Ordinary dildos aren’t for everyone, especially people who find it difficult to achieve climax with penetrative sex. As you know by now, sex isn’t about going in and out. It’s about stimulating the most sensitive areas in the vagina and anus.

To get stimulated in all the areas of the anus and vagina, you need a vibrating dildo. On this page, I review the 8 vibrating dildos that will make you orgasm as many times as you want.

Best Vibrating Dildo – Comparison Table

Name & Brand
Total length
Vibration modes
Our rating
Paloqueth 360° Dildo
7 Inch
10 modes
Check price
Realistic Dildo by Paloqueth
7.8 inch
8 modes
Check price
Paloqueth Silicone dildo
9 modes
Check price
GSPY Vibrating Dildo
9 inch
7 modes
Check price
Adorime 360° Dildo
8.3 inch
10 modes
Check price
Riodong 360° Dildo
8.25 inch
8 modes
Check price
Eden Vibrating Dildo
9 inch
9 modes
Check price
Strap U Strapless Dildo
9.5 inch
Check price

Top 8 Vibrating Dildos Reviews

Paloqueth Realistic Dildo with 10 Vibrations

Paloqueth makes some of the best vibrating dildos today. This dildo model comes with 10 strong vibrations that rotate 360°.

It also has a wireless remote control. You can use this remote control to select the kind of vibration you want.

Paloqueth Realistic Dildo is double layered.

What does double layer mean?

It means the inner skin is firm while the outer skin is soft like the skin of a penis. It gives you the sexual pleasure you’ll expect from a penis.

The dildo is made with a great silicone material that’s odorless. The dildo is easy to clean because of the high-quality material used.

Paloqueth Realistic Dildo comes with a strong suction cup that allows you to play anywhere you want to. That could be on the shower wall, floor, chair – anywhere you want to have that intimate pleasure.

My impression

Paloqueth vibrating dildo

Paloqueth makes orgasm so easy and smooth. It makes the experience leading up to the orgasm so pleasant that you’ll want to look forward to an interesting sexual moment with yourself or partner.

The dildo has a realistic tip, veins, shaft, testicles and a natural curve. The suction cup is strong and wide. It can withstand pressure. Whether you do it fast or slow, you can always rely on the suction cup to be there for you.

It feels just like the real skin inside and outside of you. The dildo is super soft and feels good when it goes inside.

The balls are there for you too. If you like hitting those balls in real play, you’ll be getting the same experience when you buy this vibrating dildo.

The remote control works well, and the dildo is rechargeable. No need to buy batteries to have a nice sexual session with yourself or partner.

With the ten vibration modes, Paloqueth Realistic Dildo has, you can be sure that you’ll always find the perfect one for each moment.

What could be better?

The battery can’t be used two to three times in long sex sessions. That’s something I’ll like the manufacturer to improve.

With that said, Paloqueth Realistic Dildo remains one of my favorite vibrating dildos.

Paloqueth Realistic Dildo with 8 Vibrations

This is another excellent vibrating dildo from the Paloqueth brand. The difference between this second dildo and the first one above is that this dildo comes with 8 vibrations and a remote control that could work within the range of 30ft.

Why buy this dildo instead of the first one above?

I should note that I’m not recommending one over the other. The one you buy will be based on your needs.

This second dildo is perfect for partner play. It’s the perfect option when you want to play with your partner because it allows your partner to control how you feel deep inside even when he’s further away from you.

This second dildo is also longer for people who care about length. It’s 7.5 inches long. The first dildo is 7 inches long. That’s 0.5 inches difference. Not much difference but people who like longer dildos will surely be interested in this.

The dildo is very quiet when using it. It’s one of the most silent dildos I’ve seen.

My impression

Paloqueth realistic vibrating dildo

You may say this model comes with eight vibrations. I should tell you that the eight vibrations have been carefully selected to give you a quiet sexual play while at the same time satisfy your sexual urge.

The remote control is simple to use. It has all the eight vibrations loaded on it, and you can quickly select the one you want without wasting time.

The suction cup that comes with this vibrating dildo is very strong. It sticks on any smooth surface. With it, you can play hands-free!

The balls are thick and feel real. When you go deep, you feel those balls.

With a good lube, the dildo can be very slippery. That means you won’t feel any discomfort after playing with the dildo.

What could be better?

The dildo works amazingly well, but the battery is a problem. If you only play 2-3 times a week, this may not be a problem for you. You won’t be charging all the time.

But if you play several times per week, you’ll frequently be charging.

Despite that, I still consider this dildo one of the best vibrating dildos to buy. You won’t be disappointed by the quality of experience you’ll get from it.

