Do you want to enjoy sex each time you have it? If you want intercourse to be fun, your partner and you must first determine where the problem is. It could that your woman feels pain or discomfort during intercourse, and this has interfered with her libido. Maybe you both do not feel as interested in sex as you did in the past.

The best sex lubricant will solve most problems provided that the cause of bad sex is mostly physical or emotional. The Wet Platinum Premium Lubricate, 8.9-ounce bottle is a great sex lube for couples who want to improve their bedroom matters. This lubricant will keep her slippery enough to withstand penetration and thrusting as it will remove dryness and friction.

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Our Impression

Wet Platinum Premium is a USA, silicone-based lubricant. The producer has used the grade 5 silicone, which is the purest on a 1 to 5 scale. As a result, this pure silicone formula lasts longer and does not break down in water. It can be used even in the shower or hot tub if your spouse and you love this sort of sexual fun.

The thing I love the most is the fact that my Wet Platinum Premium formula leaves my skin feeling silky and moisturized for as long as we want. And this means that I only feel sweetness instead of pain as he glides it in and out of me. Ever since my husband bought this silicon gel we are able to have intercourse more often than we did before.

Our intercourse sessions also last longer nowadays as I do not have to ask him to stop because of pain or discomfort as I did before he brought this sex lube. Moreover, I have noted that he has become a happier man because of getting regular sex. If you are no longer intimate, you could use Wet Platinum Premium silicon gel as we did.
Unlike water-based gels that must be reapplied in the heat of the moment, silicon-based do not have to. But you should know that some of the silicon lubes are of low quality and do not change your sexual issues so much.  This is why we are suggesting the Wet Platinum lube, because we are sure of its effectiveness. When you have to use a latex condom, just go ahead because this silicon lube does not harm condoms.

It might just be an added advantage because condoms are already lubricated. Hence, both of you will last longer in the act and each will get an orgasm.  As there is no need for more applications, as long as enough is used from the start, both of you will concentrate on having intercourse? Wet platinum guarantees adequate moisturizing when offering an erotic body massage.

Safety tips

Wet Platinum

Being a doctor recommended product, you can rest assured that this silicon lube does no harm.  There are so many couples who are using it because it was recommended by their doctors. Even so, there are a few safety alerts from the manufacturer. If, by any chance, discomfort or irritation is felt, you must stop using the product immediately.  It is possible that the lubricant will perform poorly if the tamper evident seal is already broken or removed.

Use Wet Platinum Premium lube on private parts only; keep it out of your ears and eyes.  Children must not come across this gel and so keep it out of reach. As it is made of silicon, you may expect that spills will cause stubborn stains on fabric.  So it may be helpful to test an area before use. As with other products, this one should not be kept near an open flame.

When opened, always be aware that the bottle could fall off and spill its content. So keep it upright and ensure that you do not use it with other silicon products. Made of Demethiconol, Cyclomethicone and Demethicone, the lube has no harmful elements like parabens.

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Tips if you are going to buy this item

  • Read many reviews before purchasing
  • If you stain your sheets, wash away with warm water.
  • Keep your lube in room temperatures of between fifteen to thirty degrees Celsius.
  • Reapplication is mostly not necessary but you can reapply as desired.

Wrap it up

This is the best silicon-based lube we have come across so far. My partner and I are so happy with it that we would be glad to recommend it to anyone.  But it would be safer to use if you do not have sensitive lady parts. When I used my Wet Platinum Premium Lubricate for the first time, I just wanted to read more about it online. So that’s how I found one user who loved it so much only that it irritated his partner’s sensitive vagina. Otherwise, we generally think it is better than most silicon lubricants.


W P Premium

  • It is a silicon based formula that does not need multiple applicants during intercourse.
  • It can be used to reduce vaginal dryness and friction during sex.
  • Wet Platinum Premium lube does not have harmful ingredients.
  • Lasts longer than most competitors’ lubes and is definitely more slippery than water-based lubricants.
  • It can be used in the shower or bath tub.
  • Leaves her skin moisturized and soft. It never sticks.
  • Made of Grade 5 silicon.


  • Women with sensitive vaginal skin might become sore and irritated.

Bottom Line

Wet Platinum Premium Lubricate is the only silicon based lube we can recommend so far. It is a soft, non-stick and harmless lube.

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