Not all lubricants are perfect for gay sex. That means all lubes aren’t made for gay sex.

I’ve found 5 best lubes for gay sex and I will share them with you in this review. They are the best because they weren’t formulated with just the vaginal in mind. They were made with the male anus in mind.

Nobody deserves to go dry during sex. Going dry during sex can give you and your partner serious bruises. Of course, you want to have fun, not cause harm.

I strongly recommend not having anal sex without lube that’s made for it. No, your saliva isn’t a lube.

Why not buy the best gay lube if it’ll only enhance your sexual experience and ensure that you and your partner are both happy at the end of the day?

Before mentioning my top 5 best lubes for gay sex, you should know about the two main types of lubes available in the market.

Water Based lube vs. Silicone based lube: Which is better?

There are tons of different products and brands to choose from when it comes to lubes. Every brand out there claims its lubricant is the best for you.

But that’s not true.

For women, water based lubricants are the best. They are perfect for the vagina.

However, for gay men, silicone based lubes are the ones you should always choose. Why?

Silicone-based lubes are more slippery and don’t need constant reapplication like you would do with water based lubes.

With water based lubes, reapplying feels almost like work because the anus goes dry pretty quickly.

Silicone based lubes don’t require much reapplication. So, you can have pleasure with your partner for a very long time without the need to pause for lube.

Silicone-based lubes are also perfect for massage.

If you want to do some massage on your partner, silicone based lubes let you have those build up moments with your significant other. You can’t get that from water based lubricants.

Water based lubes are more like water. They dry up quickly.

Now, you know which one to choose between water and silicone based lubes.

Gay Lube Comparison Table

Pjur Analyze Me Silicon basedHigh3.4 OZ Check price
Amity Jack’s Premium Silicon basedModerate to high4 OZ Check price
Astroglide X Premium Silicon basedModerate 2.5 OZ Check price
Shibari Premium LubricantWater basedModerate to high8 OZ Check price
Wet Platinum Premium Silicon basedModerate to high3.1 OZ Check price

Top 5 Gay Lubes Reviews

Pjur Analyze Me Condom Safe Silicone Personal Lubricant

Pjur Analyze Me

If you’re looking for the lube that makes the anus slippery, Pjur Analyze Me Condom Safe Silicone Personal Lubricant is what you need.

As its name suggests, Pjur is a silicone based lube that is compatible with most condoms.

Polyisoprene and Polyurethane condoms are the most popular types of condoms. You should be able to use this lubricant with them without issues.

Pjur is enriched with Jojoba.

You may want to ask me what Jojoba is.

Jojoba is a plant that is mostly grown in Southwestern North America and used to produce Jojoba oil. Jojoba oil moisturizes the skin, treat skin disorders and balance oil reproduction in the skin.

It’s also quite good for reducing skin inflammation and wrinkles. That means the anus will not only be well lubricated, it will also stay healthy.

Pjur makes you comfortable during sex and enhances pleasure.

A little drop is all you need to ensure high satisfaction for you and your partner. The lube makes your anus always ready and gives your penis maximum satisfaction.

Pjur is hypoallergenic. That means it won’t irritate your skin.

Why do I consider Pjur the best gay lube?

Apart from the health benefits it offers, Pjur makes sure you don’t apply lube too frequently. That means a drop or two will serve you for some time without having any discomfort.

It makes the skin soft and smooth after use, which is precisely what you need to have a memorable sexual experience. If you feel extreme pain after having sex, you’re less likely to look forward to it next time.

But with Pjur Analyze Me Condom Safe Silicone Personal Lubricant, you don’t have to worry about pain because it takes care of that.

The product contains zero fats, fragrances, and preservatives. Its ingredients are healthy for the body.

If gay sex has been a trouble for you and your partner for a long time, you can say goodbye to that. Your partner won’t need to complain anymore.

In fact, after the first time using this lube, your partner will start looking forward to having more sex with you because he’ll like the pleasing sensation he gets inside his anus.

Get Pjur Analyze Me Lubricant at Amazon

My Impression

Pjur Analyze Me Condom Safe Silicone Personal Lubricant isn’t one of those lubes you’ll find out there. It’s the lube that gets the job done with ease.

Very few lubricants can beat the experience Pjur will offer you and your partner. The penis slips in there with ease. No pain during and after sex.

What could be better?

The lube may feel sticky after too much use sometimes. Very few people complain about this though. I firmly believe it’s the best lube for gay sex.

Amity Jack’s Premium Bang Oil Personal Lubricant

Amity Jack’s

Amity Jack’s Premium Bang Oil Personal Lubricant is 100% silicone based lube. It gives you that silky smooth feeling during sex.

This lube lasts a lot longer than most lubricants out there. Before considering lube for gay sex, it should be the one that doesn’t require constant reapplication.