Paloqueth Silicone Wireless Vibrating Dildo

Another high-quality vibrating dildo from Paloqueth. There’s a big difference between this model and the two above.

This model is made with the highest medical grade silicone. The dildo was built to be used and operated by you. There’s no need for remote control.

The dildo doesn’t have balls and suction cup. It means you can’t play with your hands-free.

But it has an advantage. A big one.

The dildo can quickly spot the hottest spots in the vagina and anus, and stimulate them. It gives you some of the best stimulating sensations you’ll ever get from a dildo.

Paloqueth Silicone Wireless Vibrating Dildo comes with nine powerful vibrations and rotating patterns.

You can choose from gentle foreplay to stronger climax speeds. There are all available in this amazing dildo.

The button to choose the kind of vibration you want is available on the dildo itself.

The dildo is also great for water sex play. Whether you want to have sex in the shower, swimming pool, or outdoors in the rain, this is a dildo you can always rely upon.

My impression

Paloqueth wireless vibrating dildo

Paloqueth Silicone Wireless Vibrating Dildo is made with the purest medical silicon. It’s non-porous and hypoallergenic construction makes it safe for even the most sensitive skin.

There’s a rechargeable port available on the dildo itself. And the power button is also on the dildo. You can plug into any USB socket and let the dildo charge.

The dildo is quiet. You don’t have to worry about getting interrupted due to noise because no one will hear that you’re having fun with the dildo.

Even though it’s uniquely designed compared to the first two mentioned, Paloqueth Silicone Wireless Vibrating Dildo is soft to touch.

The dildo gives you a 360° rotating option. With nine incredible vibrations to choose from, there’ll be no boring moment when you use the dildo.

The dildo is completely waterproof. So, you can use it in and around water whenever you want.

What could be better?

The absence of a suction cup is the only downside of using this dildo. But it was designed that way by the manufacturer. For people who have been so used to suction cups, a dildo without one may be a little bit discouraging for them.

But still, if you want something different and better, this is a perfect dildo for you. Having said that, I’ll still love to see a suction cup with this design.

GSPY Vibrating G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

GSPY Vibrating G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator is an incredibly large-size vibrating dildo. The dildo is easy to hold and use. And you can use it to stimulate the sensitive parts of your body, such as nipples, clitoris, and g-spot.

The dildo is made with medical grade ABC and silicone. That makes it perfectly suitable for the body. It makes the vibrating dildo easy to clean.

I don’t recommend dildos that are hard to clean. A little splash of water and soap are enough to ensure that the dildo is clean and ready to be used again whenever you’re ready.

This dildo has double motors. That means double fun. The vibration will give you the kind of stimulation you’ll always look forward to when you feel horny again.

GSPY Vibrating G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator comes with seven amazing vibrations. These vibrations are so powerful that they’ll give you multiple orgasms within a short time whether with a partner or alone.

My impression

GSPY vibrating dildo

This dildo has a unique design. It has two buttons on it. One for power and the other to switch between different modes.

It’s also bendable. You can bend it towards any side you want during sex play. It works amazingly well to give you the kind of orgasms you want.

GSPY Vibrating G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator feels like the real thing when you insert it into the vagina and anus. It doesn’t feel like you’re using a dildo at all. And at the same time, it stimulates well.

You can use it with or without your partner. So, there’s no excuse not to play with this dildo whether your partner is around or not.

The dildo is also quiet. It’s a vibrating dildo you can rely upon when there are people in the house. You don’t want to disturb them while you have fun. No one will hear or know what you’re doing.

What could be better?

When you run GSPY Vibrating G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator at a higher speed, it’s easy for the battery to run down in minutes. The higher the intensity, the faster the battery gets low.

I’ll like to see manufacturer work on making the battery last longer.

Adorime Vibrating Dildo with 360° Rotation

Adorime Vibrating Dildo is one of the longest dildos in this review. It’s 8.3 inches long. And it has 7.8 insertable inches.

The dildo gives you ten powerful vibrations with 360º.

Adorime Vibrating Dildo is made with pure liquid silicone, which is an excellent material for the body. It’s soft, hypoallergenic and non-toxic.

The flexible vibrating motor is located in the shaft of the dildo. From there, it transmits vigorous vibes that get you stimulated and achieve climax. The dildo is good for both vaginal and anal sex play.

The ten vibration modes allow you to experience various sexual pleasures. With a remote control that works within the range of 32 ft, you surely won’t be disappointed by the quality experience you’ll get from the dildo.

The dildo comes with a strong suction cup that lets you play with your hands-free.

