I hate vibrators that make noise. Even little noise can get someone’s attention in your apartment.

Privacy is crucial to me. I consider it when I buy sex toys online.

As you know, when most vibrators vibrate, they generate some noise.

In this review, I embarked on long research and bought lots of vibrators to find the best quiet vibrators. These vibrators work in silent mode.

They are super-powerful. They take you to the world you’ve never been before. I highly recommend you buy any of the best quiet vibrators I’m about to reveal here.

You won’t find better, quiet, and effective vibrators than these.

Best Quiet Vibrator – Comparison Table

Name & brandModesRun timeWarrantyPrice
PALOQUETH G Spot Vibrator9 90 min1 year Check price
Womanizer Deluxe W5005 240 min2 year Check price
Orlena Clitoral Vibrator8 N/aN/a Check price
G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator7 120 min1 year Check price
Odeco Remote Control Vibrator 7 120 min1 year Check price
Pixie Clitoris Vibrator 10 150 minlifetime Check price
SVAKOM Amy Vibrators6 180 min1 year limited Check price

Top 7 Silent Vibrator Reviews

Paloqueth Clitoris Anal Vibrator Toy

Quiet vibrator

The Paloqueth vibrator is perfect for both virginal and anal sex play.

It’s 100% waterproof. That means you can use it to play in the shower, bath, outdoors – anywhere you want.

The vibrator is designed to give you enhanced sensations you wouldn’t experience in most noisy vibrators. You can use the vibrator both with and without your partner.

Paloqueth Clitoris Anal Vibrator comes with a magnetic charger. That means you can charge and use it at the same time.

Also, the vibrator has a wireless remote. This makes it perfect for couples. Couples who want to stimulate each other using the remote can do it with this vibrator.

Get This Paloqueth Vibrator at Amazon

My Impression

Paloqueth Clitoris Anal Vibrator has nine vibration functions. That’s a lot of options for you.

Each type of vibration is different from the other. You get a unique feeling you won’t experience in the other.

The vibrator is made from silicone that is safe for the body. It makes the vibrator cool to touch. The material also makes the toy easy to clean.

I always advise that my readers clean their sex toys immediately after use. If a vibrator is hard to clean, it takes the fun out of using the vibrator.

Some people consider getting two or more vibrators so that they can switch to another immediately if the other isn’t well-cleaned.

Why buy two or more vibrators when you can have one great one that works silently, and it’s easy to clean?

My impression of the Paloqueth Clitoris Anal Vibrator is positive. The toy works well. It gives you that sensation you want inside of you.

You can clean it easily after use.

What could be better?

If your partner is on the big side, it can be uncomfortable to have him in and use this vibrator at the same time. You’ll have to get well stimulated and wet before inviting your partner in.

I think this is one area Paloqueth can improve on. It should be easy to have your partner in you and use the vibrator at the same time.

Womanizer Deluxe W500 PleasureAir Vibrator

Whisper quiet vibrator

Womanizer Deluxe W500 PleasureAir Vibrator is a touchless vibrator with eight adjustable levels of intensity. Touchless means you don’t have to touch the vibrator at all.

The vibrator pumps in the air that pleasure you with great delight.

PleasureAir works extremely fast. It can make you organism within seconds.

The device comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty. By buying PleasureAir, you’re buying a vibrator that lets you have fun on silent mode at any time you want.

Cleaning the toy is also super easy. Just handwash it with antibacterial soap and water, and it’ll be clean and ready for use again.

Get Womanizer Deluxe W500 at Amazon

My Impression

Womanizer Deluxe W500 PleasureAir will satisfy any woman’s sexual desire and give her the best organisms of her life. The toy truly delivers on its promise.

Based on the many positive reviews I’ve read and heard about PleasureAir, it’s tough for any woman to be disappointed with the toy.

The toy works great! With PleasureAir, you can say goodbye to overstimulation and discomfort.

PleasureAir offers five levels of intensity. You can adjust to the level that suits you any time you want to. After using the toy, you’ll feel so satisfied inside.

PleasureAir from Womanizer is a great silent vibrator you can always rely upon whenever you want to satisfy yourself sexually alone or with your partner.

What could be better?

Even though the vibrator works amazingly well, they have been complaints about the device not being fully charged. My experience with PleasureAir has been good so far.

