How to choose the best lubricant for women

I guess almost all the women out there may find this one hell of a prestigious issue, when someone is actually talking about lube or even asking them to use it if necessary. “What! You are asking me to use lube?” “What the blablabla!!!!!!” Please darling,hold your breath a little and allow me explain things to you. I know you are absolutely confident about that vagina of yours and its immense power to produce enough lube while having sex. But the point is those who can’t come up with enough lubricant, did you ever think about the miseries are they are going through?Some common issues are pain, irritation, lacking confidence and in some cases that lead to Genophobia (fear in sexual relation). You will be amazed to know the statistics and that shows, more than sixty percent of our beloved ladies are actually going through these kind of hidden troubles. And when they’re getting a bit older sex becomes more like a fairy tale to them. And then depression gets all over the place.

Now what if the things I’ve said till now can be fixed with one simple magical lube? Yeah people, it’s simple is that and indeed works like a magic. To know more (checkout our post about personal lube). So girls, I am asking you to keep ongoing and I’m sure at the end of the day, all your anxiety will be gone for good and tomorrow you might need someone to fix that bed of yours 😉

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6 Reasons why Women Should Go For Lube

  • Vaginal dryness gets in first, and it’s one of the vital reasons why women should use lube. Some of us might think, women encounter vaginal dryness when they’re seem to have reached a certain age. But actually the thing is, even the young girls may experience this bummer. So to get this annoyance angel like RepHresh Vaginal Gel will be the perfect choice for you.
  • A lot of girls love to have some massage before having sex. A nice massage relaxes them and prepares them to have a sensational sex. The Ocean Sensuals Massage Lubricant we have over her is the best choice for not only a relaxing massage but also for a great sex.
  • If oral sex is on the menu, a flavored lube is the right thing to pick. Flavored lubes will change the taste of the natural juices and it will certainly make your oral sex a delicious thing to remember. If you want to satisfy your man by giving him a blow job, a flavored lube will be there to make things interesting. So don’t you delay, and pick the best flavored lube to make oral sex the tastiest experience as possible.
  • Since the anus is not always stretchy like the vagina especially on the first few occasions, anal sex can be more pleasurable with the right anal lube. But yes, please check if the lube is suitable to use along with the condom.
  • Fear may become a common issue while losing virginity. So that cute vagina needs to be ready for the first time to make things comfortable and pleasurable as much as possible. A lube will be there to ensure the first entry is easy, smooth, and comfortable enough to make things sensational and also prevent the bummers. .
  • Stimulating and foreplay purposes – Though lubes can be used safely, there are some people who might find the extra stimulation and sensation uncomfortable. If that’s the case, stop using them and try different types of lube.

Problem Ingredients

  • Parabens – These are considered to be some of the most dangerous elements of lubricants. The problem is that parabens could copy the function of estrogen and they are linked to breast cancer. They are hard to remove once absorbed, and are known to affect a female’s hormonal balance.
  • Glycerin – This ingredient should also be avoided because there are risks of contracting a yeast infection when it is used, and the risk is high in a woman who has them regularly. There are also concerns that yeast infections can harm mucus membranes.

Female lube comparison chart

ImageBrand & NameTypesRating &
Pink SiliconePink Silicone LubricantSilicone based4.3 by 202$$
Woman Bodyglide 100mlWoman BodyglideSilicone based4.6 by 25$$
Nooky LubesNooky LubesWater based4.3 by 466$$
Natural Personal LubricantNatural Personal LubricantWater based4.4 by 546$
Ocean Sensuals [G]Ocean Sensuals [G]Gel4 by 2632$$
SMOOVlube LubricantSMOOVlubeWater based4 by 44$$
RepHresh Vaginal GelRepHresh Vaginal GelGel4.1 by 686$$
Clear Joy LubeClear Joy LubeWater based4.2 by 55$

Our 3 best lubricant for women

Pink Silicone Lubricant for Women, 3.3 Ounces

Our Impression

Pink Silicone lubricant for ladies is enhanced with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to increase its healing and restorative properties. Being completely mild, Pink Silicon lube lacks disturbing flavors and smells that most ladies may hate during intimacy. The product is thick and water-proof, ensuring that intercourse lasts longer. Pink Silicon Lubricant for women is very silky and light and so it increases sexual pleasure and confidence. We liked the discrete packaging and also the fact that it closes tightly, preventing leakage. Pink Silicone Lubricant is thinner than other brands and this makes it less messy to use.

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  • Only a small amount is needed to make sex pleasurable
  • Pink silicon has no smell or flavor.
  • The product is water-resistant, silky and highly concentrated to make sure that sex lasts longer.


  • Nothing for me but some people may prefer to have a thicker product.

Woman Bodyglide 100ml

Our Impression

It was comforting to know that there were no additives used in our Woman Bodyglide 100ml. So, only natural products were touching my skin. This lube can be used for body massage as well, but I felt it worked better as a lubricant. It has been designed for a woman’s skin and it is free from fragrance. This for me is a good thing as some can be a little over-powering.  Although many women will want to use this, as they are too dry for intercourse, it is also good just to give a little extra wetness. It will last long enough for even the most energetic of sessions and it can be used quite sparingly.

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  • Silicone based and preservative free,
  • This lube makes intercourse easy,
  • Specially designed for women,
  • It is ideal for sensitive skin and can be used daily.


  • Not ideal if you want your lubricant to be perfumed but that is about it.

Nooky Lube 32ozTM Natural Liquid Silk Lubricant

Our Impression

Nooky lube 32ozTM is absolutely natural and organic. It is made for ladies who cannot have great sex due to vaginal dryness, which triggers pain and discomfort. Nooky Lube is tasteless, colorless, silky and smooth enough to enhance your sensations during intercourse. The producer claims that Nooky Lube is going to enhance love making.  We were happy that Nooky Lube 32ozTM is free from ingredients that have been known to be dangerous including parabens and glycerin. It is also good to know that it reaches the standards set out by the FDA and EPA.

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  • Allows penetration to be completely pain free, while not being intrusive or off putting.
  • Nooky Lube is colorless, tasteless, smooth and free from petrochemicals.
  • The lube can be used with sex toys and is easy to clean after intercourse.


  • Nooky Lube starts out fine but then it gets sticky or runny after sometime.

Wrap up

Although there are many different lubricants out there, we would emphasize on buying the lubes we have discussed above. We have used them in person, and have more smiles than regrets so far. Not only are all of the three affordable but also safe for use by beautiful ladies who normally feel pain when having intercourse with their husbands.

Bottom line

With careful consideration of the products being used, lubricants are a safe part of sex.

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