When love transcends hearts and enters the body, when the body heats up to desires and ripples run through the spine, the vital organs might be a little too overwhelmed! At this point, exasperation seems to drown you out. Do not lose hope. We have couple lubes for you. These lubes take care of both of you – right from the lubrication of internal organs to the catering for sensory fulfillment. All this is packed in just a few drops. So let’s cut the chase and gallop to five of the best lubes for couples. Take your time and let the poetry sink in.

Lube for couples? Is that thing real?

Yes, it is real and it is real with a lot of spice. There are those kinky moments when you are almost willing to enter each other’s bodies wholly; but, for the sensations. It is almost like the fire of the soul is somewhat lost in translation when travelling to the body (get the drift). So, we go for these little tubes and bottles called couple lubes. Prima facie, they serve as lubricants that hydrate skin and resolve moisturizing issues. Look a little further and you see sensory gratifications couple up with the lubrication and make it all the more appealing. In case you and your partner want to have anal sex, check these guidelines.

What makes a lube work for both of you?

  • Play of the senses: Do you feel your senses are not doing just enough to game the both of you? In that case, go for a lube that plays well with the senses. Make sure you get something that is equally comforting and sensual for the both of you. There could also be some temperature difference related to this. We will deal with that separately.
  • Wishy-washy under the shower: So you have already explored every inch of the bedroom and some of the windows too. All you need is a lube that takes it to the next level – inside the shower. Yes, you got this right. The shower is the one place that can excite things all over again. In all probability, a water-based lube wouldn’t work here.
  • Wet and lasting: You might be tempted to feel wetness will not be an issue under the shower. However, it is important to know that the texture becomes quite important when you are under the shower. And by texture, we mean the wet texture. It is equally important that the lube hold up this texture for a fairly long time – at least as long as you want it in there.
  • Free from the goop: Let’s face it – you are in there for the fun minus the added chemical goop that gets passed off as personal lubricant all the time. So to make things better, avoid things like glycerin, parabens, petrochemicals and other such harmful ingredients. Also avoid flavoring, coloring and scenting agents. Even these mild chemicals are known to cause irritation.
  • Soft on skin: We have sensitive skin down there and any lube high on chemical content is a potential threat to your skin. The vagina in particular, has a delicate pH balance that you will want undisrupted throughout. Make sure there is no dispute on this. The chemical composition is to be thoroughly evaluated and checked for known allergy-causing agents like parabens and glycerin.
  • Sans any hormonal alterations: This might come across as a little too tacky, but is totally possible if you are pushing the limits in an unrestrained manner. Several lubes for couples involve creating sensations through temperature differences. These are often not verified or approved by competent authorities. Do not fall for the adverts. Check if the lube has been approved by the FDA.

Top 5 Couples lubricant reviews

# K-Y Yours and Mine Couples Lubricant, 3 Ounce

Our Impression

K-Y Couples Lubricant

The Yours-Mine couple lube from K-Y is a winner in many ways. It gives both the partners heightened sensual experiences during every intimate activity. And it only takes things further if you are willing to ‘mix’ your experience in an intimate way. You can choose between warming and tingling sensations with the blue and the purple bottles each. The Yours and Mine formulas of the K-Y can be used alternatively as well.

The real fun of it all begins when you combine the two formulas. This can be done wither physically or physically (get the drift). It encourages playfulness and exhilaration in equal measures. If you are really not much worried about temperature differences and more importantly if your skin is not disturbed by temperature differences, this could be the one product you need to have with you now. A new realm of exploration awaits you at every corner. Are you willing to game it?


  • Heightened sensuousness for both formulas.
  • Warming and tingling sensations respectively.
  • Dons 1.5 ounce for each formula each.
  • Exhilarating when mixed.
  • Full of exploration all through.


  • Doesn’t consider climatic changes.
  • Could aggravates sensitivity.
  • Not fit as massage oil.

# Lynk Pleasure Products Water Based Intimate Anal Lubricant for Men and Women 8 Oz

Our Impression

Lynk Intimate Anal Lubricant

If you are looking to strike a chord with your partner, you may as well do it from behind. Yes. Anal sex can be equally exciting and enticing if you get the feelings and sensations right all along. And there is no one right way – the Lynk Pleasure anal lube for couples is just one among many. It has been formulated to take you and your partner to the zenith of sensations from anal intercourse.

The silky smooth feel of the Lynk Pleasure is something that you can depend on for the padding. Yes, the padding of the Lynk Pleasure is something that excites even more. The formula is all long-lasting as long as you are willing to initiate reactivation with some water or spit. The design of the Lynk Pleasure is such that it allows you to mimic the natural lubrication of the body. Also, you can clean up easily after all is done.


  • Designed to imitate natural bodily lubrication.
  • Great for anal sex.
  • Does not contain parabens or glycerin.
  • Open to toys and latex.
  • Easy spit reactivation.