However, it’ll be nice to customers if they can rectify this issue in newer versions of the vibrator. It’s good to know the vibrator is fully charged before using it

My overall experience with this vibrator has been excellent.

Orlena Clitoral Vibrator Toy

Clitoral quiet vibrator

Orlena is one of the best silent vibrators available today.

The vibrator can pleasure the most sensitive spots on your body. Orlena vibrator can stimulate your clitoris, g-spot, and nipples.

Orlena vibrator is a unique technology that gives you the best fun you won’t get in most vibrators.

The vibrator has 3 suction intensities and eight powerful suction modes. You’re free to choose between these intensities and suction modes.

I’ll call Orlena a multifunctional vibrator because it can also be used as a dildo. In fact, the manufacturer says it’s a vibrating dildo. This device can reach and stimulate the sensitive parts in the vagina.

Get Orlena Vibrator at Amazon

My Impression

Orlena vibrator is rechargeable with the magnetic USB charging cable that comes with it. The magnetic recharging option it offers makes the toy so easy to use for anyone.

You don’t have to stop the fun to recharge. You don’t have to fully recharge before you start the fun. You can charge while you have fun. For me, that’s a nice option to have.

Yes, I’m aware that some other sex toys offer this option, but it doesn’t mean they are good. I want a vibrator that gives me that ultimate sensation I want regardless of the charging option that comes with it.

Orlena Vibrator gives you everything you want from a perfect sex toy. And maybe even more. The vibrator works very quietly. It ensures that no one is disturbed when you’re having the amazing feeling you don’t want to miss.

The vibrator is also 100% waterproof. It means you can use it in and around water whenever you want.

What could be better?

While the magnetic recharging cable is an excellent thing to have, the battery itself doesn’t last long. I’m a big fan of magnetic recharging. It means I can use and charge it at the same time.

But I’ll also want the battery itself to last for a while. Orlena doesn’t have a good battery. I’ll like it more if the battery is improved upon.

My experience with the vibrator remains nothing less than excellent. The vibrator doesn’t disappoint me when it comes to that.

Adorime G-Spot Rabbit Dildo Vibrator

Quiet rabbit vibrator

Adorime vibrator is great for both singles and couples.

One thing that’s quickly noticeable about this vibrator is its high-quality and super cool design. The design is unique, and it works well.

The high-quality material used to create the vibrator makes it safe for the body and friendly to the skin.

Adorime is very easy to clean. Just splash some water on it and use a good antiseptic soap. That’s all you need to clean the vibrator and make it ready for your next adventure.

The vibrator is quiet as a whisper. It’s 100% waterproof. So, you can play with it anywhere you want.

Maybe you want some fun in the shower, you can take Adorime vibrator along.

Adorime vibrator has seven powerful vibration modes. These vibration modes give your body the best sensation you’ve ever felt in the vagina.

Whether you want the slow, steady or strong vibration modes, you’ll get them all from the vibrator.

Get Adorime Vibrator at Amazon

My Impression

Some women struggle with sex. They feel that it’s nothing and there’s no fun in it. But after using Adorime vibrator, they started to play with themselves and partners, and they started loving sex.

Adorime is made with medical silicone and ABS. They are safe for your body. And these materials make it easy to clean the vibrator after use.

The charging time for this vibrator is 2 hours. And the use time is also 2 hours.

The overall length of the vibrator is 8.3 inches, while the insertable length is 5.5 inches. It makes the vibrator a perfect dildo too.

You can use it to pleasure yourself without worries about getting a real penis in case you’re a single woman.

What could be better?

I have problems with the charger. It comes off easily from the vibrator.

You always have to ensure that it’s well plugged when charging. I’ll like the charger to be firm. This is something the manufacturer should work on.

I’ve had a positive experience with the vibrator so far. It’s quiet and works amazingly well.

If you’re looking for the best quiet vibrator, you can trust Adorime vibrator.

Odeco Wireless Vibrating Bullet Egg Sex Toys

Wireless quiet vibrator

In my opinion, Odeco is the most unique vibrator today. It’s incredibly silent. Very few come so close to Odeco vibrator.

The vibrator is USB rechargeable. You can control it with a wireless remote control that comes with it. The vibrator has two colors: Purple and Black. These are sexually attractive colors.

