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This privacy policy page has been written to explain in detail how we collect and use your personal data. You will also learn the kind of personal data we collect on this site.

There is a need to stress that we adhere to the strictest privacy laws in the world. We ensure that your privacy is respected and well-protected.

The data we collect on this site does not make you an identifiable person. What that means is that we know very little about you. Even though that’s the case, we still ensure that your data is given the best protection in our custody. I should also note that there is nothing like the perfect data protection on the world wide web.

Hackers are actively looking for new ways to get their hands on your data. We have the best tools in place. And because we collect minimal data, penetrators will have nothing to gain. The data we collect is so minimal that we can consider it useless to anyone who sees it.

We make use of the best and up-to-date web development tools to create our site. So, you have absolutely nothing to worry about as you browse this website.

What Personal Information Do We Collect When You Visit This Blog?

We do not need your personal information to make the Best Lube Finder useful for you. On this site, our job is to provide you with the best sex toy and personal lubricant reviews. Therefore, your personal information is not needed.

The Best Lube Finder do not ask for your name or email, or home address. You can use this site freely without worrying about your information being leaked or your identity being stolen. We review sex toys and personal lubricants that are currently on sale on Amazon. You can visit Amazon and buy them there.

Amazon does not give us access to the information of customers referred by us. So, there is no way we can see your details. Amazon does a great job when it comes to personal data protection. Your personal information like name, email, home address, credit card details and lots more are protected by Amazon.

Amazon is a trusted merchant that has been around for decades. Lots of people trust Amazon to give their personal data maximum protection.

We do not collect personal information, but we do collect some information about you. The information we collect does not identify as an individual. We only collect information about the time of your visit, your IP address and how long you were on the site. This information cannot be traced to you. We use the information we collect to improve the quality of our site’s design and present you the best product review you want to read.

When Do We Collect Information?

We begin collecting information immediately you see our content. That is because we want to know when you arrive, and how long you were on the site.

We also collect your IP address immediately, so that we can recognize you when you return to this website. For example, if you visited this site last month, and return this month, we would recognize your visit. We know the content you viewed in the previous month and how much time you spent on the site.

You can prevent us from collecting this information if you want by using the Private browsing option available in your web browser. Most web browsers allow you to browse privately without anyone tracking and recording your visit.

You can also prevent us from tracking your subsequent visits on the site by deleting cookies in your browser.

How Do We Use Your Information?

We start collecting information from you as you arrive on the site. How do we use this information?

Here are the ways we use your information:

  • We use your information to personalize and deliver the remarkable content you would like to read.
  • We use your browsing information on this site to improve the site’s design so that you will find it easier to use on your next visit.
  • We use it to learn more about products you are interested in buying and promote discounts when available for those products.

How We Protect Your Information

Again, the Best Lube Finder doesn’t have access to your personal information.

We do not sell products directly on this site. Our partner, Amazon handles that. Amazon takes care of collecting, using and protecting your personal information.

The information we gather on this site is collected using Google Analytics. Google Analytics is the most-used marketing analytics tool in the world today. Google Analytics help us analyze and learn about your visits on this website.

The data collected and stored on Google Analytics is not personal data. And even with that, the data is 90% safe with Google.

It is safe to browse through this website. You can visit as many pages as you want without the fear of clicking the wrong links that could expose your site malware. We regularly scan our site using the latest and most-advanced malware scanning tool in the world.

Although we collect very little information about you, we still protect it using the latest and the best technologies available to us.

Do We Use Cookies on This Site?

I know I mentioned this earlier, but I will like to make it clear in this section. Yes, we use cookies on this site through our use of Google Analytics.

Google Analytics drops cookies in your web browser, which helps us recognizes your computer when you return to this site.

These cookies help us learn more about the content you are reading on the site. It helps us provide you with better, relevant content that reviews the exact sex toy you will like to buy to improve your sex life.

Third-Party Disclosure

I am glad to disclose here that we are a partner of Amazon. There are links on our reviews pages that take you to the best merchant for the product on Amazon.

We get a tiny commission when you buy using our Amazon link. Please note that buying through our link or going directly to Amazon does not raise or reduce the price you will pay. You will still pay the same amount whether you go through our Amazon affiliate link or not.

A Note About Children

None of the content on this site targets children. We classify anyone as a child if they are below the age of 18. If you are below this age, please kindly leave this site. Our reviews are not meant for underage. They are only for adults who want to have a better and nicer sexual experience with themselves or partners.

Thank you for reading our privacy policy statement.

The Best Lube Finder.

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