  • Reactivation could be messy.
  • Wet sheet alert.
  • Could turn too slippery.

# Natural Intimate Personal Lubricant for Sensitive Skin, Isabel Fay – Water Based, Discreet Label

Our Impression

Isabel Fay

The Isabel Fay Natural Intimate is a lube for the ages – it gets going just when you want it to. Unlike many water-based lubes that extensively use glycerin for lubrication, the Isabel fay natural lubricant does not use any chemical – including glycerin. In fact, it has been noted that the use of glycerin could promote infections of several kinds in women. Also, the Isabel Fay couple lubricant saves you from exhaustive clean-ups post sex.

Now, the Isabel Fay is a super smooth lubricant when you touch it. You can use it with any sex toy you like. And yes, those latex and other types of condoms can also kick in to take the fun up by another couple of notches. The careful sealing and packaging makes sure that there is no leakage when the bottle is being transported. Add the unconditional money-back offer and the Isabel Fay Natural Intimate becomes too imposing a product to beat.


  • Natural and water-based formula.
  • No glycerin, parabens or petrochemicals.
  • Odorless and colorless texture.
  • Completely sealed for zero leakage during transit.
  • Applied money-back guarantee.


  • Could irritate skin on rare occasions.
  • Not for all skin types.
  • Chance pump sprayer issues.

# Personal Lubricant. Lulu Lube Natural Water-Based Lubes for Men and Women

Our Impression

Lulu Lube Natural Water-Based Lubes

When using something for partners, you will have to make sure that the product you are using works well for the both of you. The Lulu lube improves chaffing and betters love-making through thorough lubrication. The lube is senseless, tasteless and clearly silky. Together, all these qualities promote the ‘barely there’ feel of the lube. The lube is also suited well for all kinds of toys and makes sure there is no damage to the material of the toys when being used.

The Lulu Lube is also great for couples because it does not make use of petrochemicals. These petrochemicals are mostly responsible for aggravated skin sensitivities in women. Along with petrochemicals, it is also free from parabens and glycerin. You will not find any skin sensitivity issues with this lube at least. Along with that, it is really easy to clean up the Lulu Lube effectively by just washing.


  • Contains no parabens or glycerin.
  • No petrochemicals.
  • Does not take time to rinse off.
  • Prevents chaffing very effectively.
  • Suited for all kinds of toys.


  • Could be a little difficult to clean.
  • Not suited for backdoor play.

# Lubricant – Personal Water Based Lube for Men, Women – Nooky Lubes 32oz

Our Impression

Nooky Lubes

The Nooky Lubes personal is all about feel. If the two of you collectively place the feel and its individual reception above all else, this could be the one for you. And the good thing is it holds up – across condoms, toys and role reversals! The feels stays silky smooth all along. The Nooky Lubes does not have any harmful chemical or paraben or glycerin in it. For those of you who like a more ‘barely there’ feel, the lube is completely colorless and odorless.

As a signature move of most water-based lubes, the Nooky Lubes comes with very less stains. In fact, stains on the body and the sheet are almost absent with the Nooky Lubes. All you need to do is rinse the lube with water and it pretty much takes care of itself. The toast is the sheer look and feel of the bottle. It has been pitched so well aesthetically that you won’t mind retaining the bottle as a souvenir even when it’s empty.


  • Extremely well designed bottle.
  • Free from glycerin, petrochemicals and parabens.
  • Colorless and tasteless lube.
  • Suits almost every toy out there.
  • Promotes a ‘barely there’ feel.


  • Costly compared to others.
  • Does not exactly feel silicone.
  • Not the same feeling with anal sex.

That one pertinent question: does one lube work for both?

While some of the lubes come as packs of two (one for him, one for her), there are other lubes (most of the couple lubes) that are pretty ambivalent in the sense of duality of use. You should be tempted to ask if this one formula works well for both parties. Surprisingly, in most cases it does. We are essentially talking about restoring vaginal moisturizing here. Everything else seems to fall in place by itself. So when in doubt, just take a shot at it.

Hear it from a doctor

Using lubes for couples is all well and good. However, there are a few important points that you will have to note rigorously. The first of these is the need for a good lube. When using a lube, remember that the chief function is lubrication and not sensory play. However, you might always choose to go for added sensuality, provided you are sure the product is safe and free from disturbances. If there is temperature change involved, check for approval by FDA. Whenever in doubt, take the lube to your physician and ask them to verify the safety of ingredients for you.

The Natural Intimate Lube from Isabel is the last word in couple Lubes. We bet.

And that is not without reason. It comes with an all-water formula that is well and truly free from parabens and glycerin and petrochemicals. The odorless and colorless formula of the lube is pretty much all you will need looking to exhilarate senses for both the partners, often without feeling the presence of an external lubricant. The cap is brilliantly sealed to avoid leakage. And all this is backed with an unbeatable money-back guarantee.

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