Sex toys are becoming mainstream today. On this blog, I’ve written about different sex toys like dildos and vibrating dildos, and a lot more. You’ve likely heard or read about these sex toys because they are so popular.

However, there’s one group of sex toys you probably don’t know because very few people talk about them. They are thrusting vibrators.

Thrusting vibrators are so much different from other sex toys out there. They work in a unique way. They do things others don’t do.

Unlike dildos that stimulate certain parts of the outer and inner sex organ, thrusting vibrators excite every inch of your vagina or anus. It gives you the most amazing sensation you won’t get from other sex toys.

It’s much easier to squirt with thrusting vibrators than other sex toys. I learned how to squirt with thrusting vibrators. I also know some great friends who started squirting with thrusting vibrators.

Thrusting vibrator comparison table

Name & BrandTotal lengthVibration modesOur ratingPrice
Fondlove Rabbit Vibrator 9.3"74.3 Check price
CalExotics Purring Stimulator5.5"104.2 Check price
Oneisall Dildo8.3"63.8 Check price
Fun Factory Pulsator10"273.9 Check price
Tracy's Dog Vibrator8"n/a3.5 Check price

What is a thrusting vibrator?

Thrusting vibrators aren’t a new fancy sex toy. They give you real satisfaction. They make you say “wow” after a lovely sex session with yourself or partner.

Now you may want to know what a thrusting vibrator really is. Let me explain it to you. A thrusting vibrator is different from an ordinary vibrator. A thrusting vibrator pushes forward and backward by itself while in the same position. When you insert the vibrator into the vagina or anus, it starts thrusting without you ever touching it. The thrusting usually occurs at the tip of the shaft.

Of course, you can keep it moving in and out as it thrusts. A thrusting vibrator gives you more than you’ll get from an ordinary vibrator. Your whole body reacts to it.

So, let’s talk about the best thrusting vibrators because there are a lot of them out there. Buying the right one is the key to getting the fun that you want.

Top 5 thrusting vibrator reviews

Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator by FondLove

Another name for thrusting vibrator is rabbit vibrator. You can simply replace “thrusting” with “rabbit.” As you continue to read this review, you’ll see me interchange those words.

I’ve bought a few sex toys from the FondLove brand, and I like them. I think the company makes some of the best sex toys today. Their rabbit vibrator is one of the best in the market today.

The vibrator has seven frequency vibrations and three frequency stretching. This rabbit vibrator can create heat up to 40º. That’s hot. The heat makes the experience a special one.

Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator by FondLove

FondLove designed the lifelike head to give a realistic experience. Sometimes, you just need that realistic feeling, and getting that from a thrusting vibrator is cool.

The vibrator is USB rechargeable. USB recharging is more convenient than other recharging options. You can use your sex toy anywhere there’s a USB port. You don’t need a power socket to charge the toy.

It takes about 40 minutes for this thrusting vibrator to get fully charged. And when it’s fully charged, you can use it for up to an hour.

The toy is 100% waterproof. Whether you want to play in the bathroom, swimming pool and with water, you can always rely on this vibrator to work.

One quick thing you’ll notice from using the vibrator is that it’s ergonomically designed. It bends easily to give you that comfortable session with yourself.

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My Impression

I was hugely impressed by the performance of this rabbit vibrator. It works well to give you an amazing sensation. The material used to make the vibrator is super high-quality. FondLove used silicone and ABS.

ABS is short for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. It’s an opaque thermoplastic and amorphous polymer. The material is completely harmless.

Any sexy toy made with ABS and silicone is good. It’s always great to know that a sex toy is good for the body. I generally stay away from toys that are toxic or porous. They do more harm than good to the body.

What could be better?

The vibrator gives me an amazing feeling, but it’s a little bit loud. It’s not a sex toy I can use when people are around. I would love to see this rabbit vibrator works more quietly. FondLove has made a great sex toy, but they need to improve this aspect.

CalExoticsPurring Thrusting Panther Stimulator

I like the ability to select from many vibrations and thrusting options. CalExoticsPurring Thrusting Panther Stimulator gives me that. The thrusting vibrator comes with nine vibrations and nine thrusting options you can choose from.

The vibrator is made of premium silicone. Silicone can withstand high and low temperatures far better than its organic counterparts. For me, the quality of the materials used in creating the toy matters a lot.

CalExoticsPurring Thrusting vibrator

Its performance isn’t bad too. It works as what I expect from a high-quality rabbit vibrator. The vibrations and thrusting are intense, though you have the option to start slower if you want.

The vibrator is also waterproof. A vibrator that isn’t waterproof limits what you can do with it.

