Anal sex is no longer just for the daring, bad girl or an act for gays. There are many wives who are secretly having anal sex behind closed doors. As much as this type of sex is becoming popular, there are girls who just can’t stop fearing it. Who does know how small and tight their anal hole is? It just doesn’t stretch like the vagina does, as it is made for a different purpose. Second, there is always the danger of unblocking messy accidents if your girl forgets to use her anal douche and emptying her bowels prior to the act. To remove the pain, though, which will definitely be felt, you should buy the Pjur Analyse Me! Relaxing Anal Glide Silicone lubricant. The product is created for couples, gay or straight, that want to successfully try anal sex.

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Our impression


As hinted above, getting anal sex from your girl might be difficult particularly if she hasn’t tried any. But with the Pjur Analyse Me! lube, which is made in Germany, you can lubricate her small and thick anal opening and bang it gently in varied sex positions. She will most probably love anal intercourse, as most women find it more intriguing than vaginal intercourse.  Anal intercourse will be a completely strange feeling that she is not used to, which makes it more interesting.  In the meantime, the rectum will pull your penis just like the way the vacuum works, and it will feel great.

To maximize the fun, stroke her clitoris with your fingers or consider using a sex toy.  Pjur Analyse Me! Relaxing Anal Glide Silicone lube will be so beneficial throughout your anal sexual intercourse. You see, a rectum is not even close to looking like the vagina in terms of configuration. It does not stretch to let a penis in, and if a lube is not applied, slight but painful tears could result.

Even with the lubricant readily applied, sex needs to be gentle and fun. Do not pound her anal hole as if there won’t be a tomorrow. We found that the lube worked fine when sex itself was not rough.  Rough banging could make her feel bad emotionally and she might feel pain when the numbing effect of this gel wears off.  Besides, intense pounding could cause internal bruises that could bleed.

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What makes this lube irreplaceable is that it causes numbness to a certain extent.  When her anus gets numb, the girl can no longer fear Anal sex pain or discomfort. She can breathe and relax easily, knowing that she will pleasure her man while getting a totally fresh sexual experience.

According to the manufacturer, the product is made of top quality jojoba extracts. The work of these jojoba extracts is to soften your skin, making the gliding of the penis comfortable and not desensitizing at all. The product works on the elasticity of the anal sphincter, which cannot expand on its own like the vagina muscle.

Pjur Analyse Me! offers a truly relaxing anal glide, probably because it is silicon based. We have found great satisfaction with this lube when we use it in the following manner:

  • First he asks for anal sex if I do not initiate it myself. If I decline, he just does not pressurize me as he knows that this form of sex demands deep relaxation.
  • We add our Pjur Analyse Me! to the equation. My significant other already knows that I won’t decline anal intercourse when this lube is available.
  • When my lover just can’t have it his way, he proudly appreciates my offer for vaginal sex. So our advice is that you do not turn anal intimacy to a must-do affair.
  • As soon as we are done with the anal, he knows that he can’t turn me over and stick it in my vagina. A vagina is very sensitive to bacteria and foreign bodies like feces, for instance. That’s why ladies wipe from front to back to keep their vaginas healthy and clean. If anal sex involves a condom, it should be removed before vaginal penetration is tried.
  • As aforementioned, women who have never had anal intercourse panic a lot. So, even if Pjur Analyse Me! Relaxing Anal Glide is being used, you must keep reassuring her that you are doing it gently, slowly and respectively.

Even though not a recommendation from the manufacturer, Pjur Analyse Me! users should engage in enough foreplay. It somehow warms up their bodies for the first ten minutes before heading up to intercourse. And when fully relaxed, this silicon lube is expected to work perfectly. Silicon gels are slippery and oily, so reapplication during the heat of the moment won’t be necessary. Besides, the slipperiness ensures easier entry of the penis even if it is bigger than average.  But you can expect that cleaning the mess after usage won’t be easy. Oily mess will demand more cleanup work than watery mess does.

Tips if you are going to buy this item

  • Read customer reviews to understand Pjur Analyse Me! better.
  • It is a silicon based product that will be used effectively with only high quality silicon compatible toys.
  • Apply enough amounts to the anal opening and take your time to move smoothly inside of her. Pounding hard is not recommended at all.

Wrap it up

We bought and tried to use this product when we came across it online. While I used to decline him anal sex, I have allowed him now as it does not hurt as much as I always thought. If your main fear is the pain, or discomfort she might feel, our advice is to first get your bottle of Pjur Analyse Me! Then, take your girl slowly and lovingly, ensuring that she feels every inch of pleasure you cause inside her anal opening.

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  • It is a silicon-based lube, making it slippery and oily enough for pleasurable anal sex.
  • The product is totally natural considering that the manufacturer uses Jojoba oil as the main ingredient.
  • It soothes her anus with a numbing sensation.
  • The product is easy to use, and cheap to afford.
  • Pjur Analyse Me works effectively as long as the lady or sex partner is fully relaxed and ready for anal sex.


  • There are some users who feel that the numbing effect of this product could still be improved.

Bottom Line

We have tried many lubes for anal sex, yet we think that Pjur Analyse Me! Relaxing Glide silicon is the best we have seen so far.

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