If you’re frequently applying lube when you should still be penetrating your partner, it’s easy to get out of the flow. Amity Jack’s Premium Bang Oil helps you stay in the flow.

Amity Jack’s Premium Bang Oil Personal Lubricant is 100% waterproof. That means you can have sex in the shower, pool, outdoors in the rain, etc.

The lube is easy to apply without creating a mess. The lid is well designed for easy application.

Some lubricants are packaged in a way that it’s difficult to apply them correctly. If you’re meant to put the lube in the anus, and it drops on the bed sheet, that’s not the kind of lube packaging you want.

The application pump is so easy to use. Just put it at that spot, and you can start having fun immediately.

Amity Jack’s Premium Bang Oil Personal Lubricant doesn’t dry out like most other lubes you’ll find out there. The lube is also unlikely to cause an allergic reaction from your body.

You’re also taking zero risks when you buy this lube because you can request your money back if you’re not 100% satisfied.

Amity Jack, the maker of this lube, believes in the product. They know that very few, if any can beat the experience you’ll get from their lube.

The lube is made in the USA and formulated with the highest quality ingredients that are proven not to cause any harm to the body.

Get Amity Jack’s Bang Oil at Amazon

My impression

Amity Jack’s Premium Oil Personal Lubricant is truly perfect for banging. Anywhere or anyhow you want it, it’s a highly recommended lube for gay sex.

Whether you’re 40,000 feet up in the sky or relaxing in a hot tub on the ground, this is the lube you want to have around with your partner.

What could be better?

Amity Jack’s Premium Bang Oil Personal Lubricant is a bit more sticky than other lubricants.

Overall, buying means it you’ll be getting the best lube for gay sex.

Astroglide X, Premium Waterproof Silicone Personal Lubricant

Astroglide X

No other personal lubricant is great for water play than Astroglide X. The lube lasts for a very long time before it dries. Most lubes you’ll find out there for gay sex last for few minutes, and you’ll have to reapply again. Not for Astroglide X.

Whether it’s a quickie or long steamy gay sex, Astroglide X will never disappoint you. With this lube, there will never be a dull moment in your sex life.

Astroglide X is made with a unique blend of highest quality ingredients you will never get from other lubes out there. These ingredients keep your skin soft and smooth.

As you can see in its name above, the lube is silicone based, which makes it perfect for anal sex.

This lube is highly rated among customers. Ratings are how you know if the lube is delivering its promises. If the lube has numerous five stars, it’s a sign that customers are happy with it.

Astroglide X Premium Waterproof Silicone Personal Lubricant gives you a natural feeling inside as if you’re not using lube.

If it feels like you’re using lube, then you should stop using that lube. You want the real thing with your partner.

Get Astroglide X Premium at Amazon

My impression

This lube doesn’t irritate the skin. It has been tested and proven not to do that. Even people with sensitive skin don’t complain about using Astroglide X.

With Astroglide X Premium Waterproof Silicone Personal Lubricant, you can start having the best gay sex you want. Yes, it can give you the best gay sex of your life.

What could be better?

The downside of this lube is that the bottle is small. Some customers feel they are not getting their money’s worth when they pay for a small bottle.

If you’re not worried about the bottle size, Astroglide X is the lube you should start using today.

Shibari Premium Water Based Personal Lubricant


Shibari Premium Water Based Personal Lubricant is the only water based lube in this list.

Why include a water-based lube when the best lube for gay men is silicone based lube?

I decided to add Shibari Premium Water Based Personal Lubricant to the list because it offers more than an ordinary water based lube can give. Its quality is near silicone based lubes.

This lube comes with a big benefit: It’s non-staining and easy to clean.

Just like you’ll get from most silicone based lubes made with the highest quality ingredients, Shibari lube is designed to give you a smooth sensation and soft skin.

You’ll feel extremely comfortable during and after use.

Gay men trust the Shibari brand. In fact, their lube is one of the best-selling lubes in the market. The lube enhances pleasure.

Shibari Premium Water Based Personal Lubricant contains zero dynes or perfumes. You also won’t get any allergic reaction using it. This lube has been tested and proven to be safe by the FDA.

You can rely on Shibari to give you and your partner the ultimate pleasure you both deserve. Shibari is a good lubricant that sells at a good price. The quality you’ll get from it beats the price.

If you want to try a water based lubricant for gay sex, this lube is highly recommended. No other water based lube comes close.

You can slide in and out of your partner with ease when you use Shibari Premium Water Based Lubricant. He’ll feel no pain during and after sex.

Get Shibari Premium Lubricant at Amazon

My impression

If you’re looking for a lubricant that doesn’t ruin the mood, you have it when you buy Shibari.

The lube is great for people with sensitive skin. It’s a safe and great option to choose if you worry a lot about skin inflammation. The lube gives you a great sensation you won’t get from most water based lubes.