To really maintain the vibrator, the manufacturer recommends that you wash after each use. That isn’t new of course, but you’ll be surprised that many people don’t do it.

Yes, I know how it feels to be tired after a sex session. But, that’s not an excuse not to clean.

While it’s important to wash the vibrator after each use, you should also not use too much water on it. Too much water can damage the vibrator.

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My Impression

This rabbit vibrator is neither big or small. I’ll say it’s in-between. It’s rare to see a great vibrator like this. The thrusting feel is super amazing. It makes you feel so much fun inside of you.

The curved head got my attention immediately I opened it in the box. The vibrator is 7 inches long ½ inches wide. The insertable length is 5.5 inches. That makes it a realistic sex toy.

Most girls who use it are in their 20ies and 30ies, and they are said they love it. I wasn’t disappointed at all the first time I tried the vibrator.

CalExoticsPurring Thrusting Panther Stimulator does most of the work for you.

What could be better?

One major problem I have with the vibrator is its design. I think it can be better than it currently is. The vibrator itself works fine, which is why I include it here, but a good product deserves great design.

I’ll like to see the manufacturer create a better design for this thrusting vibrator.

Oneisall Deep Thrusting Vibrator

Oneisall has one of the best thrusting vibrators that stimulate the deepest parts of the vagina. Each thrust can stimulate thousands of nerve endings in the vagina.

Oneisall Deep Thrusting Vibrator is made with a high-quality material called TPE. TPE (or thermoplastic elastomer) is completely safe for the body. The vibrator has veins, which gives it a realistic look.

Oneisall Deep Thrusting Vibrator

This rabbit vibrator produces strong vibrations and has a super strong engine that makes it produce the effect you want. The engine allows it to deep thrust with ease.

After using the vibrator four times and comparing it with many others I bought, I can tell you that Oneisall is one of the most silent vibrators I’ve used. There aren’t too many vibrators that are quiet.

The vibrator comes with a wireless remote you can use to start any thrusting and vibration you want. The vibrator is so easy to use.

I also like the suction cup that comes with the thrusting vibrator. It’s really strong and will hold firm whenever you place it as long as the surface is smooth. I tried it the walls, and it was firm. I rode it for like 20 minutes.

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My Impression

I had a very big positive experience with Oneisall Deep Thrusting Vibrator. The package came in discreetly. And its appearance when I opened the shipping box left a huge positive impression on me.

One big important thing I noticed with the vibrator is that it’s very quick and easy to achieve orgasm with the vibrator. I climax within the first minute. It usually takes me longer to climax for most vibrators I’ve tried. I’ll say Oneisall Deep Thrusting is in the top three of the best rabbit vibrators.

You can select between six high-quality modes of thrusting. These thrusting modes are all satisfying. They make you feel delighted after a quick sexual session with it.

What could be better?

This rabbit vibrator only has four vibrations. That’s a big negative aspect for me. I like the option to choose between six or more vibrations. It has six thrusting modes though.

The manufacturer could have added two more modes to the vibrations. This is an improvement I’ll like to see in this thrusting vibrator. It’s an amazing product, and I like it very much.

Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion Pulsator Candy Rose

Bi Stronic Fusion Pulsator Candy Rose from Fun Factory is one of the premium thrusting vibrators available today. Fun Factory is one of the best sex toy companies in Europe. The company has been creating sex toys since 1996.

Fun Factory thrusting vibrator

I’ve bought and used a lot of their sex toys, and they never disappointed me. The reason why most people don’t buy sex toys from Fun Factory is that they are a little bit expensive.

Bi Stronic Fusion Pulsator Candy Rose is one of them. The toy isn’t cheap at all. But the truth is that it’s worth the money. You get what you pay for.

This rabbit vibrator thrusts like no other available in the market. Its unique shape makes it easy for the toy to massage the g-spot and the vaginal opening.

The toy is 100% safe for anal play. It’s good for anal as it’s good for vaginal sex. It’s also 100% waterproof. You can play with it in water for a long time with nothing to worry about.

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My Impression

Bi Stronic Fusion Pulsator Candy Rose is one of the best-selling sex toys in Europe. The reason is that the vibrator works. It’s so powerful that you won’t want to drop it after the first use.

Sex play can easily become addictive with this toy if you’re not careful. It takes you over the roof. It gives you the feeling you won’t get from many rabbit vibrators and dildos available today.

The vibrator is safe for the body. Anyone can use it because it’s made of high-quality silicone.

What could be better?

There’s nothing wrong with the vibrator itself. It’s so good. But the problem is that the toy is expensive. But if you’re willing to pay to get something good and premium that gives you the best feeling, Bi Stronic Fusion Pulsator Candy Rose is the vibrator you want to buy.