Adorime Vibrating Dildo is 100% waterproof. You can play with it inside or around water without causing any damage to the dildo.

My impression

Adorime vibrating dildo

The silicone material used to make the dildo makes it easy to clean. You can clean with a splash of water and soap, and there’ll be no bacteria on the device.

The dildo is realistic. It looks and feels like the real penis inside of you. The dildo gives you the greatest pleasure as long as it’s placed on a smooth surface. Whether you want it fast or slow, the suction cup won’t break.

As it vibrates, the head rotates, giving you amazing sexual pleasure, you won’t get from an ordinary dildo.

Charging the dildo is easy too. It comes with a USB charger.

What could be better?

The dildo is long. It’s perfect for people who like it long. For people who like short dildos or penis, they may not enjoy the sexual fun that comes with this dildo as much as they should.

I’ll like to see a short version of this dildo.

Riodong Realistic Vibrating Dildo

Riodong is a realistic vibrating dildo that gives you eight powerful vibrations. This dildo’s length is 8.25 inches.

However, the insertable length is just 6.2 inches. I wouldn’t say that’s very long enough.

I consider Riodong as a big dildo that can also be used by people who like small dildos. Riodong is good for both vaginal and anal sex play.

Why do I like this dildo?

First, it gives you one of the best stimulation you can expect from a high-quality vibrating dildo.

It’s made with ABS and liquid silicone. That makes it hypoallergenic, phthalate-free and odorless. The dildo is perfect for people with sensitive skin.

Riodong Realistic Vibrating Dildo comes with a remote control you can use to choose the vibration type you want. With the high-quality eight vibration modes that come with this dildo, you will never be disappointed.

My impression

Riodong Realistic Vibrating Dildo

Even though it appears big, the dildo is very portable. It’s easy to hold for most people.

It has a great shape of a penis with some veins. The color of the dildo is flesh, giving you that realistic outlook when you ride it.

The dildo is 100% waterproof. So, you can play with it inside and around water. Whether you want to play in the shower or bathtub, you can always count on this dildo to meet your expectation.

Shipping is extremely discreet.

What could be better?

The insertable length of the dildo is small when you compare it to the overall length. I’ll like to see the overall length reduced to make it even much easier to hold.

Note that the dildo itself is portable, but the overall length is 8.25 inches while the insertable length is only 6.2 inches. That’s a long gap. Why not reduce the gap by cutting the length?

Eden Vibrating Dildo

Eden is a multi-speed vibrator that works amazingly fast. The dildo is quiet.

The dildo is made with premium grade phthalate and latex free TPE. These materials are considered safe for the body.

The overall length of the dildo is 9 inches, while the insertable length is 8 inches. With a width circumference of 2 inches, you can be sure that you’ll never be disappointed by the quality of stimulation you’ll get from this dildo.

Eden Vibrating Dildo comes in various colors namely: blue, pink and cherry red and purple. The dildo is big.

Eden Vibrating Dildo offers you multi-speed vibrations. You can speed up the vibration to the point you want depending on your mood and moment.

My impression

Eden Vibrating Dildo

This dildo comes with a simple twist dial to enable you to transition between vibrations. The high to low variable speeds work well for me.

Eden Vibrating Dildo is uniquely designed, which makes it different from many dildos out there. It’s also easy to use.

It’s easy to wash the toy with some water and antibacterial soap. You’ll have to remove the batteries before storing as it helps the batteries last longer.

The dildo is 100% waterproof. It’s nice to have a dildo you can play with anywhere there’s water. If the dildo could get damage after getting in contact with water, then it’s not the best vibrating dildo you should be using.

The realist head feels nice when it touches the most sensitive parts of the vaginal and anal.

What could be better?

The dildo isn’t rechargeable. Most of the dildos available in the market today are rechargeable. You don’t have to store batteries.

I’ll like the manufacturer to make newer versions with rechargeable batteries. That’ll be a nice option to have.

Strap U Vibrating Strapless Silicone Dildo

This is a premium dildo from Strap U. The dildo is strapless. All you have to do is put it inside the vagina, and it’ll stick and give you exciting stimulations. No harness needed.

Strap-on Vibrating Dildo is made with premium silicone.

It’s the ideal dildo for lesbians as it provides vibration and stimulations to both partners.

The dildo works like magic. The vibrations are so stimulating that you could climax multiple times within a very short period of using the dildo.

Cleaning is also easy. Just splash some water, and soap after use and it’s 100% clean. You can use it again without worrying about inserting bacteria into the vaginal and anus.

My impression

Strap U vibrating dildo

The total length of the dildo is 9.5 inches, which is fine. The insertable length is 6 inches. The handle end is 4 inches which are also insertable. So, every inch of this dildo is insertable. It makes it the perfect dildo for same-sex female lovers.

