As a married person, I would be the first person to admit that sex can get so monotonous and boring over time. Whether or not you are willing to admit it, there are times when you just avoid having sex because it is no longer pleasurable. Prior to finding a plan B option that could ruin your marriage, consider checking out the Ocean Sensuals G Natural Female Stimulating Gel. Ever since my husband and I considered using this gel, our boring sex life changed for the better. Now we are always happy to get intimate and while I felt pain and discomfort before, the Ocean Sensuals G Natural gel has solved my problem. Our story is now a testimony that we are always pleased to share.

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Our impression

As indicated above, we love our Ocean Sensuals G Natural Female Stimulating Gel. Created for the lady, the gel is applied on the clitoris and underneath it. Then it is gently massaged to arouse the blood to fill the clitoral hood where intense orgasms are born. It does not matter whether or not your lady’s clitoris is stubborn or hard to please. This gel caresses and strokes this organ in a manner that gets it deeply aroused. And then your lady will not cease from wanting more sexual fun from you.

Female Stimulating Gel

What it contains

Ocean Sensuals is females’ best sex appetizer. It contains up to eight different ingredients and all of them play an imperative role in making sure your intimacy is great.  Water (Aqua) makes this gel water-based, hence ensuring that it can effectively be used with condoms. Another ingredient is propanedial, a naturally occurring humectant that absorbs moisture from the air and hydrates the skin.

Making this sexual lubricating gel natural is Carrageenan. It is a form of plant extract that contains a lot of moisture.   Niacin is added too, and its work is to improve your blood flow and to heighten sensations, resulting to an orgasm. L-arginine is used in this gel and you must have come across it in some capsules and syrups (mostly multi-vitamins). But why is L-arginine added to Ocean Sensuals? Its work is to increase the blood flow and sensations. Evening Primrose oil is not new to us ladies. Its role is to enhance the way your blood flows to where it is needed so that an orgasm can be achieved.

Menthol is the item that warms and stimulates your skin. It is the magic in the Ocean Sensuals G Natural Female Stimulating gel.  As well, menthol promotes the rate of absorption for niacin and L-Arginine. Citric acid is added to control and maintain proper pH balance while natural preservatives make the gel totally organic and reliable. So far you have noted that this product does not contain glycerin or paraben. It is completely safe and causes a cool sensation when you first apply it.

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How easily you can get great results

Whether or not you will succeed in giving your wife an orgasm with this gel will largely depend on your ability to carefully follow instructions. First read the instructions just as you did when you bought your first pack of condoms. So, apply a little amount of your Ocean Sensual gel to her clitoral hood and underneath it. You can also apply some of it to her vaginal lips. Then start to work her lady parts gently and in circular, slow motions. As you do it, you will notice when her level of sensitivity has mounted, signaling an orgasm. If you stimulate her steadily, Ocean Sensuals will meet your goal and your wife will, indeed, want more intimacy.

 Safety notes about Ocean Sensuals gel

  • This gel is absolutely organic and safe. It has no spermicide or any other irritant that could harm your body.
  • If irritation occurs, although very rare, stop using the gel right away and see your doctor.
  • Do not bring it even an inch closer to the eyes.
  • Manufactured for Dreambands product line in Arizona, USA, the gel’s source is absolutely safe and trustworthy.

 Great points summarized

  • Ocean Sensuals G Natural Female Stimulating Gel is made for ladies who want to change their orgasm-free sex lives.
  • It is made for clitoral lubrication and stimulation.
  • Just a few drops are needed to get her to the peak of sexual arousal.
  • Instead of irritating her genitals, Ocean Sensuals will generate endless clitoral sensations.
  • The product is sold online and shipped discreetly. No one else has to know what you have just shipped and above all, Ocean Sensuals is totally affordable. So you get a chance to save money.

Tips if you are going to buy this item

  • Make your order is from a trustworthy online merchant.
  • Read instructions carefully before use to ensure that you get her fully stimulated.
  • The product offers measured applications via its airless self-sealing pump. So there is no need to force out more drops than needed.

Wrap up

I once lost my sex drive because of doing it the same way for the two decades I have been married. Sex became a boring and somewhat predictable bedroom routine for us. Luckily, I came across Ocean Sensuals gel while surfing the internet and decided to order it. And ever since the first night we used our gel it sort of transformed our sex for good. Now I want more sex as it does not hurt, and has become sort of renewed and interesting.

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  • Ocean Sensuals stimulating gel for ladies is absolutely natural and organic, as it has no glycerin or parabens.
  • It causes no mess, spillage or stains.
  • This gel is easily used with the latex condoms.
  • It has no odor, color or taste, making it totally fine for exciting sex sessions with your woman.
  • Ocean Sensuals dispenses measured drops and so you are less likely to use more gel, per session, than the manufacturer recommends.
  • It is completely safe and cannot irritate her private parts


  • Personally I did not experience any side effect. However, there are users who found that it could sting a little.

Bottom line

Ocean Sensuals G Natural Female Stimulating Gel is your solution if you want to spice up your sexual relationship with your wife.

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