The wireless remote control can work in up to 10 meters range (or 30 feet). When the battery is full, you can use the toy for up to 120 minutes without experiencing any interruption.

Odeco vibrator has seven powerful vibration modes that give you the perfect sexual experience you want. You are free to choose between these modes in the wireless remote control.

The material used to make Odeco vibrator is safe for the body. Shipping is also completely discreet. No one knows what you bought except you.

You can use the vibrator alone or with your partner. The vibrator allows both. It’s perfect for self-sex play. It gives you every sensation you desire.

Get Odeco Bullet Vibrator at Amazon

My Impression

Odeco vibrator will give you the best organisms. According to some studies, 80% of women can’t organism from penetrative sex alone.

This vibrator gives you that perfect organism you won’t get from penetrative sex. It’s a wonderful sex toy that will give your vagina and body the pleasure you haven’t experienced in a long time.

Odeco vibrator charges fully within 2 hours. And you can use it for 1.5 hours when it’s fully charged.

The vibrator is 100% waterproof. You can wipe it with a wet clothe, and you can also use it to play in and around water if you want.

Odeco works quietly while it gives your body that amazing sensation that makes you organisms quickly. The wireless control remote let you switch things as fast as you want it.

The remote control puts you in charge of the fun experience.

What could be better?

Odeco vibrator isn’t ideal for vibrator beginners. It could take some time to get used to the vibrator. Because the design is so unique, some people find it difficult to get used to the vibrator.

Maybe the design is too unique. I’ll like to see it easy to use for complete beginners.

Pixie Clitoris – Sweet Vibrations Toy

Pixie quiet vibrator

Pixie vibrator is another unique vibrator that will give you a superb feeling whenever you use it. The vibrator is small but very powerful.

This magical sex toy can fit the palm of your hand. But it contains 10 powerful vibration settings. Select any one of these vibrations, and you’ll feel yourself having the best moments of your life.

With the Pixie vibrator, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. You won’t be disappointed with the level of quality feeling you’ll get from using the device.

The merchant ships your vibrator out immediately you place an order for it. Also, shipping is discreet. Nobody will know about the vibrator except you.

Pixie is USB rechargeable. It recharges fast. When the vibrator is fully charged, you’ll get 2 hours uninterrupted fun from it.

The vibrator is 100% waterproof. It’s so small that you can take it along in your travels and use it whenever you feel the need to pleasure yourself.

The device is easy to clean. With little water and soap, it’s ready again for the next time you feel the need to relieve yourself of pressure in the vagina.

Get Pixie Clitoris Vibrator at Amazon

My Impression

One of the things people talk about this vibrator is its size. It has a small size. But when they get to use it for the first time, they become surprised. The whole experience seems unbelievable.

Even with the small size, very few vibrators can beat the quality of sensation Pixie vibrator gives.

If you’re looking for the best quiet vibrator that does the job, Pixie vibrator is what you want. It’s great for people that like small but effective devices.

Some people won’t even believe that it’s a sex toy when they see it. It doesn’t look like a vibrator, but it’s a vibrator that gives you the perfect stimulation that leads to satisfying organisms.

What could be better?

The manufacturer strongly advised against using the toy when it’s charging. Sometimes, you just want to use your vibrator, but the battery may be too low.

While my experience with the vibrator is perfect, I’ll be happy if I can use and charge it at the same time.

SVAKOM Amy Vibrators Adult Sex Toys

SVAKOM silent vibrator

Svakom Amy vibrator is the perfect toy for stimulating the g-spot. The vibrator is very powerful and quiet.

The toy has six vibration modes and five different intensities for a truly satisfying sexual experience.

Svakom Amy vibrator is rechargeable. There’s no need to buy batteries.

The toy is made of body-safe silicone. It’s 100% waterproof so you can use it to play in and around water.

The vibrations in this toy are high-quality. There are various types of bashful foreplay, sexy teasing, strong pulses, multiple climaxes and more!

The toy gives you a heavenly sex experience you don’t want to miss.

The vibrator is incredibly silent. It’s difficult to hear any sound when it’s working, making you feel the most pleasant sensations in your body.

Get SVAKOM Amy at Amazon

My Impression

Svakom Amy is covered with soft silicone and stainless silver that creates an elegant appearance that’s pleasing to look at. A lot of thoughts went into the design of the vibrator.