I was very satisfied with the quality of pleasure I had with this dildo. This is the kind of dildo you’ll want to try with your partner today if you are tired of using vibrating dildos that makes you use a harness.

Holding in the vagina is easy.

What could be better?

People who do Kegel exercises on a regular basis will find this dildo very easy to use. But people who don’t may find it a little bit difficult with strap on. They may consider attaching a hold option to the dildo.

Things to consider when buying a vibrating dildo

You can’t just buy any vibrating dildo and expect it to work well. There are some things you should look out for before paying for a dildo you want to buy.

What are the things you should think about before giving the merchant your hard-earned cash?

Made of material that’s soft and safe for the body

Before you insert anything into the vaginal and anus, you should first ask yourself if it’s safe for the body. If the material is not safe, the dildo will cause unexpected problems for you.

TPE and medical grade silicone are safe for the body. You should check if it’s written that the material is high-quality and safe.

The material should also be soft. Anything going into the vagina or anus shouldn’t be hard. If it’s hard, it could leave you with bruises.

But you don’t have to worry about that because the vibrating dildos listed above are all made with materials that are safe for the body and they are ultra-soft too.

Ergonomically designed

A perfect vibrating dildo should be ergonomically designed.

What does it mean to be ergonomically-designed?

It means using the toy is easy. It also means that there won’t be complications like numbness or tiredness in some parts of the body after using it.

Powerful multi-speed motor

One motor isn’t enough for the vibrator to generate the kind of stimulation that will make you climax within a short time. I like vibrating dildos with multi-speed motors. For me, they are the best.

They make the whole body respond to the vibration starting from the point in the vagina or anus. I’ll expect any premium vibrating dildo to have a multi-speed motor.

All the dildos above have multi-speed motors in them. That’s why they’ll give you the best stimulation you can get from a dildo.

Different vibration modes available

A perfect vibrating dildo should offer you different vibration modes. For me, a good number of vibrations start from six upward.

If the vibration modes are too little, then it’s not the dildo you should buy.

You should be able to choose between different vibrations in a dildo.


To me, quietness is one of the most important factors I look for. If the vibration is loud, I won’t buy or recommend it to anyone.

You want to be able to have fun without the fear of interrupting someone who in turn interrupts you. You should be able to have fun with yourself and partner without disturbing others.

A vibrating dildo that doesn’t let you do that isn’t the one you should buy. The dildos listed above are amazingly quiet.

Waterproof and rechargeable

The dildo should be 100% waterproof. There’s a limitation to what you can do with a dildo that isn’t waterproof.

For example, you can play with it in the shower or bathtub. Those are nice experiences you should want to have with your dildo.

While I don’t consider the rechargeable option as an important factor, it’s something you should pay attention to if you want to be able to recharge. A non-rechargeable dildo means you’ll have to buy batteries.

The more fun you have, the more batteries you buy.

Easy to use

A good dildo should be easy to use by anyone. You should be able to use the remote, find the vibration you want and clean the dildo without looking at the manual all the time.

When you insert the dildo into you, using it shouldn’t be a problem. A lot of dildos out there are hard to use.

I’ve selected the easy and best ones for you in this review. They are without a doubt, the best vibrating dildos you can get today.

Discreet packaging

To me, privacy matters a lot when I’m buying a dildo. The shipment of the dildo should be discreet. It should be packaged in a way that no one can see it except me.

I expect a good dildo merchant to offer discreet shipment. All the vibrating dildos above are shipped discreetly.

What is the difference between a regular dildo and vibrating dildo?

There’s a huge difference between regular dildos and vibrating dildos. If you’re new to dildos, you may believe that there isn’t any difference between regular dildos and vibrating dildos.

A regular dildo is like a normal penis. You can only use it for penetrative sex. Nothing more.

A vibrating dildo does more than just penetrate. It vibrates, giving a stimulation that you won’t get from a regular dildo.

I think anyone will be missing a lot by buying a regular dildo and ignoring the additional stimulation and fun they’ll get from a vibrating dildo.

Even if don’t use the vibration, the dildo itself is premium, and it feels 100% better than what you’ll get from a regular dildo.


After trying lots of vibrating dildos available today, I can tell you with high confidence that these are the best-vibrating dildos available today. They give you the best fun you can expect from a great dildo.

Most of the dildos you’ll see in the market are made with low-quality materials. You can avoid wasting money on the wrong dildos by buying these dildos I’ve reviewed on this page.

Don’t hesitate to buy one of these amazing dildos today.

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