Tracy Dog’s Rabbit Vibrator

Tracy Dog’s Rabbit Vibrator is the most unique in this review. The thrusting vibrator is made with medical grade TPR (thermoplastic rubber) and ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene). Both materials are body-safe and odorless.

While good materials are very important, the most vital thing is to know if the vibrator truly delivers. It does that comfortably. After trying out this vibrator five times already, I can tell you that it works perfectly.

Tracy Dog’s Rabbit Vibrator

The thrust is high-quality. The vibrator also stimulates sensitive areas in and outside the vaginal, like the clitoris, g-spot, and cervix.

The toy is waterproof. You can get wet and have wild fun with it. But you should also note that you can’t immerse it in water. For example, soaking it inside water for long hours would make it difficult to function properly.

The total length of the toy is 10.5 inches, but the insertable length is only 5.25 inches. The toy is 1.28 inches in diameter.

The toy is affordable, and it works pretty well. I was able to achieve orgasm with it within the first 5 minutes of using the toy.

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My Impression

Tracy Dog’s Rabbit Vibrator beats my expectation. The material is smooth and comfortable when you insert it into your body.

My experience with the toy is cool. And when you compare it to many other vibrators out there and what you get from them, you’ll agree with me that the toy is too cheap for the price.

The thrusting feels so nice that you’ll forget everything and just be in the moment. I was able to have an amazing sex session with this toy. And wow, it’s really one of the best thrusting vibrators I’ve tried.

What could be better?

While I like the vibrator very much, it consumes power too fast. It takes about an hour and a half to charge, and you can use that up within 20-30 minutes of play. I’ll like to see the vibrator consume less power during sex play.

Things to Consider When Buying a Thrusting Vibrator

Before you buy a thrusting vibrator, there are some things you should be aware of. Knowing these things will help you choose the right sex toy to buy.

  • The Material

There are lots of sex toy manufacturers out there, who claim they make the best toys. The truth is that most of those toys are cheaply made with poor materials.

Buying the right toy means finding the right manufacturer. Some manufacturers invest in pure non-toxic materials, while some do the complete opposite.

You can easily become overwhelmed when you walk into a sex store because there are lots of toys to choose from, and you don’t have much time to read every text on the label.

Well, that’s why I highly recommend buying online where you have all the time to read the product description and choose the right toy for you.

You don’t have to worry about all that because I’ve done most of the work for you. The above toys are the best thrusting vibrators that will satisfy your sexual desires.

  • Silence

Silence matters to me when I’m buying a thrusting vibrator. Too much noise means you can’t use the toy when people are home or could hear you.

I like masturbating in silent mode. That way, nobody knows what’s I’m doing. I’m totally free from disruptions. A single disruption could end the fun session for you. And you don’t want that. That’s why you should buy a toy that’s quiet when it’s working.

In the above list are some amazing quiet sex toys you can check out and buy online today.

  • The Length

I like big vibrators. I like anything big. Some people like medium-sized vibrators. And some like small-sized thrusting vibrators. It all depends on your needs.

In the above list, I included both long, medium and short size thrusting vibrators. All the vibrators work well.
Know the length that suits you before you buy the toy.

  • Discreet Shipping

I simply ignore merchants who don’t offer discreet shipping.

Make sure the phrase “discreet shipping” is visible on the merchant’s sales page before you proceed to buy. The thrusting vibrators I mentioned above all offer the best discreet shipping.

  • Thrusting

What’s the use of a thrusting vibrator if it doesn’t really thrust? Don’t be surprised I decided to list this. Some toys claim that they thrust, but the truth is that they don’t.

Buy the real toy that does what you want. The above thrusting vibrators all thrust powerfully. They do what they do well.

  • The Number of Thrusting and Vibration Modes

I always look for a thrusting vibrator that has enough number of thrusting and vibration modes. I’ll never buy a thrusting vibrator that contains 2 – 3 thrusting modes.

A great thrusting vibrator should have at least, 4-10 thrusting modes and around the same number for vibration too. The more thrust and vibration modes a toy has the better.

  • Trusted Brand

I only buy sex toys from trusted brands that I’ve known for years. There are too many companies today who claim they manufacture sex toys. But very few of them really understand what they are doing.

Some of those brands are outsourcing the manufacturing to companies in China or India and claim that they own the company. Yes, a sex toy can be made in any of these countries, but the selling brand should be reputable.
I’ve been buying sex toys for over two decades now. I know which brands to trust and which to ditch.


After reading the above factors, I know you’re well equipped to make the right purchase. Buying the right sex toy will reward you for many months and years to come as you’ll have the best sex session with it whether alone or with your partner.

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