What could be better?

The cover of the product is hard to open. That could be a huge turn-off. Shibari should make the cover easy to open. They have a great product, and their packaging is solid.

However, the difficult lid could be turning people away from buying again.

Wet Platinum Silicone Based Premium Personal Lubricant

Wet platinum

This is a premium silicone based lube that’s perfect for gay men. Wet Platinum Silicone based Premium Personal Lubricant is formulated to allow you and your partner to have a long pleasurable moment without interruption.

A constant interruption like lube reapplication can kill the flow when you’re having an intimate moment with your partner. Wet Platinum ensures that your skin doesn’t suddenly go dry and become uncomfortable for both of you.

The lube is free of parabens and unpleasant odors. It’s made with high-grade silicone ingredients that makes it easy to use this lube with any latex condom of your choice.

Note that Wet Platinum doesn’t contain water. Its pure silicone like all the other lubes mentioned in this review except number #4 (Shibari Premium Water Based Personal Lubricant).

This lube doesn’t get sticky and won’t dry out during use.

Wet Platinum Silicone Based Premium lube is waterproof. That means you can use it in outdoor spa, shower, pool, bathtub, or even in the ocean if that’s where you choose. There’s no restriction regarding where you can use it.

It keeps you wet and slippery even in water.

For over 30 years, Wet has been making high-quality products. The brand is highly-trusted by men because they deliver their promises. Their lube is made with the highest quality ingredients and uniquely formulated to give you the best gay sexual experience ever.

If you’ve been disappointed by many lubes over the years, this is a premium lube that will live up to your expectation.

Wet Platinum Silicone Based Premium Lube won’t give you any irritation because the ingredients aren’t harmful in any way to the body.

Get Wet Platinum Lubricant at Amazon

My impression

First, if you want a reliable lube that won’t disappoint you, Wet Platinum is, without doubt, the best gay lube you want to use.

Reliability matters a lot when buying lube.

Wet Platinum is trusted by men for a reason. In addition to that, this lube has been tested and proven to provide maximum pleasure.

What could be better?

The lube is considered to be too slippery. It could fall you down if it touches the floor and you step on it. Any surface the lube touches will stay slippery for a long time.

It would be better if they can reduce the slipperiness a bit.

Overall, Wet Platinum remains the best lube for gay men.

Five Things You Should Consider When Buying Lube for Gay Sex

You shouldn’t just buy any lube. Not all lubes are made for gay sex. There are some things you must consider before paying for lube.

Here are the five most important things you should look for in gay lubes:

  • Premium ingredients

The word “premium” is one that you’ve probably noticed a lot in most of the products I reviewed above. Premium signifies that the lube isn’t just for women. It’s also formulated in a way that men can use it too.

Most lubes are made with women in mind. Very few consider gay men. Ensure that the word “premium” is present on the label where it lists the ingredients that were used in making the lube.

Premium lubes have premium ingredients and they are made in a unique way to satisfy gay men.

  • Ultra-long

The term “ultra-long” (also long-lasting) indicates the lube has been formulated to last long.

Lubes that are made for gay sex last longer than lubes that are made without gay sex in mind. If the lube doesn’t specify that it lasts longer than most lubes, it’s a sign that it’s not made for gay men.

  • Compatibility with most condoms

Sometimes, you may want to use condoms for protection, which is highly recommended. Keep in mind that most lubes are not made for all types of condoms.

Yes, they are different types of condoms. You should know the type of condom you’re using first before buying lube.

If you have your chosen or favorite condom, find the type it is and confirm if the lube is compatible with it.

  • No Irritation

Nothing hurts more after sex than discomfort from using the wrong lube. Irritation in the anus could ruin the rest of your day. That’s a bad sexual experience you definitely don’t want.

Check the package and ensure that it’s bold and clear that the lube doesn’t irritate the skin.

“No irritation” and “Non-irritation” are the common phrases lubricant manufacturers use. Look for similar terms if you couldn’t find these two.

If you have irritation after use, discontinue the lube immediately. It means your skin is allergic to some ingredients used to formulate the lube.

  • Easy to wash

The best gay lube should be easy to wash off. If the lube requires heavy cleaning, it’s not the lubricant you should be using.

You don’t want to spend a huge chunk of your time cleaning after engaging in a sexual act. The best lube for gay men should provide an excellent sexual experience and be easy to clean after use.


Ready to take your sexual experience to the next level? You need the right lube.

On this page, I listed 5 high-quality lubes for gay men. If you want to try something unique, make sure you have one of these lubricants around.

After spending so much time researching, I realized that very few lubricants are great for gay sex. Because a lubricant is good for women doesn’t mean it’s good for men.

Choose the right lube today.

Share this review with your gay friends through email or other mediums you’re comfortable with.

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