you. Yes, you should have it around as long as you look forward to having sex with or without your partner.

Just having a piece of LubeLife will serve you well for a long time. So, if you’re on a long journey vacation, you can expect this lubricant to be enough for the duration of your holiday.

LubeLife is the perfect lube to have with you while laying on a soft bed, naked, relaxed and thinking about sex. The anticipation of starting a great journey in your imagination that ends with great fun and satisfaction shouldn’t be denied.

LubeLife, is no doubt, best lube for Fleshlight toys.

Whether you are in a towel or some clothes while you pleasure yourself, you can be sure that it won’t get stained.

Or, maybe you’re under the covers in bed, it surely won’t have stains when you’re done with your Fleshlight toy. LubeLife will never disappoint you.

You can also build up pleasure in yourself with LubeLife prior to going into the vagina of your partner. The lube sets you up for success.

Aloe Cadabra Natural Personal Lube

Aloe Cadabra

Aloe Cadabra is a high-quality Personal Lube that’s made in the United States and approved by the FDA.

The lubricant is made with organic Aloe Vera, so it’s a superior water based lube. Aloe Cadabra Personal Lube works pretty well with Fleshlight toys.

It contains no harmful chemicals like glycerin and paraben. It doesn’t stain and is easy to clean.

Aloe Cadabra Personal Lubricant is the lube you can trust to give you that sensation during pleasure with any Fleshlight toys of your choice. I consider it as one of the best lubes for Fleshlight made with the highest quality ingredients you can find out there.

It feels completely natural when you’re thrusting into your Fleshlight.

Some men build up their stamina and maintain erections in a variety of positions using Fleshlight toys. With this lube, it feels amazingly easy for you to prepare well for your real partner.

Using Aloe Cadabra with Fleshlight will leave you completely satisfied, and the pleasurable sensations will only intensify.

Aloe Cadabra is different from other lubes on this page because Aloe Vera is the main ingredient in its content. That means it replaces water with Aloe Vera.

If you want to get naked and feel some sensation down on your penis, I recommend you use Aloe Cadabra to make the experience smoothing.

Maybe you get semi-hard a lot of times, you can always use Fleshlight and Aloe Cadabra to kick yourself into action and get fully hard.

If you want to make some moans while your girlfriend is watching, the combination of Fleshlight and Aloe Cadabra is what you need.

Have a girlfriend who’s reluctant to see you and satisfy your sexual needs?

Fleshlight and Aloe Cadabra can fill in so that you’re never disappointed.

These two are well compatible with each other. They both ensure 100% percent satisfaction of your needs.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having some fun alone. If you’re going to have some fun, why not use the best tools that give you the exact same experience you get from a vagina.

I’m not saying these two should replace your partner, but they can make sure your sex life is never boring with or without your partner.

Time to take sex to the next level. Time to say goodbye to dull sex. Time to start getting 100% satisfaction.

Fleshlight plus Aloe Cadabra give you that.

Why you need lube with Fleshlight?

Fleshlight are great sex toys for men. The brand’s products are high-quality and very few complain about the sensation they get from it.

What are the reasons why you need lube with Fleshlight?

Below are the two big reasons:

Use lubricant to enhance pleasure

Fleshlight gives you a great sensation just like you get from the vagina. Like the vagina, you need some wetness to really enjoy it.

Sex can be painful when the vagina is dry. Sex can also be painful when your Fleshlight toy is dry. They are both the same thing.

The main difference is that, as most people would claim, Fleshlight is an artificial vagina. Of course, that’s true.

Fleshlight has been designed to give you the same thing you’ll get from a real vagina.

Lubricant will help you feel a greater pleasure because penetrating will be smooth without friction.

Use lubricant to prevent injuries

A dry vaginal can leave tears on your penis. The same thing applies to Fleshlight toys.

Fleshlight toys don’t produce lubricants as you would expect from a vaginal. Since they are artificial, you’ll have to buy lubricant to help you get pleasure.

I’ve listed the top 5 lubes for Fleshlight above. Choose one of these lubricants and you’ll have the best lube for Fleshlight.

All the lubes are perfect. They make you enjoy the experience. They are highly recommended and affordable.

What are the things to consider when choosing lubes for Fleshlight

Not every lubricant you see out there is good for Fleshlight. Some lubes may actually damage your sex toy. You want to be smart and buy the right lube when you’re ready.

So, what are the things to consider in lube before buying it?

  • Choose a water-based lubricant

Water based lubes are safe for all sexual activities, including toys. They are made with water. That may be a little bit surprising to you.

Water based lubes are free of stain, color, smell and taste. Anyone can use them. They are easy to wash off after sex leaving no traces on your body or the place you just had fun.

  • Silky-smooth and long lasting

High-quality water based lubes last long.

I must confess that there are a lot of water based lubes out there, but you’ll have to reapply many times to get real fun out of the product.

That’s different from the top 5 lubes for Fleshlight given on this page. These lubes last long and make sure you get the perfect sexual experience.

  • Harm-free to use

Before buying any lubricant, ensure that it doesn’t contain any chemicals that may be harmful to your body.

Top harmful chemicals commonly found in lubricants are:

  1. Glycerin
  2. Parabens
  3. Phenoxyethanol
  4. Chlorhexidine
  5. Propylene glycol
  • Easy to clean

You don’t want lubricant that is hard to clean. It means they’ll be traces everywhere that shows you’ve used lube.

Now, if you want to keep your sex life private, lubes that are hard to clean make it difficult to do so. But this isn’t the only reason why you should choose lubes that are easy to clean.

Clean lubricants don’t cause any harm to the health, which is a good thing.

All the lubricants given above are easy to clean and are considered healthy.

How to apply lubricant on your Fleshlight for maximum satisfaction

If you want maximum satisfaction from your Fleshlight, you should know how to apply lubricant in it correctly.

So, how do you go about this?

First, heat up your Fleshlight by putting it into warm water. Doing this makes it warm as you would get from warm vagina.

Then remove it from the warm water and dry it a little bit.

Apply one of the water based lubricants from one of the lubes listed above into your Fleshlight and some on your penis.

Then, you’re ready to go!


Fleshlight is definitely one of the best sex toys in the world. But Fleshlight isn’t enough. You need lube to get maximum satisfaction you’ll expect to get from a vagina.

On this page, I’ve listed the best lubes for Fleshlight. These five lubes are what you need to start getting a great experience from your sex toy.

Choose one or even two if you want. They all work great.

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