You can use this toy under water without it stopping. Imagine you’re in the swimming pool and want to pleasure yourself inside the water, you’re free to do that. The device works perfectly for that.

Shipment of the toy is also discreet. It’s well packaged just for you to see. Nobody else will know what’s arrived for you.

The device charges as fast as possible and doesn’t die quickly. This is surely a sex toy I’ll recommend to anyone who wants the best vibrator.

The amazing thing about this vibrator is that it’s like a dildo. It means you can use it as a dildo. You can call that a dildo vibrator.

You can use the vibrator to reach the most sensitive parts of your vaginal. Vibrate each part of it to give you the most amazing feelings without creating any sound.

What could be better?

I would have loved it to be magnetic rechargeable. Still, it offers 25 different vibrations, which makes the device the perfect vibrator.

Six Things You Should Consider When Buying a Quiet Vibrator

Before you buy a vibrator, there are some things you have to consider in the device. There are six things actually, and I’ve taken the time to list them below.

  • Shape

For some people, they’ll buy anything that fits into their vaginas. For others, they want a vibrator that will hit the right spots.

The shape of the vibrator matters a lot. There are lots of different shapes available today. Some vibrators have the shape of an egg, while some have the shape of a penis (or dildo). You should know the shape you want before buying.

You’ll see that the vibrators I reviewed above have different shapes. The cool thing is that you can choose the shape that appeals to you most.

Before you pay for the vibrator, make sure you really like the shape.

  • Size

For some people, the size is important to them too. Do you like big, medium or small vibrators?

If you love it big, then small vibrators may not be good for you. For people who like it small, they are satisfied with small vibrators.

What’s your perfect size?

Get vibrators within that size. You won’t like small vibrators if you’re someone who wants something that goes into you to be big.

Included in the above list are small, medium and big size vibrators.

  • Material

Don’t buy a vibrator that isn’t made of body-safe silicone. Silicone is the best material for sex toys.

Toys that are made with silicone are easy to wash. Your sex toy has to be cleaned before you can use it again.

A used vibrator that isn’t well-cleaned will still have some bacteria on it. Using when it’s not well-cleaned means that you’ll be putting bacteria back into your vagina.

There could be some health issues resulting from that.

You don’t only want to play with a sweet vibrator. You should also care about your health.

So, check the material. Is it body-safe silicone?

If it’s not, don’t buy it.

The vibrators I’ve reviewed here are all made with silicone that’s safe for the body.

  • Waterproof

I’m a big fan of water sex play. If I can’t use a sex toy in and around water, then it’s not for me.

You should be able to use your vibrator in the bathtub, swimming pool, and shower.

There are limits to what you can do with a sex toy that isn’t waterproof. That’s why you should check if a vibrator is waterproof before you buy it.

I’ve done most of the work for you. The vibrators listed above are all 100% waterproof.

  • The number of vibrations

A good vibrator should come with a good number of different vibrations. A vibrator should have, at least, 4 different types of vibrations that don’t feel the same way.

The great thing is that the vibrators above have more than four different types of vibrations.

You want to be able to feel different feelings as you play with yourself or partner. If the vibrations aren’t many, or they are just the same thing, it means that you won’t be getting the perfect organisms each time.

  • The volume

The volume is the main reason why I took the time to write this comprehensive review for you. For me, the volume of the vibration is important when buying a vibrator.

A vibrator that’s noisy means you can’t use it when someone is home with you in your apartment. If you have kids, it means you’ll wake them up with your fun.

If you have friends, it means they’ll certainly catch you having fun with yourself. You want to keep your private sex life private to only you or your partner.

The best way to achieve that is to get a vibrator that’s very quiet. As you know, all the vibrators I reviewed are quiet. You can use them anywhere and anytime you want without anyone knowing.


Above are the 7 best quiet vibrators that will give you the perfect organism you’ve never had or haven’t had in a long time. These vibrators are highly recommended because they work.

You’ll never be disappointed buying and using any one of them. I had to buy these vibrators. I bought many others that didn’t meet my expectation.

With the vibrators listed above, you can be rest assured that you’ll be 99.9% satisfied sexually.

Get one quiet vibrator today.

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